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Chapter: 579

Chapter 579: Honeymoon Ends; Back to the Capital

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

Li Yan waited for Chu Luo to put on her clothes before bringing up Snowball.

Snowball was thrown to the ground rudely. It rolled on the ground for a bit before it stabilized itself.

It walked to Li Yan’s feet in dissatisfaction, raised its short leg, and stomped on his leather shoes revengefully before slowly walking towards Chu Luo.

Chu Luo waited for Snowball to roll onto her shoulder before walking out of the door with Li Yan.

Li Yan asked, "Where do you want to go today?"

"I want to dive."


After eating, the two of them left with their diving equipment.

As usual, Li Yan drove the warship. The two of them went to the best dive location Butler Luo had mentioned.

There were all sorts of strange creatures in the sea. This was Chu Luo’s first time entering the sea, so she found everything especially novel.

Coupled with the fact that she had an aura endearing to animals, it quickly attracted many fish to swim around her.

Chu Luo played with the fish for a while at the bottom of the sea before Li Yan brought her to a cluster of corals.

Looking at the large cluster of corals, Chu Luo was about to pluck some when the seawater fluctuated from afar.

Li Yan grabbed Chu Luo’s hand and the two of them swam behind a large coral.

At the same time, a few merfolk swam over from the side. Among them was the male merfolk they had seen that night.

‘The merfolk stopped in front of the corals where they were hiding.

They obviously knew that the two of them were behind the corals. The male merfolk swam over.

Before Chu Luo could react, Li Yan swam out and assumed an attacking posture.

‘The merfolk immediately stopped.

He didn’t look at Li Yan and stared at Chu Luo. He handed her a string of expensive-looking gemstone necklaces.

Even in the sea, the cold aura on Li Yan’s body could freeze the surrounding fish and make them flee.

The merfolk standing in front of Li Yan, however, had no intention of leaving.

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A knife appeared in Li Yan’s hand. The blade cut through the sea and slashed at the merfolk’s palm.

The sharp cries of a few other merfolk came from behind the merfolk.

The merfolk was also shocked and quickly retracted his hand and retreated.

Li Yan swam up to Chu Luo with the knife and wrapped his arm around her waist.

The moment they reached the water, Li Yan carried Chu Luo and jumped back onto the deck.

Chu Luo took off her diving suit and was still a little confused. "Why did we come up? Why did that merfolk give me the gem again?"

Li Yan took off his diving suit and told her, "That’s the merfolk way of courting a spouse."

Chu Luo opened her mouth. After a while, she said in disbelief, "A fish is courting me?"

Li Yan looked at her, who had no idea how charming she was, and pulled her over to kiss her passionately.

At the same time, the dagger in his hand was thrown at the merfolk who had followed them out of the sea.

Chu Luo, who was being kissed until she was dizzy, could only vaguely hear a huge splash in the sea.

‘When Li Yan finally let go of her and she subconsciously looked into the sea, there was nothing left.

Li Yan touched her face and said, "It’s about time. We should go back."

Chu Luo nodded.

Li Yan drove the sub back.

For the next few days, the two of them watched the sun rise and set leisurely. They went fishing and went to the back mountain to look for all kinds of strange herbs or plants. Or they simply didn’t go anywhere. Chu Luo picked herbs while Li Yan carried a basket for her. Ten days passed quickly.

On the day of departure, Chu Luo went to the herb garden, looking reluctant to leave.

Seeing that she liked this place so much, Li Yan said to her, "We’ll come here for a holiday when we have time in the future."

Chu Luo nodded. Initially, she didn’t want to take Snowball away, but this little fellow seemed to know that they were going to leave this place. It grabbed Chu Luo’s clothes tightly. As long as Chu Luo put it down, it would grab her trouser leg again and cling to her thigh tightly. Chu Luo was rather fond of it, so, after thinking for a while, she said to Li Yan, "Why don’t we bring Snowball back?"

Li Yan knew very well what kind of ability Snowball had. Although he didn’t like this fake cat that wanted to cling to Chu Luo at all times, he didn’t object in the end and only asked, "Snowball eats White Withered Floss. Can you guarantee that it won’t starve to death after leaving this place?"

