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Chapter: 574

Chapter 574: Leaving Halfway During the Wedding; The Honeymoon Begins

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

With a bang, a large pit formed in the sturdy car door from the kick.

The car trembled.

Mia opened the car door and scolded in exasperation, "Where did you come from, barbarian? How dare you kick my car. Look at me… Ah… What are you trying to do?"

Sun Tianhao moved the weapon against her temple and said with a sinister smile, "I hate it when people threaten me. Let’s see what you can do."

After saying that, he shouted at her, "Get down."

Mia was so frightened that her face turned pale and her body trembled.

The chauffeur sitting in front was stunned.

At this moment, a few people quickly alighted from the cars behind and walked over. When they saw the ruthless Sun Tianhao, their legs went limp. "Sir… don’t be impulsive. This is outside CEO Li’s house. If you mess around, CEO Li…" "Pfft, even if it’s at Li Yan’s door, do you think Li Yan will come out and interfere if I shoot her?"

No way.

The few of them knew very well.

"Sir, what do you want? Please don’t hurt our Miss."

These people thought that Sun Tianhao was after money.

"Hmph!" Sun Tianhao snorted. "What do you think I want? Then let me tell you, I want her to die."

"You… you…"

"Boohoo…" Mia started crying in fear.

"Shut up," Sun Tianhao shouted, and Mia shut up. He said, "How dare you bully my sister in front of our Sun family. Looks like you didn’t hear what my grandfather said today." ‘When they heard the Sun family, their hearts skipped a beat and their bodies trembled uncontrollably.

This person was actually from the Sun family.

Sun Tianhao had a fierce expression. "You want to snatch my sister’s man? Don’t you know your limits? Go back and tell your old man that our empire doesn’t welcome LO Group in the future." Their faces turned ashen.

Half of the LO Group’s market was in the empire. If the empire didn’t welcome them, in addition to what CEO Li had said just now, the LO Group would be finished. Sun Tianhao had come out to make threats. Seeing that he had achieved the effect he wanted, he put away the gun in satisfaction and turned to walk back.

He walked back to look for Chu Luo to show off what he had done just now, but after looking around, not only did he not find Chu Luo, but he also didn’t find Li Yan. Sun Tianhao quickly took out his phone and called Chu Luo.

After Chu Luo picked up the call, he quickly asked, "Sister, where are you guys?"

Chu Luo said, "In the helicopter."

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"Ah!" Sun Tianhao was stunned for a moment, before suddenly reacting and shouting, "Holy shit! Don’t tell me you’re going to leave tens of thousands of guests for your honeymoon now?" Chu Luo said self-righteously, "That’s right… Help me tell Grandfather and the others. I’ll leave the rest to you, uncles, and brothers."

Chu Luo hung up after saying that.

Sun Tianhao: "…"

Chu Luo hung up and sent a message to her family and friends before turning off the phone.

She put away her phone and immediately fell into Li Yan’s arms.

Chu Luo leaned her head against his shoulder and asked with a smile, "You should tell me where we went for our honeymoon now, right?"

Li Yan raised his hand to cover her eyes. His voice was low and hoarse with the sexiness of a drunk person.

"Sleep. You’ll know where we’re going for our honeymoon when you wake up."

Chu Luo blinked a few times in his palm and realized that he didn’t put down his hand. She thought that she should sleep since she was a little tired anyway.

Ina short while, she really fell asleep.

‘When Chu Luo opened her eyes again, the curtains on the helicopter were all drawn. She subconsciously moved to the window and pulled open the curtains, only to discover that the sky was already bright and that the helicopter was flying over the sea. She was about to turn to look at Li Yan.

Suddenly, her sharp eyes saw the looming island in front of her. There was a faint mist floating around the island.

The mist wasn’t thick, but it made the place look like a fairyland.

Chu Luo turned to look at Li Yan and asked, "Yan, are we going to take our honeymoon on that island?"

Li Yan sat over and kissed her cheek. He deliberately said mysteriously, "There will be a surprise later."

Chu Luo turned her head to the window in anticipation.

When the helicopter flew into the air above the island, Chu Luo’s eyes widened.

