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Chapter: 575

Chapter 575: The Small Island Prepared For Her

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

Then, Chu Luo harvested the herbs for a long time. The middle-aged men standing a little further away looked at her and felt their hearts ache for a long time. ‘What a waste! What a waste!"

However, they didn’t dare to say anything.

After all, these herbs were planted for her.

After Chu Luo finished picking the herbs she needed, she looked up and saw the middle-aged men standing a distance away, looking at her with heartache. She knew what they were thinking and didn’t explain. Instead, she asked the two maids standing at the side who were helping her carry the basket, "Where’s the herbs refining room? Take me there."

The two maids brought her over. After Chu Luo left, the middle-aged men quickly ran to the place where Chu Luo had been picking herbs.

Everyone was surprised.

"Eh? Madam actually knows how to pick herbs?"

"She actually didn’t destroy any of the herbs by the side."

"And she only plucked those that had matured."

The more they spoke, the more surprised they became.

"Is Madam studying medicine?"

"Maybe she’s learning Chinese medicine."

‘The middle-aged men were relieved.

Chu Luo didn’t know what those people were thinking. As soon as she entered the herbs refining room, she lost track of time.

In the end, it was Li Yan who came to look for her. Only then did she know that it was time for dinner.

"Wait, I’l be done in half an hour."

Chu Luo looked at the herbs brewed on a few furnaces and told Li Yan who these herbs were brewed for.

After saying that, she even smiled at him and said, "The equipment you prepared for me is very good. Coincidentally, there are a lot of herbs here. Get someone to bring that Ink Feather guy previously captured over. I’ll think of a way to neutralize the poison in his body." They were only staying here for ten days. Actually, Li Yan didn’t like outsiders disturbing them, but since Chu Luo had said so, he wouldn’t refuse her. "T’ll get someone to send him over tomorrow."

Chu Luo nodded.

Half an hour later, the medicine was ready. Chu Luo processed it into a pill before the two of them left the herbs refining room.

‘The moment they walked out, Li Yan wrapped his arm around her waist and pressed her against the wall. He said in dissatisfaction, "Little baddie, if I had known, I wouldn’t have prepared a herbs refining room for you."

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Chu Luo wrapped her arms around his neck and said with a smile, "We have ten days anyway. There’s so much time. If I don’t use it to concoct medicine… Ah… Why are you pinching my waist?"

Chu Luo’s legs went a little limp after he pinched her waist.

Li Yan lowered his head and kissed her passionately.

It wasn’t until she couldn’t breathe that he let go of her and said in a slightly hoarse voice, "Every second of these ten days belongs to me. I’ve already planned what to do."


"Fishing, diving, picking up seashells…" Li Yan named the activities one by one, tempting Chu Luo.

She thought for a while and said, "Before we do these, I should set up a Spirit Gathering Array in my herb garden first. Otherwise, many herbs are not suitable for the climate here, and the effects of the herbs will decrease." Li Yan didn’t object.

After dinner, the two of them went for a stroll in the herb garden.

As she walked in the herb garden and smelled the fragrance of the herbs, Chu Luo got into the mood and said to Li Yan, "Yan, I’ll dance for you to see."


Even though it occurred to her that he also knew how to play instruments, Chu Luo didn’t ask him to play. She deliberately asked, "But I don’t have music to dance to. What should I do?"

She even winked at him and hinted crazily.

Li Yan was amused by her expression and deliberately said, "If you can take out an instrument, I’ll play a song for you."

"You said i "That’s right."

Chu Luo retrieved her Phoenix Zither.

Looking at the Phoenix Zither floating in front of her and glowing red, Li Yan was a little helpless. "Little baddie, I can’t play this zither."

The Phoenix Zither was an ancient divine artifact that only priests could play.

Chu Luo knew that Li Yan would say that. She had done it on purpose.

Hearing him say that, she put away the Phoenix Zither and reached into her Heaven-and-Earth pouch to feel for a while before taking out a jade flute. "This isn’t considered a divine artifact."

She had obtained the flute from an expert. It wasn’t a divine artifact and could only be considered valuable. Li Yan could play it.

