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Chapter: 576

Chapter 576: An Unexpected Find: Little Ball of Fur, Snowball

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

Li Yan held a flashlight in one hand and held Chu Luo’s hand with the other. The two of them weren’t in a hurry and slowly walked through the forest.

Butler Luo had long brought people over to scout this place. There were no fierce beasts or terrifying things inside, but there was a good variety of plants.

After the two of them walked for a while, Li Yan asked Chu Luo, "Where do you want to go first?"

"Let’s go take a look at the White Withered Floss the butler mentioned."


The two of them walked for about half an hour before arriving at the cave the butler had mentioned.

Standing outside the cave, Chu Luo asked Li Yan to turn off the flashlight.

The flashlight clicked off and the room lit up.

Chu Luo looked at the glowing herbs and excitedly tugged at Li Yan’s hand. "Yan, we’re so lucky."

Sensing her excitement, Li Yan put the flashlight in her Heaven-and-Earth pouch and led her inside. "Let’s go in and take a look."

"Could there be a guardian beast around this herb?"

"Probably. I think it’s mentioned in a medical book I read before. Let’s be careful later."

"What poison?"

"Tm not sure. The records in the books are also very blurry. Maybe they can remove memories."

"Why do you think so?"

"Since the records are blurry, it must mean the author couldn’t remember."

Li Yan was amused by Chu Luo’s logic, but he still raised his guard.

The moment the two of them walked into the cave, the temperature inside decreased drastically. Li Yan subconsciously pulled Chu Luo closer.

‘The cave was at least two meters wide and very deep.

The further they walked in, the more excited Chu Luo became. "There are too many of them. So much so I feel like the White Withered Floss isn’t worth much." "Do you want to pluck some back?"

"We’ll pick it at the entrance when we go out later."


The two of them continued walking in. After god knew how long, Chu Luo suddenly asked, "Yan, have we been walking inside for a long time?"

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Li Yan also felt it.

Their expressions suddenly froze.

"This kind of cave should lead to the sea. We’ve been walking for so long, but we still haven’t arrived."

"Could we have encountered a ghost wall?"

The two of them stopped. Chu Luo closed her eyes and felt it.

After a while, Chu Luo opened her eyes but couldn’t help but laugh.

"I know what the White Withered Floss’s companion is."

As she spoke, her body quickly emitted sparkling light spots.

The light spots floated around. After a while, a palm-sized cat-like animal ran over.

"A cat?" Li Yan was a little surprised.

"It’s not a cat. It’s called a medicinal pallas (the author made this up). It’s just an animal similar to a cat. This kind of animal feeds on White Withered Floss. Although it’s small, it’s actually very domineering and likes to eat alone.

"As long as someone enters its territory, it will emit a special smell to confuse the intruder and make the intruder hallucinate. In the end, the intruder will leave its territory because of fear."

"Is it dangerous?"

"No. As long as one can withstand its smell, it’s very weak."

After saying that, Chu Luo hooked her finger at the little thing.

Li Yan watched her movements and grabbed her hand. "What you’re doing is dangerous."

"Don’t be afraid. It likes the priest’s power on me and will be friendly to us."

Indeed, just as Chu Luo finished speaking, the little thing tentatively walked towards her.

With short legs and a round body, it looked very adorable.

Chu Luo opened her palm to it as it approached.

In the next moment, the medicinal pallas pounced on Chu Luo at a shocking speed.

"Luoluo, be careful."

Li Yan thought that the medicinal pallas was going to attack Chu Luo and subconsciously slapped it. At the same time, he carried Chu Luo and dodged to the side. After the two of them stood still, Chu Luo looked up at Li Yan in confusion.

"Yan, what are you doing?"


Chu Luo turned around and looked at the motionless little thing who seemed to have been slapped to death. Its limbs were spread out as it fell onto the cave wall before falling to the ground. She quickly struggled out of Li Yan’s arms and picked it up. As she caressed its back, she explained to Li Yan.

"It wasn’t trying to attack me. It just wanted to jump into my palm," Chu Luo said to Li Yan. "By doing this, it will be hostile to you."

