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Chapter: 573

Chapter 573: A Woman Actually Has Designs on Her Man at Her Wedding

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

Chu Luo strode over.

Li Yan sat up, his eyes already clear.

"yan, you’re awake?"

Chu Luo sat beside him and touched his face.

Li Yan felt that her fingers were a little cold and grabbed her hand. "Where did you go? Why are your hands cold?" "Something happened by the river just now. I went over to resolve it."

Chu Luo told him what was going on.

Li Yan’s expression darkened. "Ink Feather’s men are really persistent."

"Who wants to deal with you? Looks like they gave Ink Feather a lot of money." Chu Luo suddenly remembered what he had said before and asked, "Didn’t you say that you would find Ink Feather?" "Thaven’t."

Li Yan had been too busy recently and hadn’t had the time to deal with Ink Feather.

Chu Luo nodded in understanding and pulled her hand out of his. She felt warm.

She stood up and said, "T’ll go get you a glass of water."

Although Li Yan agreed, he stood up as soon as Chu Luo stood up.

The two of them walked over.

As Chu Luo poured the water, she asked, "Are we going to the banquet later?"

"Mm, it won’t end over there for a while."

There were too many people from the political and business world around the world who had come today. Since everyone was here, they wouldn’t leave so easily. After that, everyone would stay in the capital for a while. Those from the political world would talk about the connection between the countries and world peace. Those from the business world would look for business partners.

Of course, everyone’s main goal was to talk to Li Yan about the holographic gaming capsule. The two of them were about to go over when Chu Luo suddenly received a call from Wu Yiyao.

‘Wu Yiyao sounded a little anxious. "Little Chu, bad news. Anya was knocked down and her stomach is aching."

‘When Chu Luo rushed to the place Wu Yiyao had mentioned, Anya was sitting there with her hand on her stomach and cold sweat on her face.

‘Wu Yiyao kept wiping her sweat and caressing her stomach to comfort her. "Princess Anya, relax. Little Chu is coming over soon."

Anya grabbed Wu Yiyao’s hand with her other hand and was at a loss. "I feel like I can’t keep my baby anymore. What should I do?"

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"No, no. Why don’t I call Mr. Qin?"

"No. Blockhead is so busy now. We can’t let him be anxious with me."

The two women standing beside the two of them were at a loss and pale. They were obviously worried that something would happen to the child in Anya’s stomach. "What’s going on?"

The moment Chu Luo approached, Wu Yiyao heaved a sigh of relief and quickly stepped aside.

Chu Luo sat beside Anya and took her wrist. She placed her finger on her artery and took her pulse. Then, she took out a pill and handed it to her. "Take this pill quickly." Anya took the pill and swallowed it.

"Little Chu, is Princess Anya okay?"

"I’s definitely a big deal when a pregnant woman gets injured."

After Chu Luo finished speaking, she looked at the two foreign women standing there and asked in a low voice, "What exactly is going on?"

The two women were obviously of high status. Seeing Chu Luo ask this question, one of them quickly said, "I didn’t do it on purpose. I was in a hurry to go to the bathroom and didn’t see Princess Anya walking over from the side path, so I knocked her down." Chu Luo looked at Anya.

Anya nodded.

Since it wasn’t intentional, Chu Luo couldn’t say anything, She said to them, "Go back to the banquet hall."

"But Princess Anya…"

That person was still a little worried.

"Twon’t let anything happen to her."

Seeing that Chu Luo was so certain, the two of them were actually worried that something would really happen and would be held responsible, so they strode away.

Chu Luo turned to ask Anya, "Anya, how are you feeling now?"

"My stomach doesn’t hurt so much anymore."

Anya heaved a sigh of relief after saying that. She held Chu Luo’s hand and said to her with fear, "Chu, you have no idea. I was almost scared to death just now. If Miss Wu hadn’t happened to come over, I wouldn’t have known what to do. I might have cried with those two women."

