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Chapter: 571

Chapter 571: The Wedding (1)

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

The makeup team and team specializing in helping her dress up were ready.

A few people were holding onto that outfit.

One of them handed a gift box to Chu Luo. "Miss Chu, these are undergarments. You can put them on yourself first." Chu Luo nodded and took it to the bathroom to change.

Then, four to five people surrounded her and helped her wear this complicated costume.

While Chu Luo was changing and putting on makeup, the road from the Sun residence to the Li residence in the Imperial Capital was blocked by guards. Third Master Sun personally led a few juniors to guard the entire Imperial Capital’s safety command center and scene.

Chu Luo and Li Yan were too famous. Many people wanted to attend their wedding today and watch the show.

That route was already packed with people. Everyone was enthusiastically discussing their wedding.

Today, the entire world’s Internet was also discussing their wedding.

"Twonder how many important figures will attend CEO Li and Chu Luo’s wedding today."

"Twonder if CEO Li and the others invited any celebrities today. Such a grand wedding must be attended by celebrities to be more spectacular."

"The person above has exposed their lack of class. With CEO Li and Chu Luo’s identities, how can they invite celebrities? When the time comes, the people attending their wedding will definitely be big shots in the financial world and the academic world, Maybe some higher-ups from some countries will be sent over. Inviting celebrities will be a little too much."

"Theard that Chu Luo is getting married from the Sun family. What does this mean?" "Chu Luo and the Sun family are really close. Maybe it’s because Chu Luo cured Old Master Sun. The Sun family is giving her face."

"I think the Sun family is giving CEO Li face if anything. Who doesn’t know that CEO Li’s Blazing Glory Corporation developed a gaming capsule? If the gaming capsule is really launched in the market, the taxes that the country will receive will be a terrifying sum. The Sun family will definitely give such a God of Fortune face."

"That’s right. Chu Luo is just a student with no status. Even if she has the ability, she doesn’t have a high social status. How can the Sun family let her get married from the Sun family just because she saved Old Master Sun?"

"CEO Li is so rich. I wonder what kind of wedding he will give Chu Luo."

"It should be a Western wedding. This is more romantic."

"It’s possible it’s a Chinese wedding. A Chinese wedding is even more grand."

Amid all kinds of discussions, their wedding began. At eight o’clock, the Sun family opened the door for the first time and let a few official reporters in.

Then, it was a global live broadcast.

‘When everyone saw the old man sitting there in a dark red Tang suit, looking hale and hearty with an iron-blooded aura, their spirits were lifted.

The first to speak was Eldest Master Sun, who was wearing a costume that accentuated his status.

Eldest Master Sun had a serious and stern expression. "We let you in today because our father wants to announce a very important matter."

With that, he retreated behind Old Master.

Old Master Sun looked straight ahead with his experienced sharp eyes. The group of reporters and cameramen actually felt their legs tremble.

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Old Master Sun said, "I’l only announce one thing. Today, I’l acknowledge Chu Luo as my granddaughter. In the future, if anyone dares to bully her, they’ll be bullying our Sun family… If anyone bullies the Sun family, we’ll only use one method to retaliate—martial strength." After saying that, Old Master Sun shut his mouth.

Eldest Master Sun stood up and continued, "The acknowledgement ceremony will start immediately."

After saying that, he looked at the door.

The camera subconsciously turned to the door.

At this moment, Chu Luo, who was wearing a phoenix robe, walked out with a long phoenix pattern cloak under the lead of the three madams.

Instantly, everyone was dazzled by Chu Luo’s elegant disposition and peerless beauty.

Be it on the Internet or watching the live broadcast in other ways, everyone subconsciously held their breaths, afraid that if their breaths became heavy, the person in the video would soar into the skies. She was indeed a fairy.

Chu Luo walked up to Old Master Sun.

First Madam took the tea from the servant and walked up to Chu Luo.

Chu Luo lifted her skirt and knelt in front of Old Master Sun.

Taking the tea, she called out sweetly, "Grandpa, have some tea."

‘When Old Master Sun heard the word ‘Grandpa’, his eyes suddenly welled up. He suddenly thought of the hot-blooded years he had spent with Chu Luo’s grandparents when he was young, as well as the crush he had been burying in the bottom of his heart. He felt that the regrets of his life had finally been filled.

"Okay." Old Master Sun responded and took the teacup from her hand to take a sip.

At that moment, a loud shout came from the door. "The bridal escort team is here."

Everyone subconsciously looked towards the door.

First Madam helped Chu Luo up.

Third Master Sun shouted, "Close the door."

The door was slammed shut by a few guards.

Everyone was surprised.