"Isn’t it dead?"

Li Yan looked at the little thing in Chu Luo’s hand.

"It’s not dead."

Chu Luo stood up and raised the medicinal pallas towards him. Just as she was about to speak, the medicinal pallas pounced on Li Yan.

Li Yan reflexively wanted to slap it again. He had already extended his hand when he suddenly became cautious and raised his arm to cover his face.

In the next second, Chu Luo shouted, "Medicinal Pallas, what did you do to Yan?"

Li Yan was still wondering what Chu Luo meant. In the blink of an eye, he felt that the place he was in had changed. There was endless darkness around him, and only one place was bright. His heart skipped a beat and he immediately guessed that this was an illusion. He called out, "Luoluo." ‘There was no response, so Li Yan quickly exuded a strong murderous aura.

He didn’t act on impulse. Instead, he closed his eyes and suddenly felt something approaching. He extended his hand to restrain the person or thing approaching. At this moment, she heard Chu Luo’s worried voice. "Yan, wake up."

Li Yan abruptly opened his eyes and realized that he had already come out of the illusion. He was holding Chu Luo’s wrist.

Looking down at the fair wrist, which was a little red from his grip, Li Yan’s heart ached so much that his eyes turned red.

With a murderous gaze, he looked at the pure and harmless-looking medicinal pallas, who was chewing on a blade of White Withered Floss in Chu Luo’s hand. He reached out to grab it and teach it a lesson. "Yan, don’t hurt it."

Chu Luo’s words immediately dismissed Li Yan’s thoughts.

He looked at the little ball in dissatisfaction and wanted to crush it to death again.

Chu Luo immediately guessed his thoughts. She hid the medicinal pallas behind her and looked at him warily.

Li Yan suddenly felt a little sour.

Not just a little, but very much so. In fact, so sour that he wanted to chop that thing into pieces.

Li Yan watched Chu Luo stroke the medicinal pallas with a dark expression and asked, "Do you want to continue walking in?"

Chu Luo nodded. "Yes, let’s walk to the end and take a look."

After saying that, the two of them continued walking in.

Chu Luo brought the medicinal pallas along.

Li Yan glanced at the medicinal pallas in her hand a few times. His eyes flickered before he finally wrapped his arm around her waist and walked away.

Worried that the medicinal pallas was going to attack him again, Chu Luo wanted to get out of his arms. "Don’t come so close to me. Otherwise, the medicinal pallas will attack you again."

‘The medicinal pallas seemed to have understood Chu Luo’s words and growled at him provocatively.

Li Yan’s face darkened again. Chu Luo patted the medicinal pallas’s head and threatened, "Don’t attack Yan again, or I won’t be polite to you."

The medicinal pallas shrunk into a ball pitifully.

Chu Luo gave Li Yan a fawning smile. "Yan, don’t be angry with it. It’s very useful."

‘When Li Yan heard this, his heart suddenly stopped aching.

His Luoluo was still on his side.

Li Yan glanced at the ball and decided not to argue with it.

The two of them didn’t walk for long before they heard the sound of the waves hitting the rocks.

"Indeed, this leads to the sea."

The two of them quickly walked forward.

However, not long after, there were no longer any White Withered Floss on the cave wall. Their surroundings were dark.

Li Yan asked Chu Luo to give him the flashlight. He held her hand and continued walking.

Just as they were about to reach the exit, the medicinal pallas suddenly let out a vigilant cry.

The two of them immediately stopped.

Li Yan shone his flashlight over.

Suddenly, they saw something whose face was covered, whose hair was disheveled and was still dripping with water.

Li Yan immediately shielded Chu Luo behind him and took out his gun to shoot.

Chu Luo quickly pulled him back.

"Yan, that looks like a merfolk."

Li Yan shone the flashlight at the lower part and saw the fishtail behind him.

The merfolk seemed to be deliberately scaring the two of them.

Seeing that he hadn’t managed to scare the two of them away, he pushed the hair off his face.

It was a male merfolk with seaweed-like blue eyes.

‘The merman opened his mouth and made a sharp sound.

"This merman didn’t evolve. It’s purely a wild one." Li Yan was certain.

