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Chapter: 570

Chapter 570: The Protective Sun Family Can’t Stand Seeing Others Bully Chu Luo

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

Yang Lu panicked and was filled with regret.

If she had known that Chu Luo was so powerful, she definitely wouldn’t have provoked her again.

Not long after, the surveillance room sent the video to Sun Tianhao.

After Sun Tianhao and the others saw this, they looked at Yang Lu angrily.

Even with Yang Lu’s back facing them, she could feel their gazes on her. She especially wanted to pretend to faint.

"Yang Lu!" After Sun Tianhao squeezed out her name from between his teeth, he strode up to her with a livid expression and shouted at her, "Get out of our Sun family immediately. Our Sun family doesn’t welcome you." He couldn’t stand it anymore and pushed her.

"You… Wah…"

Yang Lu hadn’t expected to be able to move and was almost pushed to the ground.

Fortunately, a girl stood beside her and helped her up.

Yang Lu’s loud cry finally attracted the attention of others. Soon, someone invited First Madam over.

‘When First Madam came over, she looked around and asked Sun Tianhao, "Little Hao, what’s going on?"

Without a word, Sun Tianhao showed the video to First Madam.

After First Madam saw it, her expression was still calm. She walked up to Yang Lu and said to her, "Yang Lu, anyone close to our Sun family knows that Little Chu is your Grandpa Sun’s soon-to-be god-granddaughter. "Your Grandpa Sun has an explosive temper and is protective of his people. If he finds out that you treated Little Chu like this, what do you think will happen to you?

"Other than you, your family might be implicated because of your nonsense and jealousy if your actions anger the Old Master."

First Madam’s words scared Yang Lu so much that she couldn’t even cry. Her face turned pale.

"First… First Madam… I didn’t mean that."

"It doesn’t matter if you have that intention or not. We only believe in what we see." First Madam’s expression suddenly became stern. "Tomorrow is Little Chu’s big day. Everyone is happy. I won’t say anything today. Go back and don’t come to our Sun residence again." First Madam’s words stunned Yang Lu and her face turned even paler.

Don’t come to the Sun residence. Only the people in their courtyard knew what these words meant.

First Madam gestured to the servant behind her. "Send Miss Yang out."

Then, she didn’t look at the others’ expressions and said to Chu Luo, "Little Chu, your Grandpa Sun is looking for you. Go quickly, or he’ll be anxious again if he can’t see you." Chu Luo nodded and turned to walk towards Old Master’s place.

"Sister, wait for me."

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sun Tianhao followed.

First Madam left as well.

The remaining few people looked at Yang Lu, who seemed to have taken root there. They wanted to say something, but in the end, they chose to go to the front yard in silence. Being treated like this by everyone, Yang Lu finally broke down.

However, just as she was about to cry again, the servant quickly reminded her, "Miss Yang, these two days are a joyous occasion for the Sun family. You’re only fine because it was First Madam who came just now. If you cry again and attract the attention of the masters, they won’t be as easy to talk to as First Madam."

Yang Lu’s body trembled. She could only hold back her tears and run towards the back door.

She didn’t have the face to walk through the front yard at all.

If everyone knew that she had been chased out by the Sun family, she would definitely be isolated by everyone.

The servant looked at Yang Lu, who had run away, and shook her head. She said sympathetically, "Of all people, you had to provoke Old Master’s precious child. That’s simply suicidal."

Chu Luo and Sun Tianhao played chess with Old Master Sun until nine o’clock., before she urged him to go to sleep. Old Master Sun was a little unwilling. "Isn’t it still early? Before I get sick, I can even sleep at eleven or twelve."

"Grandpa Sun, you said it was before you fell ill. You haven’t recovered yet. How can you compare to before? Besides, you have to ensure that you have enough energy to marry me off tomorrow." When Old Master Sun heard this, he felt an indescribable excitement in his heart. At the same time, he was convinced.

"You’re right. I have to maintain sufficient energy to back you up tomorrow."

With that, he went to rest.

Chu Luo even specially burned a calming incense for him. It was beneficial to Old Master’s health and could let him sleep in peace.

After the two of them came out of Old Master Sun’s residence, Chu Luo glanced at the time and asked Sun Tianhao, "Have Fourth Brother and Fifth Brother gone to pick up Sister Wu and the others?" "Yes. They left after dinner."

The two of them were there to look at Imperial University’s beauties openly in the name of picking those girls up. Sun Tianhao expressed disdain.