Li Yan took the jade flute from her hand and placed it to his lips to try playing it. He nodded at her.

Chu Luo danced amid the clear and melodious sound of the flute.

Although she was good at performing sacrificial dances, she actually danced well in the other dances as well.

Under the moonlight, Chu Luo tapped her toes and started dancing lightly among the herbs.

At this moment, her dance was light and agile. Her body was as light as a swallow, and soft as a cloud. Her arms were soft as if they had no bones. With every step she took, she danced like a lotus flower. The butterflies that fluttered between the flowers were like fairies in the moonlight… When she raised her hand and turned around, she was so beautiful that it was suffocating.

After the song ended, Li Yan tapped his toes and jumped. He wrapped his arm around Chu Luo’s waist and jumped towards the sea with her. Their bodies flew between the herbs, and the evening wind rustled their clothes.

Chu Luo simply wrapped her arms around Li Yan’s neck and looked around at the night, letting him lead her away.

Soon, Li Yan brought Chu Luo to the beach.

Under the bright moonlight, the sea water splashed on the shore, bringing with it a comfortable cold wind.

‘The moment Li Yan put Chu Luo down, she happily ran towards the beach.

"Wow, this is gorgeous!"

Chu Luo stood on the shore and looked into the distance.

Li Yan walked behind her and pulled her into his arms. "It’s spring on this island all year round and there’s no nasty weather. If you like, we’ll go to the sea to row tomorrow." "Okay!" Chu Luo tilted her head and asked him, "Where is this?"

The two of them had tured off their phones since they boarded the plane and had no intention of contacting anyone.

So she didn’t even know where this was.

Li Yan told her a longitude.

Chu Luo nodded and sighed. "I didn’t expect such an island to exist on the sea."

At this point, Chu Luo remembered what she had seen on the plane. "Other than where we live, I see a huge forest behind. Is there anyone living there?" "No."

This island was an uninhabited island to begin with. Li Yan had someone investigate the area before getting someone to build a house here.

"But there are many animals and plants inside. If you like, we can take a day to explore."

"Tike it."

Chu Luo liked everything.

Li Yan was delighted by her answer. He turned her around and leaned down to kiss her.

The moonlight sprinkled on the two of them, elongating their shadows until they became one.

The next day, Li Yan and Chu Luo went out to sea in a warship.

‘When they arrived at a place where Chu Luo felt that there were a lot of fish, Li Yan started fishing. Chu Luo took fish feed and fed the seabirds and fish that were swimming around their warship.

Li Yan’s results were good and he quickly caught a fish.

Chu Luo squatted there and looked at the fish in the bucket while thinking about how to cook them at night.

"Braised, steamed, sweet and sour…"

Li Yan tilted his head to look at Chu Luo, who was counting with her fingers. With a flick of his wrist, another fish was thrown onto the deck.

"Ah… this fish is so big." Chu Luo quickly came over to pick the fish up and put it in the bucket. She said with a smile, "At your speed, everyone on the island can eat fish tonight."

"Let’s have a fish banquet tonight."

Chu Luo played for a while before taking a book. She sat in a lounge chair under the umbrella and started reading leisurely.

After lunch, Li Yan said to Chu Luo, "We have enough fish to eat. Where do you want to go in the afternoon?"

Chu Luo pointed at the island where they lived. "Let’s take a look around the island. I’l set up the array."


Li Yan started the warship and circled the island.

The island was in the shape of a fan. After going one round, Chu Luo thought of a formation.

"This island is a little big. I’ll get Phoenix to help me."

There was no one here, and Chu Luo wasn’t worried that Phoenix would alert anyone when she came out.

She summoned her directly.

She and Phoenix set up the array for more than an hour before they were done.

The people on the island could clearly feel that the air on the entire island was different. In particular, be it those herbs that grew well or not, they were more vibrant than before.

‘When the two of them returned to the island, Butler Luo, who was waiting there, suddenly told them, "Master, Madam, someone has been sent over."

The person Butler Luo was talking about was that guy from Ink Feather.

