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Chapter: 580

Chapter 580: Laboratory Poisoning

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

At Yu Tong’s mention, Chu Luo remembered that after more than ten days, Nangong Yi’s injuries should have gotten much better. She had checked her phone yesterday. Be it her phone, messages, or email, there was no response from Nangong Yi.

This was a little abnormal.

She replied, "No."

Yu Tong was a little disappointed. "Why is there no news of President Nangong as soon as he left? Everyone misses him so much." Chu Luo nodded and didn’t say anything else.

At this moment, the Secretary Minister, Xue Feng, knocked on the door and walked in.


"Xue Feng, inform all the ministers that the meeting will be held at half-past twelve."


Xue Feng went out again.

Only then did Chu Luo say to Tong, "Tell me what happened after we left."

When Yu Tong heard this, she dragged a chair and sat opposite Chu Luo, looking like she was about to have a long chat with her. "Chu Luo, you don’t know. Those legendary CEOs, CEOs, and regional managers are similar to us ordinary people when they’re drunk.

"That CEO of XX Corporation. When he was drunk, he pulled me along and talked about the history of their corporation’s development. He was simply a chatterbox. Also, the CEO of YY Corporation was really amusing. When he was drunk, he pulled Yu Xiangtian along and wanted to sign a contract with him…"

That day, the cadres of the Student Union obviously had a good harvest.

Towards the end, Yu Tong looked at Chu Luo gratefully. "Chu Luo, thank you for letting us attend your wedding. We met many legendary bigshots there and also showed our faces in front of them. Some bigshots even promised that as long as we have the intention after we graduate, we can work at their company directly."

Chu Luo nodded. The two of them talked for a while more before class started.

Yu Tong had class in the morning and quickly left the office.

As the president of the Student Union, Chu Luo consciously prepared to look at all the documents that had been accumulated there this morning and check on the progress of everyone’s work during this period of time. The final exam wasn’t far from New Year’s Day. Everyone was busy revising.

After lunch, a group of Student Union cadres sat in the conference room for a meeting.

After everyone finished reporting their work.

Yu Xiangtian mentioned, "Every year during the winter and summer holidays, the school will organize for those students who don’t go home and are prepared to work to intern at various companies. President, there are more people who signed up this year and not enough companies collaborating with our Student Union. Can you ask if the Blazing Glory Corporation has any internship positions?"

Since they had the connections, they would be a fool not to make use of it. Especially since entering Blazing Glory for an internship was the dream of most students at Imperial University.

Chu Luo thought for a while and nodded. "I can help them fight for a few spots."

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In any case, Blazing Glory recruited a batch of Imperial University graduates every year. It wasn’t a big deal to offer some winter and summer internship positions.

However, she suddenly had an idea. "I have a company for internship positions here. When the time comes, announce it and see how many people are willing to go."


Everyone was a little curious.

"Phoenix Corporation."

Hearing this company, everyone looked surprised.

Then, they were delighted.

Zhang Yiran said with admiration, "Chu Luo, you’re too amazing. You can even get us internship spots at Phoenix Corporation. If everyone knew, they would be fighting over it." Zhang Yiran wasn’t exaggerating at all.

Anyone who knew anything about high-end cosmetics knew that the cosmetics products of Phoenix Corporation were the symbol of the upper-class society. Moreover, all the girls in the Student Union used them. When they promoted it among the girls, many girls’ dream was to save up money to buy a set of Phoenix Corporation’s cosmetics products.

The other girls immediately agreed. Yu Tong said in a dreamy tone, "That’s right, that’s right. If we go to Phoenix Corporation for an internship and the salary is a set of skincare products, the girls will fight to the death to get there."

Chu Luo glanced at her lightly and immediately broke her fantasy. "Don’t have such unrealistic dreams."

A few simple cosmetics products from Phoenix Corporation cost tens of thousands yuan. The interns were only going for the winter break for a month. Which company would pay an intern tens of thousands?

Yu Tong grinned at Chu Luo. "Hehe."

Everyone then discussed other things.

The Secretary Minister said, "Under normal circumstances, the Student Union will be divided into two batches for the holidays. One group will hold the fort until the new year, and the other group will hold the fort until the start of school." There were more international competitions in the first half of the year, so the Student Union had to use the winter break to plan these things properly.

The meeting lasted until three in the afternoon.

After the meeting ended, everyone walked out of the Student Union. However, before they could walk out of the office building, the Security Minister suddenly received a call. After he picked up the call, his expression changed and he said to Chu Luo anxiously, "President, bad news. Something has happened to the chemistry department’s laboratory building."

"What is it?"

"What is it?"

‘A few people asked at the same time.

"A teacher was leading some students to do an experiment. There was a poisonous gas in the experiment that caused them to faint. A student who passed by that laboratory happened to notice that something was wrong and called me."

Many things happened at Imperial University. Students were used to finding cadres of the Student Union, so when they realized this situation, that student’s first reaction was to call the Student Union’s Security Minister.

Hearing this, everyone’s expressions changed.

Chu Luo strode out of the door and said as she walked, "Call the school hospital immediately and inform the heads of the chemistry department."

She walked out of the door.

Everyone jogged out as they responded.

Chu Luo had already asked Roundy to place her skateboard on the ground. After she stepped on it, she said to the group of people who had followed her out, "I’ll go over and take a look at the situation." Yu Tong quickly reminded her, "President, our Student Union has a car. Why don’t we drive over?"

‘The car assigned by the Student Union was to allow them to rush over early in case an accident happened in any faculty in the school.

"No need. I’m faster on the skateboard."