The Sun family actually locked CEO Li outside the door. Were they going to make things difficult for him?

The reporters outside the door were excited.

All the cameras were pointed at the door of the luxurious wedding car parked outside the door.

‘When Li Yan, who was wearing a red groom’s uniform and exuding a noble, handsome, and extraordinary aura, alighted from the car, everyone’s hearts skipped a beat. They were actually stunned by his noble aura. Li Yan stood outside the door with a group of people.

Secretary Tan knocked on the door and reminded the person inside, "The groom is here to pick up the bride!"

Third Master Sun’s majestic loud voice immediately came from inside. "If you want to come in, you have to answer three questions. If you answer correctly, I’ll open the door. If you don’t, our Sun family won’t let you marry our daughter." Everyone: "Tsk…"

Li Yan: "Go ahead."

Third Master Sun: "If you and Little Chu encounter danger at the same time, will you think of a way to protect yourself or think of a way to save her first?"

Li Yan was confident. "I won’t let Luoluo encounter danger."

Third Master Sun didn’t say if his answer was right. He started to ask the next question. "If you want to marry Little Chu, you have to transfer all the assets under your name to her. Are you willing?" Li Yan smiled. "I’ve already transferred."

This time, Third Master Sun was obviously very satisfied. "Okay! Third question, promise in front of everyone that you won’t bully Little Chu. You’ll let her do whatever she wants and coax her."

Li Yan: "I promise not to bully Luoluo. I’ll let her do whatever she wants and coax her."

There was silence inside the door.

The others were also very quiet.

No one had expected Li Yan to do so much for Chu Luo.

Secretary Tan, who was standing by the door, knocked again and reminded, "It’s time for the groom to pick up the bride."

After a few seconds, Eldest Master Sun said loudly, "Open the door and set off firecrackers."

With the crackling of firecrackers, the door opened and the atmosphere became lively again.

A group of women stood there. Before they could ask for a red packet, they saw a remote control airplane flying over. Red packets rained down.

"Ah… So many red packets!"

Li Yan strode towards the hall while everyone was snatching the red packets.

‘As he walked through the door, his gaze landed on Chu Luo, who was standing there with a sweet smile on her face. He suddenly had an urge to hide her and not let anyone see her today.

Li Yan walked up to Chu Luo and stood still. Eldest Master Sun looked at him and said, "Li Yan, Chu Luo has already acknowledged our father as her grandfather. Since you want to marry Chu Luo, you have to toast our father with a cup of tea." After Eldest Master Sun finished speaking, a servant brought over a cup of tea.

Li Yan stood there and exuded the powerful aura of a ruler. This aura spread out and instantly silenced the group of people discussing softly.

The atmosphere in the entire living room became abnormally strange. Li Yan and Old Master looked at each other like two powerful kings confronting each other. The others only felt an invisible pressure pressing down on them, making it difficult for them to breathe. At this moment, Chu Luo suddenly grabbed Li Yan’s finger.

Li Yan tilted his head to look at her.

Chu Luo smiled and told him via voice transmission, "Yan, Grandpa Sun is the reincarnation of my master."

Then, she let go of his hand.

Li Yan’s expression narrowed. He took the teacup from the servant’s tray and knelt down to hand it to him. "Old Master Sun, please drink tea."

Old Master Sun looked at Li Yan and took the teacup from his hand. "You may get up. You must treat Little Chu well in the future."

With that, he drank his tea.

Eldest Master Sun, who was standing behind Old Master Li, looked at Li Yan with a complicated gaze.

In that instant, even he was suppressed by the pressure exuded by Li Yan and couldn’t breathe.

To think this kid exuded such a powerful aura.

Then, Old Master Sun gave Chu Luo a red packet. Inside the red packet was not money but a crystal clear jade tablet.

‘When those who knew that jade tablet saw it, they couldn’t help but gasp.

"Heavens, Old Master Sun actually gave Chu Luo the tiger-shaped tally! that could mobilize the Sun family army!"

"What has Chu Luo done to deserve such treatment from Old Master Sun!"

"Isn’t Old Master Sun worried that the others in the Sun family will be displeased?"

"Old Master Sun is muddled!"

No matter what the others thought, Old Master Sun’s expression didn’t change when he handed the jade tablet to Chu Luo. Then, Eldest Master Sun helped Old Master Sun up.

Eldest Master Sun waved his hand. "As Li Yan and Chu Luo don’t have elders, we won’t be so formal today. Everyone from the Sun family will follow us to the Li family’s wedding to hold the fort." Everyone: "!!!"

They were stunned by the Sun family’s actions!

The Sun family left the Sun residence with the wedding car.