Speaking of beauties, who was prettier than their younger sister Chu Luo?

Tasked with ensuring Chu Luo wasn’t nervous, Sun Tianhao asked, "Sister, why don’t I take you out to play for a while? Your classmates won’t be here until eleven. It’s still early."

"Play what?"

"Games, of course. Didn’t we agree to play games together before?"

Chu Luo glanced at the restless Sun Tianhao. "Why do I remember that you wanted to PK with me?"

Sun Tianhao grinned at her, not at all embarrassed. "How could that be? You’re Bai Ling. I can’t beat you in a PK. When the time comes, we’ll team up and I’ll call a few brothers over. We’ll be invincible." Chu Luo thought for a while. If she played games with Sun Tianhao, she wouldn’t have to think about her Yan.

"Alright, where are we going to play games?"

"Follow me."

As Sun Tianhao walked, he called a few people.

Everyone went to a training room.

The training room was filled with exercise equipment.

There were two rows of long benches to the side.

Everyone took a laptop each. The boys sat on the ground and placed the laptops on the bench.

Only Chu Luo was given special treatment. Sun Tianhao asked the guards to move his computer desk over.

The group of boys discussed as they played the game. All of them had ambitious expressions on their faces.

"Haozi, how are we going to play today?"

"We’re a little late for the team competition. Why don’t we team up and walk around the suburbs first? We’ll start the team building at ten o’clock."

"Let’s team up to obtain the materials to refine weapons. During the weekend, we can synthesize into a weapon. Maybe some top-grade equipment that a female account can use will drop."

"Why are we playing these? Since Chu Luo is also playing games, our first mission must be to help her level up."

Sun Tianhao thought smugly, ‘You mortals, just wait to die of embarrassment later!"

At this moment, a boy asked Chu Luo, "Chu Luo, what’s your username called? We’ll add you as a friend."

Chu Luo logged in to take a look. Seeing that Wang Mingtao wasn’t logged in today, she was about to log into his account.

Sun Tianhao suddenly said to her, "Sister, take us to the interstellar war later. I’ve always wanted to go to Planet Arder to take a look, but the monsters there are too crazy. I didn’t manage to walk out eight out of ten times." The other boys looked over.

The boys’ eyes said at the same time, "Haozi, you’re joking."

Sun Tianhao smiled at them smugly. "You might not know my sister’s username yet."

Wasn’t that obvious?

‘They had just asked and Chu Luo hadn’t answered.

"Sister, tell them who you are. Tell them so that they can broaden their horizons."

The boys: "…"

Had Haozi taken the wrong medicine today?

Or was his head in the clouds?

Chu Luo glanced at Sun Tianhao’s expression and knew that he was trying to show off. She didn’t refuse and logged into Bai Ling’s account before saying, "You can just search for Bai Ling." "Bai… Ling… which Ling?"

‘The boys’ hands trembled as they asked in unison.

Sun Tianhao said loudly, "The world’s number one, Bai Ling’s Ling, of course.

It was as if someone had pressed the pause button on the boys. The world suddenly became very quiet.

Their hearts raced and they subconsciously swallowed their saliva. In the end, their faces turned red from excitement.

After a while, someone shouted, "Holy shit! Chu Luo, you’re actually Bai Ling."

This roar finally snapped the other person back to reality.

The few of them looked at her with sparkling eyes as if she was a sparkling gem.

Sun Tianhao was smug. He had long forgotten that his reaction back then was worse than their current reaction. He mocked, "Can’t you guys be a little more calm?" "Calm down! How can we be calm?"

"Chu Luo, are you really Bai Ling?"

Chu Luo finally said, "Give me your game usernames."

There were too many people who sent her friend requests. If they didn’t tell her, she would have ignored them.

The four of them quickly gave her their usernames.

After typing for a while, Chu Luo said, "Alright, let’s team up first."

After saying that, she sent them a team invite.

The few of them quickly accepted the invitation.

After everyone formed their teams, the four boys looked at each other. They got up from the ground at the same time and ran behind Chu Luo to take a look.

After confirming that Chu Luo was really Bai Ling, the few of them jumped up.

Everyone quickly sat back down and talked about where they were going to fight the monsters.

"Let’s go to Death Valley. That’s the battlefield of experts."

"To the peak of the world. It’s exciting there."

"To the galaxy

When Wu Yiyao and the others were brought in, they were stunned by the lively atmosphere in the training room. Zhang Yiran looked at her in disbelief. "I thought Chu Luo would be very busy tonight."