Chu Luo thought for a while and nodded. "When we go back, I’ll plant some White Withered Floss at our house and at Imperial Sky Park. As long as we create an environment suitable for the White Withered Floss to grow, Snowball can survive."

At this point, Chu Luo thought for a while and said, "Tl try to see if it can eat other herbs."

Since Chu Luo had said so, they took Snowball away.

Of course, before leaving, Li Yan instructed Butler Luo, "Deal with that person directly."

Since he had outlived his usefulness, Li Yan couldn’t impossibly keep him around as a future trouble.

‘When the helicopter returned to the Li residence, Chu Luo suddenly had a strange feeling.

"Chu, welcome home."

Anya’s enthusiastic voice immediately dispelled this feeling.

Anya had been staying here during this period of time and had heard from Qin Ming that Chu Luo and the others would come back today.

‘When she saw Chu Luo, she happily held her hand and prepared to tell her about what had happened recently.

However, just as Anya grabbed Chu Luo’s hand, she saw Snowball, who had stuck its head out of her coat pocket.

"Wow… Chu, where did you buy this kitten? It’s so adorable!"

Anya’s attention was attracted by Snowball and she reached out to touch its head.

However, when Snowball saw Anya reach out, it retracted its head.

Anya was a little hurt. "Chu, does your little pet not like me?"

"It’s shy around strangers."

Anya felt a little better.

The two of them went to the living room of the villa in front.

Li Yan and Qin Ming went straight to the study.

The two of them sat in the living room. Anya still didn’t give up and wanted to pet Snowball again.

"Chu, take it out for me to pet. This little fellow is too adorable."

Chu Luo took out Snowball from her pocket and placed it on the coffee table.

Snowball squatted there and stared at Anya warily, but it didn’t show any hostility towards her.

"Geez, it’s too adorable. This is the first time I’ve seen such a pure white kitten. What breed is this cat? Why is it even smaller than a palm?"

"It’s not a cat. It’s a medicinal pallas."

"Medicinal Pallas? What’s that?"

"A cat-like animal."

"Isn’t this still a cat?"

Anya couldn’t tell the difference between it and a cat and was certain that it was a cat.

Chu Luo couldn’t be bothered to explain.

Anya really liked Snowball too much and wanted to give it something to eat. "Chu, does it eat dried fish too? Why don’t we prepare some cat food for it?"

"It doesn’t eat these," Chu Luo said. "Snowball only eats White Withered Floss. It’s a very rare herb. Its stomach isn’t suitable for eating anything else."

"Really?" Anya was even more surprised." It only eats herbs?"

Chu Luo took out the bottle of White Withered Floss she had brought back from the Heaven-and-Earth pouch. She enlarged the bottle and gave one blade to Snowball to eat.

Anya widened her eyes and watched it eat. As she watched, she clicked her tongue in wonder. "This is the first time I’ve seen a cat that only eats herbs, but how can it be so adorable?"

While Anya was watching Snowball eat the herbs, Chu Luo called the butler in and told him about the environment she needed to plant the White Withered Floss.

The butler responded and went out to instruct someone to prepare.

It wasn’t until Snowball finished eating the blade of White Withered Floss that Anya retracted her gaze. She told Chu Luo about something interesting that had happened after they suddenly left the wedding venue. "Many people were drunk that day, especially your classmates."

At this point, she suddenly laughed. "The funniest are Mr. Wang and his son."

She was talking about Wang Mingtao and his father.

"After the two of them got drunk, they insisted on singing for everyone… Actually, they’re the most meritorious ones. Because the two of them ran to the stage and sang using microphones, they scared away those guests who weren’t willing to leave." Recalling the father-and-son duo singing out of tune, Anya couldn’t help but laugh.

Chu Luo decided to watch the video that day later. She was curious how the two of them could go off tune to the extent of scaring away a group of guests.

After laughing, Anya talked about some interesting things that happened that day.