Along the way, with Li Yan’s wealth and the Sun family’s power, the special-armored war chariot opened a path. Also, drones sprinkled flower petals along the way as they were escorted by armed guards. The scene could be described as shocking.

‘What was even more shocking was that the bride was sitting in a palanquin carried by 16 men while the groom was sitting on a Ferghana horse.

The sound of gongs and drums filled the air.

It gave people a strong and solemn feeling like when an ancient emperor married.

The netizens who were watching the global live broadcast were shocked by this wedding.

"D*mn! The word ‘extravagant isn’t quite enough to describe this. I actually feel so touched that I want to kneel down!"

"This is too shocking. This must be the most luxurious wedding of the century! Even a royal wedding isn’t so luxurious."

"How many women dream of such a wedding? Yet Master Li gave it to Chu Luo. I’m envious and jealous, but I can’t hate it."

"Congratulations to the newlyweds!"

"A hundred years together."

"Have a child soon."

At eleven o’clock. The bridal escort team arrived at the Li residence on time.

‘When the cameras were pointed at the Li residence, the entire world’s citizens couldn’t remain calm.

The top hundred financial big shots in the world, dozens of political and business celebrities, princesses, and counts were all here for their wedding.

Only then did everyone realize how powerful Li Yan was as the king of the business world.

However, the camera stopped by the Li family door.

After the bridal escort team entered the Li residence, the reporters and cameramen could no longer enter.

The 16 carrying palanquin stopped outside the building where the wedding was held.

Eldest Master Sun personally went to carry Chu Luo off the palanquin and walked with Li Yan along the red carpet to the wedding hall.

The bridesmaids carried a flower basket and sprinkled flower petals as they opened a path. The groomsmen followed behind them. From outside the door to the wedding platform, there were very good-looking bodyguards standing tall. The bodyguards stood between the guests and the newlyweds. The guests looked at the newlyweds as they followed them towards the wedding stage.

Eldest Master Sun stopped when he carried Chu Luo to the steps of the wedding platform.

Surrounding them were vibrant flowers and leaves made of gold, silver, and gems.

On the large screen in front, there were dragons and phoenixes on both sides. In the middle was a collection of their wedding gowns.

The steps were very low, and there were a total of nine steps.

After Chu Luo stood there, the bridesmaids quickly straightened her cloak.

The emcee announced loudly, "The wedding ceremony begins."

Chu Luo slowly walked towards the steps amid the Chinese wedding melody.

At this moment, her appearance stunned everyone and the man who was waiting for her on the steps.

Everyone’s hearts slowed down at this moment, afraid of ruining this atmosphere.

When Chu Luo walked up the last step, Li Yan extended his hand to her.

"Luoluo, give me your hand."

Chu Luo placed her hand in his.

The two of them walked to Old Master Sun and Old Master Duanmu, who were already sitting there.

‘When the guests saw Old Master Duanmu, they were shocked.

"Li Yan actually invited Old Master Duanmu to host the wedding with Old Master Sun!!"

"The Duanmu family has already declined. I heard that Li Yan prepared a quiet place for Old Master Duanmu to retire. After all that happened previously, I thought that Old Master Duanmu would never see Li Yan again."

"can only say that Old Master Duanmu is smart enough. The more he doesn’t give Li Yan face at this time, the more disadvantageous it will be for the Duanmu family. Most of the descendants of the Duanmu family have been thrown into jail. If Old Master Duanmu wants them to live well inside, he definitely won’t refuse."

"Old Master Duanmu is a hero in many people’s hearts. Unfortunately, his descendants are disappointing."

"Twonder if the remaining people from the Duanmu family will come out one day."

"Speaking of the Duanmu family, the Qin family is really pitiful. Old Master Qin has been virtuous and respected for his entire life, but when he died, he ended up with no descendants to send him off."

"There shouldn’t be anyone left in the Qin family, right?"

Amid everyone’s whispered discussions, the emcee said loudly, "Please toast the elders with tea, newlyweds."

‘Wu Yiyao, who was wearing a cheongsam and looking elegant, carried a tray up the stairs and handed two cups of tea to Chu Luo and Li Yan.

Li Yan first handed the tea to Old Master Sun. "Old Master Sun, please drink tea."

Old Master Sun laughed out loud and took the teacup to take a sip.

Then, Chu Luo toasted the tea.

After the two of them toasted Old Master Sun, they picked up the other two cups of tea.

Li Yan handed the teacup to Old Master Duanmu. Under countless pairs of eyes, he said, "Old Master, please drink tea."

Old Master Duanmu stared at Li Yan and didn’t take the teacup.

The atmosphere was inexplicably tense

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