The scene in front of her made her subconsciously cover her mouth and scream.


The buildings on the island were built according to the imperial harem of the Kingdom of Phoenix Skies.

It was majestic and ancient, giving people the illusion that they had gone back in time and returned to their previous life.

Most importantly, there were no flowers or trees in the building. All kinds of herbs were planted.

Chu Luo was so excited that she turned around and kissed Li Yan.

"This is delightful. I love it."

Li Yan was very satisfied with her reaction.

After the helicopter landed, a middle-aged man was already waiting there with a large group of men and women.

‘When the two of them alighted from the helicopter, the middle-aged man walked over and respectfully greeted the two of them, "Master, Madam, I’m the butler of the island, Luo Cheng. Welcome to the island for a holiday. I’ll be taking care of your daily needs." Li Yan nodded and turned to ask Chu Luo, "Luoluo, I prepared some clothes for you. Do you want to change into them?"

Chu Luo actually guessed what clothes he had prepared for her. She quickly nodded. "Let’s go together."


Li Yan then said to Butler Luo, "Go down. Wait in the conference hall in half an hour. Other than that, don’t disturb us unnecessarily."


‘The butler led the group away.

Familiar with the buildings here, Chu Luo asked, "Where’s our bedroom?"

"Fengyi Palace."

‘That was the queen’s bedroom to begin with.

When Chu Luo heard this, she walked over and ran over. Although she had never been to the Fengyi Palace in her previous life, she knew where it was.

Not at all worried that Chu Luo wouldn’t be able to find the palace, Li Yan simply strolled behind her.

‘When she reached the entrance of the Fengyi Palace, Chu Luo stopped.

‘There were two servants standing outside the door. When the servant saw her, she pushed the door open for her.

"Madam, please enter."

‘There was a patch of Chinese peony planted in the courtyard. The temperature on the island was ideal, and it wasn’t too cold or hot at all. Therefore, the Chinese peony flowers were blooming beautifully.

Chu Luo actually liked Chinese peony flowers a lot. This kind of flower was a little similar to peony, but it could be both ornamental and medicinal.


Chu Luo waited for Li Yan to walk over before walking in with him.

"Did you get someone to move the entire harem here?" Chu Luo asked with a smile as she walked.

"Just a part," Li Yan said. "I moved all the parts you liked."

"How do you know which part I like?" Chu Luo stopped and wrinkled her nose at him. "I’ve never told you before."

"It’s the places you liked to go." Li Yan was certain.

When Chu Luo heard this, she smiled until her eyes narrowed.

The two of them walked past the front yard and went around a few more corridors before arriving at the door of the room.

Li Yan pushed open the door. The room was, like before, ancient-looking and the furniture was made of sandalwood and pear blossom wood.

The rooms were divided into inner and outer rooms.

‘There was even a specially prepared soft couch for Chu Luo in the outer room. There were many books beside the couch.

Chu Luo looked around the outer room and walked into the room inside.

‘There was a bed and dressing table inside, but there was no place to put clothes.

Chu Luo turned around and asked Li Yan, "Where are our clothes?"

Li Yan held her hand and walked around a screen on the other side. There was actually a door behind the screen.

Li Yan opened the door to reveal a cloakroom.

There were clothes from the Kingdom of the Phoenix Skies and modern clothes inside.

"Take whatever you like."

Chu Luo walked over to get a white Phoenix Skies costume and found a similar black robe for Li Yan.

After the two of them put on the clothes, Chu Luo tied up her long hair, making it even more difficult to tell if this was modern or Phoenix Skies Dynasty.

After Chu Luo put on her clothes, she deliberately walked two rounds in front of Li Yan. Li Yan’s beastly instincts kicked in and he pulled her over to bully her.

When the two of them walked out of the room, it was already a few hours later.

Chu Luo glared at him in dissatisfaction as she walked.

Li Yan was tempted by her gaze and subconsciously narrowed his eyes.

Chu Luo could tell what he was thinking at a glance. She took a few steps to the side warily and said in dissatisfaction, "Big baddie, whatever it is you’re thinking, stop. I’m here for a holiday." ‘The comers of Li Yan’s lips curled up and he corrected her. "Wrong. We’re here for a honeymoon."

