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Chapter: 578

Chapter 578: If You’re Really Pregnant, Just Give Birth

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

While Chu Luo was eating, Snowball squatted at the table and watched. Its gluttonous appearance made people feel that it was being tortured and not being given food.

Not only did Chu Luo not feel guilty, but she also deliberately picked up a piece of green vegetables and waved it in front of its eyes. Snowball extended its two front limbs to grab it.

"You can’t eat it."

Chu Luo ate the vegetables after saying that.

Snowball rolled on the table in anger.

The way it rolled around was exactly the same as a child who couldn’t get snacks.

Chu Luo laughed out loud at its behavior. She pushed its round body with her fingertip and watched it roll around the table before saying, "After I eat, we’ll go to the cave. I’ll pluck more White Withered Floss for you." After she finished speaking, Snowball stopped rolling and immediately got up to squat down and wagged its tail at her.

After Chu Luo finished eating, Li Yan still hadn’t come out of the study. She planned to go pick the White Withered Floss first, so she said to the butler, "When Yan comes out, tell him I went to the cave to pick the White Withered Floss. I’ll come back after I’m done." The butler was worried and wanted to follow Chu Luo.

However, the moment Chu Luo went out, she tapped her toes and flew away with Qinggong.

The butler looked at the figure that disappeared quickly in shock. After a while, he came back to his senses and warned himself, "Regardless of whether Madam is a martial arts expert or an otherworldly expert, Old Luo, you have to be calm. It’s not easy to be a butler in the Li family. You have to cherish it." Chu Luo led Snowball through the forest for more than ten minutes before arriving at the cave they had come to last night.

The White Withered Floss in the cave was still glowing well.

‘The moment Snowball saw the white withered feathers in the cave, it jumped out of Chu Luo’s pocket and pounced on one of them.

Chu Luo took out a special bottle from her Heaven-and-Earth pouch and enlarged it before starting to pick herbs.

When Snowball was almost done eating, like a hamster, it dragged a blade of White Withered Floss and jumped onto Chu Luo’s shoulder.

‘When it discovered a fine blade, it would let out the cry of a kitten. If it felt that something was wrong with that blade, it would let out a rumbling sound from its throat.

It looked like it was giving serious critiques.

Chu Luo filled a jar of herbs for it and returned the bottle to its previous size. Then, she prepared to leave the cave and go back.

Just then, Snowball suddenly exploded and screamed into the cave.

Chu Luo immediately felt something approaching.

Li Yan and the Sun family discussed the Ink Feather Organization for the entire afternoon. After confirming that they would send a team to scout the way, they ended the video call. However, the moment he came out, he heard from the butler that Chu Luo had gone to the cave alone to pick the White Withered Floss.

He thought for a while and walked towards the back mountain.

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On the Sun family’s side.

After turning off the video call with Li Yan, the three masters of the Sun family thought for a while.

Eldest Master Sun said, "If what Li Yan and the others found out is true, the sooner the scout leaves, the better. We have to find a way to catch the Ink Feather Organization off guard."

Second Master Sun suggested, "If we want to destroy Ink Feather, I think it’s better to ally with other countries. This way, the chances of success are higher."

"No," Eldest Master Sun said. "The leader of Ink Feather, Baron Satan, that Li Yan and the others found out about, is very likely an upper echelon of a certain country. If we ally with other countries, we might alert the enemy and make them take precautions in advance."

Third Master Sun agreed with Eldest Master Sun. "Big Brother is right. We can’t be sure which country that Baron Satan is from now. We can’t be too high-profile about it. Besides, we’re just sending people to investigate first so that we can formulate a plan to eliminate them."

Second Master Sun thought for a while and agreed to their suggestion. However, "Since we’re going to investigate, we have to find someone with the best skills and ability to respond… Also, there are many people in Ink Feather who know experts in high-tech and other areas. If our people go over, how can we deceive them?"

"Second Brother is right. Then we’ll send people with special abilities in the first batch."