No one believed these words. However, in the next second, Chu Luo was actually supporting Roundy on the mechanical arm. Roundy spread his wings and flew at a low altitude. He pulled Chu Luo’s arm and in the blink of an eye, the human and robot disappeared. The cadres of the Student Union widened their eyes.

"There’s actually such a thing!"

"So Roundy has such a function."

"Lwonder if President feels like she’s flying being brought away by Roundy like that."

"Everyone, stop discussing. Let’s get some people to ride a bike and some people to drive over."


Everyone immediately split up.

Chu Luo quickly arrived at the chemistry laboratory building.

‘There was already a circle of students and teachers in front of the building. The security guard was pulling the barricade in front of the building.

"President Chu is here. Everyone, move aside."

‘As soon as Chu Luo came over, some students saw her. One of them shouted, and the others quickly made way for her.

At the same time, the school’s heads rushed over.

Chu Luo asked the students who had come out of the laboratory building, "Did anyone go in to save them?"

"Yes, a few professors and deans went."

"How long have they gone in there?"

"Three to four minutes."

Since three to four minutes had passed, there should be news by now. However, there was none. It seemed like the situation wasn’t optimistic. Chu Luo thought for a while and asked, "Who passed by that laboratory previously?" ‘A few students stood up.

"Did anyone open the door?"

"No, we couldn’t. They locked the door from inside."

In order not to be disturbed by others, some people liked to lock the door after entering.

Chu Luo nodded and walked into the laboratory building.

The school’s heads followed behind her.

The dean said to her, "Little Chu, there are gas masks in the junk room on the first floor. Put them on when you enter."

Chu Luo nodded at him.

After entering the laboratory building, one of the school’s heads quickly went to get a few gas masks. Everyone strode upstairs.

The poisonous gas was leaking from a laboratory on the second floor.

‘When they went up, the dean and a few professors who came up first were still trying to find a way to open the door.

‘When they saw Chu Luo and the others come up, a professor quickly said, "This door is too difficult to open. We tried for a few minutes but failed."

Chu Luo walked out of the door and glanced through the glass window. The window wasn’t open inside, so the poisonous aura couldn’t be released. The teachers and students were all lying on the ground. The situation didn’t look optimistic. Chu Luo said to them, "I’ll open the door."

With that, she put on a gas mask.

The professors quickly moved aside.

Chu Luo stood by the door and pretended to take out a card from her pocket. With her back facing everyone, she cast a spell on the card and opened the locked door from inside.

‘The moment the door was opened, an overwhelming poisonous aura was emitted.

Even though the school’s heads and professors were wearing gas masks, they subconsciously moved to the side.

Chu Luo walked in.

After entering, she quickly opened all the windows and turned on all the fans. Then, she walked to a teacher who had fainted.

He had already been poisoned to shock and his life force was especially weak.

‘The other professors split up. Some people quickly checked what experiment they had been doing, and some people went to check on the students.

After a professor finished reading the experiment content, he said to everyone strangely, "Teacher Qi’s experiment shouldn’t have produced such a poisonous gas. They seem to have added something else in the experiment." ‘When everyone heard this, the professors started searching.

The dean standing beside Chu Luo asked Chu Luo worriedly, "Little Chu, can they still be saved?"

‘These people were already on the verge of death from their expressions, and this made the dean’s heart palpitate.

If such a huge accident really happened here and news were to spread, not only would Imperial University’s reputation suffer, but they would also have a hard time explaining to the families of these students. After Chu Luo took the teacher’s pulse, she quickly took out an ordinary silver needle from her Heaven-and-Earth pouch. She stood up and said to the professors who were checking on the other students, "Everyone, move aside." The professors quickly moved aside.

Chu Luo waved the silver needles in her hand and actually inserted dozens of silver needles into everyone’s bodies through the air.

Then, she quickly took out a bottle of pills and said to them, "Give everyone one pill. Hurry up."

The director took the bottle and asked worriedly, "Little Chu, these people can’t swallow the medicine now."

"It’s okay, just let them suck it."

‘The dean nodded and quickly poured out the pills for everyone to deliver to the unconscious students.

After everyone was done, Chu Luo touched her pocket and took out Snowball, who was sleeping.

Just as everyone looked at her in surprise, she placed Snowball on Teacher Qi’s face and rubbed Snowball’s head.

Snowball rubbed against her hand wheedlingly. After crying out, it bit the male teacher’s nose.

Everyone watched in shock as the white kitten bit Teacher Qi’s nose.

At this moment, a leader suddenly said in surprise, "Little Chu, your pet wasn’t poisoned?"

Just as the school’s head finished speaking, a professor pointed at Snowball and Teacher Qi in shock. "Ah, everyone, look. Teacher Qi’s face isn’t so ashen anymore."

Everyone stared at Snowball and Teacher Qi. After a while, Snowball rolled down Teacher Qi’s face and jumped onto Chu Luo’s shoulder.

A few seconds later.

"Ah! Teacher Qi’s eyes are moving! His fingers are moving too!"

‘When Teacher Qi opened his eyes, he was faced with a group of disbelieving eyes.

He thought of the poisoned group of students and quickly asked, "How are my other students?"

The dean pointed at the students who were still lying on the ground expressionlessly.

Teacher Qi turned around and wailed.

He covered his face in pain. "I didn’t teach them well. That’s why they made a mistake in the experiment!"

At this point, he suddenly reacted and quickly put down his hand. "Since you can save me, you should be able to save them too."

He looked at the dean expectantly.

The dean pointed at Chu Luo.

‘Teacher Qi immediately looked at Chu Luo knowingly. "Chu Luo, you saved me, didn’t you? You must save them too. I beg of you."

After saying that, Teacher Qi actually got up to kneel down to Chu Luo..

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