After saying that, he walked towards her and hooked her with his long arm. He pulled her into his arms and deliberately breathed hot air into her ear. "Do you know what a honeymoon is? It’s…" Li Yan deliberately lowered his voice until only Chu Luo could hear him.

When Chu Luo heard his words, her face turned red. At the same time, her already sore waist felt even more sore.

She pushed him away and ran forward with the hems of her skirt lifted.

As she ran, she said, "Don’t follow me. I don’t want to see you now."

Li Yan watched as the person fled. After he couldn’t see her figure, he turned around and walked towards the conference hall.

Chu Luo went to the herb garden.

‘The herb garden occupied dozens of acres. One couldn’t see the end at a glance.

Chu Luo didn’t know how Li Yan had managed to plant so many herbs, but when she thought about how these were all planted for her, sweetness subconsciously surged in her heart. ‘There were people specially hired to look after the herb garden.

Chu Luo quickly saw a few people gathered to study a dying herb.

"This Jade Drop Immortal Herb isn’t suitable for this temperature. We’ve experimented many ways, but it still doesn’t survive."

"Why don’t we stop?"

"No, seeing this medicinal herb die in front of my eyes, my heart hurts."

‘The few of them couldn’t come to an agreement and were about to argue.

Chu Luo, who stood there and looked at them for a while, finally couldn’t help but ask, "Can I see that herb?"

Chu Luo’s voice was soft and crisp, and it immediately grabbed the middle-aged men’s ears.

‘They tured around and were stunned.

The girl before their eyes was a fairy who had descended from the heavens, right?

After a while, a middle-aged man probed, "You’re Mrs. Li?"

"Yes." Chu Luo nodded.

‘The middle-aged men had lived here for more than three months. They weren’t aware of Chu Luo’s ‘glorious achievements’ and only knew that she was the national college entrance examination top scholar. However, they still moved aside to let Chu Luo see the herb called Jade Drop Immortal.

Chu Luo walked to the herbs and squatted down to take a closer look.

The normal color of the Jade Drop Immortal was dark green. The leaves grew in a spiral like a fairy dancing. Although the name of the herb sounded nice, the medicinal properties were domineering. However, the herb in front of her had transparent leaves that were a little yellow. It was obvious that it was about to die.

She wanted to fiddle with her fingers.

"Hey, Mrs. Li, don’t touch it." Before her hand could touch the herb, a middle-aged man stopped her. "This herb is the most delicate, especially in this situation. It’ll really die if you touch it."

‘That person was right. Chu Luo retracted her finger and stood up to say to them, "This kind of herb likes the cold temperature at night. Why don’t you put some ice around it at night?"

"The Jade Drop Immortal Herb has such a preference? Why haven’t I heard of it?" Zhang Tong looked at Chu Luo and asked suspiciously, "Mrs. Li, where have you seen that?"

"Books." Chu Luo told them what book on which it was written.

‘The few of them were professional herbologists. Hearing Chu Luo’s reasonable explanation, they were slightly more convinced but still doubtful. However, they still decided to try.

Chu Luo didn’t force them to do so. After saying that, she left.

The few of them looked at Chu Luo’s back and suddenly felt a little worried.

"Lheard that CEO Li prepared this herb garden for Mrs. Li. Were we too harsh on her just now?"

"I don’t think she looked unhappy. Looks like Mrs. Li is also easy to get along with."

‘They thought that Chu Luo was easy to get along with. Not long after, they saw two maids walking towards them with baskets.

Someone quickly asked them, "Hey, Sister, why are you holding a basket?"

‘There were only herbs here. This person’s question actually raised their guard against them. Previously, someone didn’t pick herbs under their guidance and ultimately destroyed many herbs. This made their hearts ache. One of the maids smiled and said, "This is the basket Madam wants."

After saying that, the two of them continued walking.

Chu Luo had told them where she would go and asked them to send it over directly.

‘The middle-aged men quickly followed.

‘When they saw Chu Luo, they realized that Chu Luo had already plucked a few herbs and placed them there.

The middle-aged men: "

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