Chu Luo knew that Anya cared a lot about this child, so she patted her hand and said to her, "Walk more often and in the future you won’t fall because someone accidentally bumped into you."


Anya quickly nodded and asked, "Chu, is my baby really fine?"

"It’s fine. A large part of the reason why your stomach hurts is because of your psychological effect. Don’t panic the next time you encounter such a thing. I’ll concoct a bottle of prenatal medicine for you. If you encounter similar situations, you can just take one." Since Anya was fine, Wu Yiyao was relieved.

‘Wu Yiyao then wanted to go to the bathroom. She talked to the two of them and walked over.

Chu Luo thought for a while and said to Anya, "Why don’t you go back and rest, or call Qin Ming back?"

Anya wanted to see Qin Ming, so she agreed.

Chu Luo accompanied Anya and waited for Qin Ming to come before leaving.

‘When Anya saw Qin Ming, she jumped into his arms.

Qin Ming’s body trembled and his arms stretched out.

After a while, he hugged her tightly.

Anya said, "You scared me to death just now."

Qin Ming lowered his head and looked at the head buried in his arms.

Anya continued, "Someone accidentally bumped into me just now. I thought our baby couldn’t be saved."

Qin Ming suddenly clenched his fists and asked in a low voice, "Who is it?"


Anya looked up at him and saw a murderous glint in his eyes. She quickly stood on tiptoes and kissed his lips. "The person who bumped into me was the daughter of the Earl of L Nation. She didn’t do it on purpose. Besides, Chu gave me a pill to stabilize the fetus just now and said that my stomach only hurt so much because of the psychological effect. She asked me to exercise moderately in the future."

Qin Ming looked down at her. Just as Anya thought that he was going to say something heartwarming, he said, "I’ll supervise you in your training in the future."

Anya: How had she fallen for this stinky blockhead!

"Stupid blockhead!"

Anya pushed him away with a straight face and raised her chin. "Carry me back. I’m tired."

Qin Ming carried her and walked towards their residence.

On the other side.

‘When Chu Luo found Li Yan, she happened to see a woman bump into someone and was about to fall towards Li Yan.

At this point, Chu Luo suddenly narrowed her eyes.

That woman was obviously doing this on purpose.

Li Yan’s reaction never disappointed Chu Luo.

As soon as he felt something falling towards him, he quickly turned to the side and the woman fell onto another man.

That man was a gentleman and helped her up.

Chu Luo walked over.

She had just taken two steps when someone suddenly walked past and blocked her. It was Sun Tianhao.

Sun Tianhao had obviously seen that woman’s action. He crossed his arms and said with a displeased expression, "Sister, do you want me to help you deal with that woman? Hmph! How dare she scheme like this at your wedding? She must be courting death!"

Chu Luo was stunned by the alcohol smell on him. She moved to the side in disdain and said to him, "It’s not good to fight and kill at my wedding."

Sun Tianhao grinned at her. "As you wish."

Chu Luo rolled her eyes. "Go check her identity. I’l decide how best to deal with her then."

Sun Tianhao gave her an OK sign and walked over.

Chu Luo followed.

To her surprise, Sun Tianhao simply asked a woman standing not far from them. That woman was probably charmed by Sun Tianhao, for she actually answered with a red face.

After Sun Tianhao finished asking, he walked back to Chu Luo and said to her, "That’s the daughter of LO Group."

Chu Luo nodded and walked to Li Yan’s side.

At this moment, the daughter of the LO Group was toasting Li Yan with a sweet smile. "CEO Li, I’ve heard a lot about you. Previously, I’ve been studying in school. Now, I’m managing the company with my father. I hope we have a chance to cooperate in the future." Li Yan’s expression was cold. "Today is my wedding to Luoluo. Let’s not talk about business."