Yu Tong: "Indeed. Busy playing games."

‘Wu Yiyao smiled. "Looks like Little Chu is good at adjusting her mood. That way, she won’t be nervous."

Another girl, Li Li, said, "I think even if Chu Luo doesn’t play games, it’s impossible for her to be nervous."

These words made the girls laugh at the same time.

Everyone walked in.

The boys were so engrossed in the game that they were unwilling to move.

It was useless for the madams to call them.

In the end, Third Master Sun personally came over and shouted, "Rascal, Little Chu is getting married tomorrow. Do you want her to doze off while getting married tomorrow?" Third Master Sun’s loud voice immediately stunned the boys.

They could only reluctantly quit the game.

As everyone walked out, they even made a pact with Chu Luo to play games together after she was married.

The Sun family had prepared a building for Chu Luo to stay in today to make her feel at ease.

The madams brought Chu Luo and the girls over and talked about everyone’s bedroom arrangements. Finally, First Madam said to them, "It’s already very late. You’d better stop chatting. Little Chu needs to start dressing up and putting on makeup at five tomorrow moming, so she has to get up around four."

The girls quickly responded. After the three madams left, the girls surrounded Chu Luo and said a few words. Then, Wu Yiyao said, "Alright, everyone, go to sleep first."

With that, she took them away.

Finally, only Chu Luo was left. She went to wash up and came out. She looked at her phone and couldn’t help but send Li Yan a message.

Chu Luo: "Yan, are you asleep?"

Li Yan initiated a video call immediately after the message was sent.

Chu Luo clicked on the video and immediately saw Li Yan’s handsome face.

Chu Luo called out to him sweetly, "Yan."

"Mm." Li Yan looked at her with love in his eyes. "Why aren’t you asleep?"

"Twas just about to sleep." Chu Luo took the video and walked around the bedroom before turning back to look at herself. "Haozi and I were playing games just now. We only stopped when Third Uncle went over to tell us to go to sleep." Li Yan quietly listened until she finished speaking and suddenly said, "Luoluo, I miss you."

The corners of Chu Luo’s lips curled up unconsciously. "I miss you too."

The video suddenly shook.

Chu Luo looked at him strangely.

Li Yan said, "I want to bring you home now."

At this point, his eyes suddenly narrowed. "Luoluo, if I don’t hug you to sleep tonight, I definitely won’t be able to sleep. Can you come back and accompany me?"

Chu Luo blushed and was especially tempted. She said worriedly, "But they said that we can’t meet tonight."

"We’re already an old couple. This custom doesn’t apply to us." Li Yan suddenly pointed the video at a gift box. "Inside are wedding favors for the guests tomorrow. There are a few snacks and candies you like to eat. Don’t you want to try them first?" Chu Luo’s eyes lit up. "Yes."

After saying that, she got off the bed and locked the door. Then, she asked Phoenix to teleport her back.

The moment Chu Luo appeared in their bedroom, Li Yan pulled her into his arms.

Chu Luo wrapped her arms around his waist and leaned her head in his arms. "First Madam said that I have to get up at around four this morning."

Li Yan let go of her and pulled her to the place where the gift box was placed. He let her eat two pieces of pastry and the two of them lay on the bed.

"Go to sleep. I’ll wake you at half-past four."

Lying in Li Yan’s arms, Chu Luo fell asleep instantly.

At half-past four, Li Yan woke Chu Luo up on time. After the two of them went to the bathroom to wash up, Chu Luo returned to the Sun family’s bedroom.

There was a knock on the bedroom door at the same time.

Chu Luo walked over and opened the door. First Madam and Wu Yiyao were standing outside.

First Madam looked around at Chu Luo and saw that she had already washed up. She smiled and said, "Looks like our concerns are unnecessary."

‘Wu Yiyao pursed her lips and smiled. "Looks like Little Chu didn’t sleep due to excitement either."

Chu Luo smiled and didn’t say anything. She asked the two of them, "Am I going to have my makeup done now? Isn’t it a little early?"

First Madam: "No, it’s not early. The bride’s makeup is more difficult than ordinary makeup. In particular, your phoenix crown and bridal veil aren’t easy to put on. It will take a long time." After saying that, she pointed at the pajamas on her. "Don’t change. We’ll get the professionals to help you put on your gown before doing your makeup."

Chu Luo nodded and walked towards the dressing room with the two of them without changing her clothes..

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