That person had been sleeping and had been placed in the operating theater beside the laboratory prepared for Chu Luo.

Chu Luo and Li Yan stood there and looked at that person.

Chu Luo said, "Coincidentally, there are also herbs I need on the island. Tomorrow, we’ll go to the back of the mountain to look for other herbs. An island with such weather usually has the herbs I want." Chu Luo had previously been missing two herbs, so she hadn’t been able to wake this person up.

‘When Butler Luo heard this, he said, "Madam, there’s a type of grass in a cave in the back mountain that glows. I wonder if it’s useful to you."

The butler was one of the earliest to come and had long led his men to familiarize with the back mountain.

After saying that, he took out his phone and showed Chu Luo the photo.

After Chu Luo saw it, she smiled. "There’s actually White Withered Floss here."

Even though this herb wasn’t what she wanted now, it was indeed a divine herb.

Chu Luo asked Butler Luo, "How many such herbs are there?"


Then, the butler told her the exact location of the cave.

Chu Luo planned to take a look.

After planning this, the three of them left.

However, not long after they left, an herbologist called Chang Qing walked into the courtyard.

Chang Qing only wanted to come over to get something, but when he walked into the courtyard, he was a little stunned. "Eh? Which room is that thing?"

He scratched his head, but in the end, he didn’t remember anything. He could only push the door open one by one and look for it.

When he pushed open the door of the operating theater, he was shocked to see the person lying there with a nutritional fluid drip attached.

"When did this person come over? Did Master and the others bring him over?"

Chang Qing was curious. Coupled with the fact that he had learned some Chinese medicine from planting herbs for a long time, he walked over and even raised his wrist to take the person’s pulse.

"His pulse is normal. Why… does it appear that he’s asleep?"

Chang Qing grew even more curious. He glanced at the door but no one entered the courtyard. He thought that this person must have been brought over for treatment. If he woke this person up, would Master happily transfer him to the Blazing Glory Pharmaceutical Research Center? At the thought of this, he felt inexplicably excited.

Chang Qing quickly walked over and closed the door. He quickly checked the person lying down and muttered about what herbs to use to save him.

With an idea in his heart, he left the room and went to the herb garden to pick herbs.

Chu Luo and Li Yan went to the living room at the hall. The head of the bodyguards who sent that person here, Xiao Zhan, was waiting for the two of them in the living room.

Chu Luo handed the medicine that she had prepared yesterday to Xiao Zhan and said to him, "Give the medicine in this white porcelain bottle to Qin Ming and ask him to give it to Anya. Tell them that it’s that prenatal medicine I mentioned. Give all of this to the Sun family." "Okay, Madam."

Xiao Zhan took the bottle and put it away before starting to report to Li Yan what had happened outside the past two days.

The two of them had left too suddenly. However, fortunately, there was the butler and Secretary Tan who weren’t flustered in the face of danger. Coupled with the powerful Sun family, the guests who came to attend the wedding banquet were all arranged appropriately. However, those who wanted to discuss cooperation with Li Yan after his wedding were disappointed.

"Have these people left the capital?" Chu Luo asked.


Chu Luo smiled and said to Li Yan, "There are so many people from international corporations here this time. It’s a huge opportunity for the businessmen in the capital. I hope Senior Tang and the others can grasp this opportunity."

"Being able to grasp it proves that they have a business mind."

If they couldn’t grasp it, it meant that they were only suitable to work for others.

Chu Luo knew that even though Li Yan didn’t say this out loud.

She didn’t say anything.

Then, Li Yan gave Xiao Zhan some instructions and he left.

Butler Luo brought people over to serve the two of them food.

It was indeed a fish banquet tonight.

Chu Luo was very satisfied with the food.

Seeing that she liked fish, Butler Luo asked, "Madam, there’s a lot of seafood near the island. If you like, I’ll get the kitchen to cook a seafood banquet for you tomorrow."

Chu Luo was very fond of seafood, so she nodded at him.

After the two of them finished eating, they didn’t bring anyone with them and went to the back mountain…

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