Second Master Sun: "There aren’t many people with special abilities in the Sun family army. I think we should get Li Yan to send a few people too. Li Yan should have such people under him."

Third Master Sun: "Yes."

Eldest Master Sun thought for a moment. "Then let’s wait for a few more days. Little Chu and Li Yan just went for their honeymoon. We can’t ask them to come back immediately."

If that was the case, Old Master would definitely jump up and beat them up when he found out.

The three of them discussed for a while and decided to go to the Sun family army to choose suitable candidates.

‘When Li Yan rushed into the cave, Chu Luo and Snowball were squatting there and looking at something.

Li Yan strode over.

Chu Luo and Snowball immediately heard footsteps. The human and animal turned to look at him at the same time.

‘As Li Yan approached, he immediately saw a pile of jewelry in front of Chu Luo.

Chu Luo said to him with a strange expression, "Yan, a merman sent a pile of jewelry over before running away just now. I don’t know what it means."

When Li Yan heard this, his expression darkened.

Seeing his reaction, before Chu Luo could speak, Snowball exploded its fur at him, looking alert and ready to fight him at any time.

Li Yan glanced at Snowball coldly and walked over to pull Chu Luo up. He held her hand and walked out of the cave. As they walked, he said, "Our family doesn’t lack those things." Then, he added, "Everything the merfolk give us belongs to the dead. Why would we accept something like this?"

Chu Luo thought that made sense and nodded but didn’t ask further.

Seeing the two of them leave just like that without it, Snowball immediately chased after them with its butt sticking out.

However, it had just taken two steps when it suddenly stopped and turned around to growl at the depths of the cave, as if warning something inside.

After the warning, it quickly caught up to them.

After Chu Luo and Li Yan returned, Chu Luo realized that Li Yan hadn’t eaten.

"Why didn’t you come over after dinner?" Chu Luo’s heart ached a little. "Are you hungry?"

Li Yan tilted his head to look at her with a deep gaze, saying words with a double meaning. "I’m hungry."

Chu Luo didn’t notice it and pulled him into the living room.

Seeing the two of them return, Butler Luo immediately sent someone to serve the dishes.

Sitting at the dining table, Chu Luo said to Li Yan, "I plucked a lot of White Withered Floss for Snowball. I’ll go to the herb garden to plant a blade later. It’ll be good if it can survive." "White Withered Floss likes dark places. Get Butler Luo to send someone to build such a herb room."

"Mm, mm."

Chu Luo turned around and called in Butler Luo, who was waiting outside the door, and instructed him.

"Okay, Madam." After Butler Luo heard this, he left after responding.

After Li Yan ate, the two of them went to the herb garden.

The efficient Butler Luo immediately instructed someone to build a wooden house in the dark.

When Chu Luo was planting the White Withered Floss inside, a few herbologists stood some distance away and looked over. They wanted to come over but didn’t dare because Li Yan was standing beside Chu Luo. After a while, Butler Luo walked over and the herbologists quickly stopped him.

"Butler Luo, what is Madam planting?"

"Why didn’t she let us plant it?"

Butler Luo looked at their perturbed expressions and said, "You won’t be able to plant the herbs Madam planted."

Butler Luo had specially checked on the Herb Enhancement Book just now. There was no herb like White Withered Floss in the book at all. It could only mean one thing. This herb was so rare that one could only find it in ancient pharmaceutical books. The few herbologists were a little indignant.

"We’ve planted herbs for our entire lives. Why can’t we plant them?"

Butler Luo asked them, "Previously, you said that the Jade Drop Immortal couldn’t live anymore. Didn’t Madam come up with the idea to save it? Don’t underestimate Madam’s ability." Butler Luo knew very well about everything that was happening around here.

He didn’t want to deal a blow to them. Before Master and Madam came here, he had specially paid attention to Madam. He knew her ability very well. Coupled with the reminders and instructions from Head Butler Beitang, he was even more respectful towards Madam.

The few herbologists still had something to say. Butler Luo waved his hand and said to them, "Madam doesn’t need you to take care of the herbs she’s planting now. Go do what you need to do. Don’t surround them here, or Master will be unhappy."

