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Chapter: 577

Chapter 577: Finding Out Ink Feather’s Address, Death Island

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

The person on the bed finally opened his eyes slowly a minute later.

Chang Qing smiled happily. "You’re finally awake."

However, in the next second, his smile slowly froze on his face. He widened his eyes and looked at the person who had punched him in the stomach in disbelief. "You…"



Chang Qing’s body flew out and slammed heavily into the wall. After falling to the ground, he fainted.

The person on the bed had a murderous glint in his eyes and was about to get up.

At this moment, something flashed in front of him and he entered an illusion. He got off the bed like a ragdoll and wandered out of the door.

The medicinal pallas was still grinning smugly behind him.

"Hmph! Detestable human, that person wanted to eat me just now. You’re even more dangerous than that person. You must be a big baddie. I’ll let you wander nearby for the entire night."

The medicinal pallas left arrogantly.

‘The next day, when Chu Luo woke up, she heard Butler Luo’s report. "Master, Madam, that person woke up last night. Someone caught him this morning." Chu Luo and Li Yan’s expressions darkened.

‘The two of them quickly walked over.

Chu Luo asked as she walked, "Why would that person wake up?"

"The herbologist Chang Qing secretly woke him up."

Li Yan quickly exuded a murderous aura that shocked Butler Luo so much that he didn’t even dare to breathe loudly. He even mourned for Chang Qing for a moment. "What did that person do here last night? Was anyone injured?"

"Other than Chang Qing breaking two of his bones, everyone else is fine."

‘As the three of them spoke, they walked over. Indeed, two people were pressing that person against the wall.

Chu Luo had just walked over when a ball of fur suddenly pounced on her from the side.

"Madam, be careful."

Butler Luo, who was walking at the side, was shocked.

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Li Yan immediately realized that it was that medicinal pallas and suddenly understood why that Ink Feather guy was caught.

He said to Chu Luo, "Looks like it helped us."

Chu Luo caught the medicinal pallas and raised her hand to stroke its head. She nodded and said, "That’s right. That person must have been tricked by an illusion." That person was brought back to the operating theater. The butler got someone to inject him and he fell asleep again.

Butler Luo asked Li Yan, "Master, how should we deal with Chang Qing?"

Li Yan glanced at him with a displeased expression.

Need he ask?

Cold sweat broke out on Butler Luo’s forehead. He quickly shut his mouth and made arrangements in his heart.

The three of them quickly arrived at the operating theater. Looking at the person lying there quietly, Chu Luo asked the butler, "What medicine did that herbologist give him?" ‘The butler quickly handed Chu Luo the bowl of medicine that Chang Qing had left there and hadn’t had time to take away.

Chu Luo only smelled it and knew which herbs were inside.

She said in surprise, "It’s actually the correct combination."

At this point, Chu Luo said to Li Yan, "Chang Qing can stay."

Li Yan lowered his eyes to think for a moment and said to the butler, "Send him to the biological medicine laboratory."

"Yes, Master."

Chu Luo then went to the laboratory. She took the tube of merfolk she had obtained last night for testing and used the poison in the phantom fish spirit’s body to merge with the merfolk’s blood. Unexpectedly, she received a pleasant surprise.

At around three in the afternoon, Chu Luo injected the refined medicine into that Ink Feather guy’s heart.

She and Li Yan stood by the bed and stared at that person.

Chu Luo still said, "If the experiment fails, this person will die immediately."

Li Yan:

1 get someone to catch another one if he dies." Li Yan had always been very cold to Ink Feather’s men.

The two of them waited for a few minutes before the person’s entire body started to spasm. His entire face was twisted and he was sweating profusely. The medicinal pallas standing on Chu Luo’s shoulder stared at the person on the bed and suddenly pounced on him.

Before Chu Luo and Li Yan could stop him, the medicinal pallas bit that person’s nose.

"Medicinal Pallas, what are you doing?"

Chu Luo quickly reached out to lift it away.

The medicinal pallas increased its strength and bit that person’s nose without letting go.

"Tl do it"

Li Yan was about to use force.

However just then, the medicinal pallas released that person and looked up at Chu Luo.

Then, it even burped.

Chu Luo widened her eyes in shock.

After a while, she said to Li Yan in surprise, "It actually sucked out all the poison in that person’s body just now! Other than eating White Withered Floss, it can also absorb poison!" After saying that, Chu Luo extended her hand to the medicinal pallas.

The medicinal pallas actually didn’t jump into her hand this time. The fur on its body exploded again. The gray fur on its body suddenly seemed to be losing color and quickly turned white. In the end, only a little of its tail was still gray. Just as Li Yan was about to ask if it was poisoned, Chu Luo realized that the medicinal pallas was holding something in and its butt was sticking out. She quickly pulled Li Yan’s hand and ran out of the door. The two of them had just run out of the door when they heard a few farts.

A stench that could flip a person over came from inside.

Chu Luo quickly conjured a transparent shield to protect her and Li Yan.

Soon, the sound of vomiting came from inside.

After a while, the medicinal pallas, which had turned white, walked out of the door with small steps.

Chu Luo removed the shield in front of her. It was no longer smelly.

Li Yan asked in surprise, "What did it do?"

"Tm not sure either. I think it sucked out the poison and purified it."

As for the stench that was eliminated during the purification process, it could directly wake an unconscious person up.

The two of them looked at the medicinal pallas walking over with complicated expressions.

When the medicinal pallas walked up to Chu Luo, it looked up and shook its butt at her (it was actually a tail, but its tail was short and could be ignored). It even let out a wheedling kitten meow.