Chu Luo was a little surprised. "How did you know?"

"He can’t speak. He probably grew up here."

"Then let’s not scare him. He must be afraid of us."

"You don’t want to catch him for experiments?"

Chu Luo wanted to, but she could feel that there was more than one merfolk here.

The merfolk were actually very smart. They weren’t friendly to him this time, and they might never see each other again. She decided to think of something else. Li Yan turned to look at the medicinal pallas squatting on her shoulder.

The medicinal pallas sensed something and sneered at him.

Chu Luo also tilted her head to look at the medicinal pallas.

The medicinal pallas immediately pretended to be pitiful.

Li Yan’s hand was a little itchy.

He said, "Let it try. Even if it’s not a cat, it’s still from the cat family. Surely he can deal with a fish?"

The medicinal pallas seemed to have understood his words and its fur exploded.

Chu Luo raised her hand to stroke its fur and felt that Li Yan’s words made sense. She said to the medicinal pallas, "Try to pull him into the illusion. We’ll do the rest." Only then did the medicinal pallas’s fur soften.

It let out a kitten-like cry towards the merman.

After the scream, the merman lay on the ground and stopped moving, as if he had fallen asleep.

Li Yan walked over to take a look.

Worried, Chu Luo quickly pulled him back. "Yan, I’ll go over. I just need a little blood on him."

With that, she took out a syringe from her Heaven-and-Earth pouch and walked towards the merman.

‘When Chu Luo walked closer to the merman, he didn’t move. The medicinal pallas jumped up and down on Chu Luo’s shoulder irritably, as if urging her to hurry up. Chu Luo quickly drew a tube of merfolk blood and had just retreated to Li Yan’s side when there was a loud splash in the sea.

"His companion is here."

After Li Yan finished speaking, he pulled Chu Luo back.

The two of them returned to their residence. Chu Luo naturally brought back the medicinal pallas.

Chu Luo wanted to go to the laboratory, but Li Yan stopped her. "We’ll do the experiment tomorrow. It’s very late. Rest first."

Chu Luo nodded and was pulled into the shower by Li Yan.

The medicinal pallas wanted to follow her in, but Li Yan rudely lifted it by the fur on its head and threw it out.

Chu Luo was a little worried. "What if it attacks someone after you throw it out?"

"It’s okay. At most, the person who encounters it will enter an illusion. You can just get it to undo it tomorrow morning."

Without giving Chu Luo a chance to speak, Li Yan did what he had always wanted to do.

On the other side. After Chang Qing had eaten, he made up an excuse that he felt a little unwell and said that he must have caught a cold. After picking the herbs, he went to that small courtyard.

Usually, no one would come here. After Chang Qing walked in, he checked around and closed the door to the courtyard before going to the herbs refining room to brew the herbs he had concocted for that person. "can definitely wake you up. Master Li will reward me then."

At the thought of this, Chang Qing whistled happily as he boiled the herbs.

An hour later, the herbs were ready. He waited for the herbs to cool a little before going to that room.

That person was still lying there, looking like he was asleep. However, the nutritional fluid transfusion must have been changed to a different bottle, for there was still a lot inside.

Chang Qing walked over, took out two towels, pressed them against the person’s neck, and started to feed him bit by bit.

He only fed him a little bit of the medicine. Chang Qing muttered, "I deliberately increased the dosage. You just have to swallow a little to wake up."

After saying that, he put the bowl aside and removed the towel from his neck. He stood there and waited for this person to wake up.

Awhile later, there was a sound by the door.

Chang Qing was shocked. He quickly turned around and saw a palm-sized kitten.

"Eh, why is there a cat here? Could it be that it ran in from the back mountain… This cat is really small."

After saying that, Chang Qing kicked the ground and threatened it, "Go. If not, I’ll catch you and eat you."

‘The medicinal pallas immediately fumed and grimaced at him.

It was obviously angered.

Chang Qing didn’t take it seriously at all. He retracted his gaze and continued to stare at the person on the bed.

He waited for that person to wake up.

Therefore, he didn’t notice the medicinal pallas slowly walking towards him..

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