‘When they heard this, they glanced at the imposing Li Yan and wisely chose to leave.

After Chu Luo finished planting the White Withered Floss, she returned to their courtyard with Li Yan.

The moment he entered the room, Li Yan was about to throw Snowball, who was squatting on Chu Luo’s shoulder, out.

This time, Snowball had wised up from experience. As soon as it saw Li Yan reach out to grab Chu Luo, it jumped to the ground.

Li Yan looked at it and said coldly, "Do you want to go out yourself, or do you want me to tie you up and throw you out? Your choice."

Snowball growled at him.

Li Yan snorted and walked towards it.

Snowball pounced on him and was about to jump onto Li Yan’s face to cast an illusion on him.

Li Yan had been tricked once and definitely wouldn’t be tricked again.

‘Once Snowball pounced over, he lashed out the whip at its waist. He wrapped the whip around its body skillfully and threw it out of the door. At the same time, he closed the door with the whip. Hearing the door being scratched, Chu Luo looked at Li Yan with bright eyes.

Li Yan put away his whip and wrapped his arm around her waist before walking into the inner room.

"Why didn’t you let Snowball stay in the bedroom?"

"You want it to peek while we’re making out?"

Chu Luo held it in for a long time before saying, "Who’s making out with you?"

"Whoever my wife is."

After Li Yan finished speaking, he pulled her into the bathroom. "This is our interaction time."

"My waist hurts."

""Tll be more gentle tonight."

It turned out that men’s words weren’t trustworthy at times.

‘The next day, Chu Luo woke up late in the morning.

‘There was a faint scratching sound by the door. It was obvious that Snowball was scratching there.

Chu Luo propped herself up from the bed. She wanted to open the door for it, but when she moved, her waist ached and she fell back.

She pulled the blanket over her head angrily. "Big baddie! Big baddie!"

At this moment, the door opened.

Then, the blanket over Chu Luo’s head was gently pulled.

Chu Luo was about to lift the blanket when a furry head arched over. However, in the next second, its petite body was lifted up by Li Yan.

Chu Luo looked at Snowball, who was struggling in Li Yan’s hand.

Snowball whined at her pitifully.

Chu Luo extended her hand. "Yan, give me Snowball."

Li Yan looked at her fair and smooth arm with a scorching gaze. He put Snowball into his pocket and said in a slightly hoarse voice, "Put on your clothes first."

Only then did Chu Luo remember that she wasn’t wearing anything.

She glared at him in dissatisfaction and pouted. "My waist hurts."

At this moment, Snowball struggled out of Li Yan’s pocket.

Li Yan pressed it back down and asked, "Are you hungry? I’ll go get you something to eat. I’ll massage you after that."

‘When Chu Luo heard the word ‘massage’, her body subconsciously trembled. "No, I’m getting up."

With that, she went to get the clothes beside her.

Li Yan stood there without moving.

Chu Luo gestured to him. "Go out first."

"Are you still afraid of being seen by me?" Li Yan’s voice was teasing. He stared at the mark on her neck and suddenly said, "I think I forgot to do safety measures in the later part of last night." Chu Luo paused in her actions. Her eyes widened and she froze.

She didn’t even know how to take care of a baby.

Seeing her reaction, Li Yan walked over and sat beside her. He reached under the blanket and touched her flat and firm stomach. His lips curled up slightly. "I was just teasing you." When Chu Luo heard this, she pushed him. "Big baddie!"

He only knew how to scare her.

Li Yan’s hand was still on her stomach. "If you really get pregnant, just give birth to it."

"Are you gonna take care of it?" Chu Luo glanced at him. "In any case, I don’t know how to."

When Chu Luo heard this, she laughed for some reason.

Li Yan took the clothes for her and carried her to put them on. He said in her ear, "We’re on a honeymoon. I have enough time. Many times, I can’t help but lose control. If you really get pregnant, you can just give birth to it."

Recalling his passion for the past two nights, Chu Luo snorted with a red face..

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