Chu Luo squatted down and extended her hand to it. After it jumped into her palm, she stood up and tapped its round body with her finger. "I didn’t expect you to look quite good in white." Just like an exquisite toy cat.

"But you’re as round as Roundy. I’l call you Snowball from now on."

‘When Li Yan heard the name Chu Luo gave the medicinal pallas, a trace of a smile subconsciously appeared in his eyes.

The medicinal pallas seemed to be very satisfied with the name Chu Luo had given it. It used its round body to roll in her palm.

However, Chu Luo’s hand was only so big. Once it rolled, it rolled out of her palm and was about to fall.

Then, a large hand grabbed the fur on his head.

Snowball’s four limbs kept glaring and making unhappy noises.

"If you move again, I’ll throw you back to the back mountain."

Li Yan’s threat made Snowball growl in anger. It was about to cast an illusion on Li Yan.

Chu Luo quickly took it and said to Li Yan, "The person inside is awake."

The person inside had obviously vomited until he was exhausted, but the two of them didn’t enter.

Li Yan said, "Get someone to go in and clean up."

Chu Luo quickly nodded.

The smell inside would definitely make people go crazy. She wouldn’t go in.

Li Yan walked to the door and called Butler Luo, who was guarding it, in. He instructed him, "Get someone to clean the inside."

Butler Luo walked to the door to take a look, then covered his nose and retreated. He called two armed men with masks in to clean up.

Half an hour later, that person was washed and carried out.

Chu Luo pointed at the other room. "Carry him to that room."

The two of them carried him in.

‘When that person saw the three of them walk in, he stared at them warily.

Chu Luo said, "Don’t think about dying. You won’t die now."

That person: "Do you think you can find out anything just by taking out the poison in my body? Ha! Dream on."

With that, he was about to explode.

However, a second before he exploded, he was whipped by a sudden whip and his body bounced back.


Li Yan retracted his whip with a cold expression.

Chu Luo smiled at him and said, "Do you know the consequences of posturing in front of us?"

After saying that, she snapped her fingers at him.

That person closed his eyes and struggled to dispel the trance in his mind.

Chu Luo’s voice sounded even more pleasant. "You’re from Ink Feather. You must have undergone special training to develop antibodies against hypnosis and torture. However, with your weakened body, I want to see if you can still be stubbornly tight-lipped under the illusion." That person was about to wake up from Chu Luo’s hypnosis when Chu Luo called out, "Snowball, go."

Snowball, who was standing on Chu Luo, immediately jumped onto that person’s face and cast an illusion on him.

Chu Luo snapped her fingers.

That person stopped struggling.

Chu Luo said to Li Yan, "We can ask him questions now."

Li Yan nodded and asked, "Who’s your leader?"

"Baron Satan."

"Who’s Baron Satan? What does he look like?"

"He’s been wearing a mask. Other than Young Master, no one has seen his true appearance."

"Who’s Young Master?"

"The adopted son of Baron Satan."


"I don’t know."

At this point, Chu Luo and Li Yan looked at each other.

Li Yan asked again, "Where’s your headquarters?"

"Hell Island."

"Hell island?" Chu Luo looked at Li Yan. "Why haven’t I heard of this island before?"

Li Yan had never heard of it before either, so he asked again, "Tell me the coordinates of Hell Island."

That person said a coordinate.

Chu Luo quickly thought about this coordinate and had a feeling that she had heard of that location before.

Li Yan thought for a moment and told her, "That’s an island group in the Southern Ocean. It’s called the death zone. Be it the ships or planes that pass by that place, they will disappear for no reason." After Li Yan said that, Chu Luo finally knew where she had heard of it.

"Previously, I heard from a professor from the Archeology Department that there was a legend there. A few years ago, there was a rumor that there was a phoenix tomb in XX Nation at its peak. It was said that not only were there endless gems in the tomb, but there were also magic spells that could send people to heaven. At that time, many international tomb raiders went there to explore the tomb. In the end, they didn’t return and there was no news of them anymore."

At this point, the two of them were silent for a while.

Li Yan asked that person again, "How do we get into Hell Island?"

"A large number of fish will appear in the lunar transit. The fish will bring us in."


"Using a compass made by Dala."

"How many people are there in Ink Feather in total?"


"How many people are there on the island?"


"Other than Ink Feather’s men, who else is on the island?"

"The natives."

"What status do they have in Ink Feather?"

"They’re all slaves."

Li Yan stopped asking.

He said to Chu Luo, "Luoluo, let him remain unconscious."

Chu Luo snapped her fingers at him and he fainted.

The two of them walked out of the door together. After they walked out, Li Yan said to Butler Luo, "Watch him carefully. Don’t let anyone get close to here again." "Yes, Master."

‘The two of them returned to their residence. Chu Luo thought for a while and said to Li Yan, "Ink Feather only has so few people in total. To think they can stir up the entire world. I think their commander, King of Satan, must have a complicated identity. Also, that person mentioned the young master." Even though everyone in Ink Feather was extraordinary, Li Yan and the Sun family had resolved many of them in the past few days.

However, the feeling that Ink Feather gave people was that there weren’t only so many people inside.

"Could it be that that person doesn’t know how many people Ink Feather has in total?" Chu Luo guessed.

"No," Li Yan said after a while. "There’s one possibility. Other than the 476 people he mentioned, Ink Feather has many hatchet men."

Chu Luo felt that it was very possible. "Also, there must be many robots inside the organization. Many things can be resolved by sending invisible robots." "That’s right."

"Then what should we do now?"

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