Until Li Yan and Qin Ming walked in at the same time.

Li Yan said to Chu Luo, "Luoluo, I’ll go to the office first."

Chu Luo nodded.

Qin Ming glanced at Anya’s stomach.

Anya waved at him. "Go. Go. Chu is here. I don’t need you anymore."

The two of them walked out.

After they left, Chu Luo turned to look at Anya and asked, "How’s your relationship these past ten days?"

Anya shrugged helplessly. "Blockhead is still Blockhead. Other than getting used to hugging me to sleep every day, don’t even think about him being romantic." After saying that, she couldn’t help but laugh. "But he tells me every time he goes out now."

"Isn’t that good? His transformation is also obvious."

"Mm, in any case, it’s impossible to make him romantic anytime soon."

Anya could take things in her stride.

The two of them didn’t continue talking about this matter but talked about something else.

The next day, Chu Luo went to school. This time, no one needed to ask to know that she was back.

‘Wang Mingtao still rushed over with Roundy when Chu Luo alighted.

"Hello, Brother Li."

‘Wang Mingtao first greeted Li Yan in the car. After the car drove away, he grinned at Chu Luo. "Sister Chu, I thought you and Brother Li would be on your honeymoon for at least half a month." After he finished speaking, Roundy said in the tone of someone who had seen his family, "Mistress, you’re finally back. I miss you so much."

Chu Luo rubbed his round head and was about to speak when Snowball suddenly stuck its head out of her coat pocket.

‘Wang Mingtao looked at Snowball and said in surprise, "Sister Chu, you actually brought back such a small cat as a pet!"

At this moment, Snowball came out of Chu Luo’s pocket and crawled onto her shoulder through her clothes. It even raised its round head and called out to the two of them arrogantly. "Wow, what a small cat."

‘When the students who were peeking at Chu Luo saw Snowball, they started discussing.

"That cat is all white and so tiny. It must be of noble blood."

Poverty limits my horizons. Can anyone enlighten me? What kind of cat is that?"

Everyone started guessing what species the cat was of and where Chu Luo and Li Yan went for their honeymoon.

Chu Luo said to Wang Mingtao, "This isn’t a cat. It’s a medicinal pallas." With that, she walked into the school.

Wang Mingtao followed. As he walked, he asked, "Then what name did you give it?"


As soon as he heard this name, Roundy asked, "Mistress, are you calling me"?"

Wang Mingtao was amused. He deliberately patted Roundy’s head in sympathy and said sympathetically, "Sister Chu is talking about her new pet, so Roundy, you’ve fallen out of favor." Having watched too many television dramas, when Roundy heard that he had fallen out of favor, he started sobbing.

Wang Mingtao deliberately said, "You’ve already become an unloved robot. You can only follow me in the future, so you can’t cut off my Internet for no reason." ‘When Chu Luo heard this, the corners of her lips couldn’t help but twitch.

She wanted to go to the Student Union, so she said to Wang Mingtao, "Hurry up and go to class."

"Okay, okay," Wang Mingtao replied before walking towards the parking lot.

Chu Luo asked Roundy to put her skateboard on the ground. She stepped on it and went to the Student Union with Roundy and Snowball.

It was still early, and only a few people from the Student Union were here.

Yu Tong, who had arrived early today, was eating breakfast as she walked over from another path and saw the newly-arrived Chu Luo.

She stopped eating her breakfast and ran over, then exclaimed in shock, "Chu Luo, you’re back from your honeymoon!"

Chu Luo glanced at the milk and bread in her hand and nodded before walking into the office building.

Yu Tong followed closely behind. "Chu Luo, where did you guys go for your honeymoon? Why haven’t you posted anything on your Moments in the past ten days?" All of them lost their bets.

Chu Luo glanced at her and said, "Eat your breakfast first."


The two of them walked upstairs.

Walking into the president’s office, she saw that it was clean. It was obvious that someone had been cleaning the office every day for the past ten days.

Yu Tong finished her breakfast in two or three mouthfuls and suddenly asked Chu Luo, "President, do you have any news about President Nangong?"

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