The smile on the young lady’s face couldn’t be maintained, but she was indignant. Then, she said, "I’m staying in the capital for the next week. CEO Li, I wonder…" "Tm not free." Li Yan’s voice turned cold.

‘When the people standing at the side saw the daughter of LO Group looking embarrassed, no one stood up to speak up for her.

The expression on the young lady’s face changed several times. In the end, she still looked at Chu Luo with a confident smile. "I heard that CEO Li’s bride is a straight As student. Miss Chu…" "Miss Mia, please call me Mrs. Li."

The smile on Chu Luo’s face was even more sincere and kind than hers. "Miss Mia, please continue."

Mi Ya smiled and naturally corrected herself. "Mrs. Li looks so young. She probably can’t help CEO Li much usually, right?"

"Why would I need to help him?" Chu Luo looked puzzled.

"CEO Li owns the Blazing Glory Corporation. If Mrs. Li doesn’t help CEO Li, CEO Li will be extremely busy."

Mia’s smile was kind, but there was malice in her eyes.


Chu Luo was even more puzzled. "Yan was already managing Blazing Glory very well before I married him. Why would he be very busy after I marry him? Speaking of busy, I think I’m the one who should be busy. Some women who didn’t have a chance to get close to Yan before might find a way to get close to him at our wedding. I have to be on guard at all times, don’t you think so?"

The group of people surrounding the three of them subconsciously turned to look at Mia, feeling that Chu Luo’s words were implying something. The smile on Mia’s face became even more tense, but she still had to maintain it somehow. She hadn’t expected Chu Luo to be so straightforward.

This made her a little displeased, and her words became a little sharp. "Only a woman without confidence can’t keep her husband from looking at other women. If CEO Li really fancies other women…" "Are you courting death?" Before Chu Luo could speak, Li Yan narrowed his eyes in displeasure.

"You’re trying to drive a wedge between Luoluo and me at my wedding. Miss Mia, what’s your motive?"

"CEO Li, I didn’t mean that."


Li Yan quickly exuded a cold aura and coldly ordered him to leave. "How dare you make Luoluo angry at our wedding, We don’t welcome guests like you. Get lost immediately."

Mia panicked at Li Yan’s ruthless eviction and anxiously explained, "CEO Li, listen to me. I didn’t…" "Get lost."

Li Yan had just finished speaking when two bodyguards walked over.

Li Yan said to the bodyguards, "Throw her out."

Two bodyguards walked up to Mia and grabbed her arm, dragging her out.

‘When the upper echelons of the LO Group who had come with Mia saw this situation, they immediately panicked. A middle-aged man quickly came over to ask about the situation.

When someone told him the entire story and the middle-aged man wanted to explain, Li Yan glared at him.

"Go back and tell your CEO that Blazing Glory will never cooperate with LO Group again."

‘The middle-aged man’s expression changed drastically.

"CEO Li…"

"Get lost."

The commotion here wasn’t small. Coupled with the fact that many people were watching Li Yan’s every move, many people fell silent after learning the entire story.

Most of the people who came here today had brought their sons and daughters. There was no lack of people who wanted to send their daughter to Li Yan to show her face in the hopes that Li Yan might take a fancy to her (Li Yan usually wouldn’t see their daughters). No one had expected Li Yan to be so rude.

Those with such thoughts quickly dismissed the idea.

Chu Luo looked around and smiled in satisfaction.

Since it wasn’t good to fight and kill at her wedding, it wasn’t a bad idea to make an example out of that woman.

What Chu Luo didn’t know was that after Mia was chased out, Sun Tianhao followed her out. He stood on the road and blocked their car.

After the car stopped, Sun Tianhao walked to the car Mia was in and knocked on the window twice.

The car window didn’t lower. It was obvious that the person in the car was prepared to ignore him.

"Looks like you’re forcing me to be a little violent."

After Sun Tianhao finished speaking, he tapped the corners of his lips with his thumb and took two steps back. Before the car started, he kicked the door.

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