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Chapter: 581

Chapter 581: A Large Group of Reporters Suddenly Swarmed In

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After a moment of surprise, no one stood up to stop him. After all, anyone who encountered such a thing would have such an urge after experiencing despair to hope.

Chu Luo realized Teacher Qi’s intention and pressed his shoulder. After asking him to sit down, she said, "Teacher Qi, I’ll do my best to save everyone."

"Little Chu."

At this moment, the dean called out to her and pointed at Snowball on her shoulder. He probed the question that everyone wanted to ask, "Was it your cat who saved Teacher Qi just now?" "No."

Chu Luo realized that Snowball could only save a poisoned person after the antidote was fed. Hence, it was only considered a support.

Not wanting others to have designs on Snowball, Chu Luo looked at him in confusion and asked, "Dean Wu, do you think my kitten can save people?" Dean Wu was stunned.

How could he believe that? Recalling that Chu Luo had used silver needles and pills, he realized that he had been mistaken.

At the thought of this, he waved at her. "I was too anxious. But why is only Teacher Qi awake?"

Otherwise, he wouldn’t think that way.

"Teacher Qi subconsciously reacted when he was poisoned."

When Chu Luo said that, Teacher Qi nodded. "I held my breath for more than a minute."

Now everything made sense.

However, this made Dean Wu and Teacher Qi even more worried.

"What about these students?"

"With me around, they’ll be fine."

The pills Chu Luo had given them just now could be used to neutralize all poisons. There were many famous herbs and two divine herbs inside.

"Let’s send them to the school hospital first."

‘When he heard the school hospital, Dean Wu said to one of them, "Old Zhang, go see if the ambulance is here. Why are these people so slow?"

After Dean Wu finished speaking, someone strode out of the door.

He had just walked out when he stopped and turned around to say to everyone, "They’re here, they’re here."

Just as he finished speaking, he saw a group of school doctors and professors and teachers from the medical school walking over quickly with a tray. Other than Chu Luo, the others quickly made way.

Chu Luo quickly told them what poison these people were poisoned with and what they had to take note of when they were lifted.

Everyone divided the work and quickly carried all the poisoned students out of the door.

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Chu Luo took off her gas mask and chatted with a few professors from the medical school as she strode after them.

Everyone moved quickly. When they reached the ground floor, many people helped. There weren’t enough medical vans, so many professors and school’s heads drove over. Everyone quickly sent them to the school hospital.

News of this serious situation spread throughout the entire school in a few minutes.

Not only that, but reporters also rushed over.

The principal reacted quickly. He immediately got someone to stop those people from entering Imperial University and got someone to block the Internet. Then, there was a long wait.

Chu Luo and a group of professors and doctors treated these students for more than an hour before they neutralized all their poison.

However, the school couldn’t take it anymore.

Chu Luo had just walked out of the emergency room when she was pulled back by the vice-principal, who was waiting anxiously. "Little Chu, the principal can’t take it anymore. Can you go over and say something?" Previously, it was a group of gossip reporters. Now, there was actually a group of foreign reporters.

"Someone is obviously deliberately guiding this situation."

Chu Luo looked at the vice-principal and frowned. "Doesn’t the school have an emergency response to such situations?"

"It won’t work. The situation is too sudden this time."

No one had expected an entire class to be poisoned.

It should be said that there had never been such a serious poisoning incident at Imperial University.

One had to know that there were 30 to 40 people in a class. If not for Chu Luo’s emergency treatment, those people might have already died.

At the thought of this, the vice-principal felt a lingering fear.

"principal Tang, I heard that there’s a major experimental poisoning incident at your school’s chemistry department. Dozens of people can’t be saved. How are you going to explain this to the public?" "principal Tang, aren’t the teachers at Imperial University top-notch? Why did such a serious accident happen during the experiment?"

"principal Tang, why did your school hide such a huge matter? Did your school ignore the lives of the students in order to apply to become one of the top ten universities in the world?"

"principal Tang…"

‘When Chu Luo and the others rushed over, they heard the reporters questioning them rudely.

Hearing this, Dean Wu’s face darkened.

"These reporters are making things up. It’s disgusting to deliberately defame Imperial University… No, I have to tell them that everyone is fine."

"Dean Wu, wait." Chu Luo looked over and stopped Dean Wu. She asked him, "When is the deadline for the application to become one of the top ten universities in the world?"

"Next Monday."

It was already Thursday, and there were more than three days until next Monday.

Chu Luo smiled when she heard this.

She said, "Since we know that these people are deliberately trying to defame Imperial University, proving that they have someone backing them, why don’t we teach these people a lesson?"

‘When Dean Wu heard Chu Luo say that, he suddenly calmed down. "Little Chu, what good ideas do you have?"

Chu Luo gestured for him to come closer and whispered into his ear.

Dean Wu was delighted to hear this and nodded. "Okay, I’ll arrange it immediately."

With that, he turned and left.

Chu Luo crossed her arms and stood there, watching the reporters make things difficult for Principal Tang.

As the principal of Imperial University, Principal Tang couldn’t be a pushover. He couldn’t allow these reporters to criticize him as they pleased, and his replies were eloquent.

Chu Luo took out her phone and logged into the school’s website to look at the school’s posts and comments section before it was closed. She wanted to know who had uploaded this matter and who had uploaded it the fastest. After reading it, she tilted her head and said to Roundy, "Roundy, pull out your control panel."

"Yes, Mistress."

Roundy’s control panel appeared behind him.

Chu Luo went behind him and quickly typed a series of codes.

At this moment, a few people from the Student Union rushed over. When they saw that Chu Luo didn’t go over but was standing in an invisible corner typing a code, they all stopped and surrounded her. Yu Tong stood on tiptoes and craned her neck to look from behind her. "Chu Luo, what are you doing? Attacking those reporters’ cameras?"

"Do you think I would do such a despicable thing?"

Chu Luo didn’t even look up. Her fingers flew across the keyboard.

The others looked for a while, then all looked at the principal, who was surrounded by a group of reporters. After listening for a while, some people were so angry that they raised their fists.

"Who hired those reporters? They’re specifically asking questions to deliberately defame Imperial University. To think that Principal Tang still has the mood to deal with them. If it were me, I would have gotten someone to kick them out."

"These are foreign reporters. Maybe they’re doing a live broadcast. If the principal kicks them out, won’t it confirm that our school has a huge safety hazard and that the teachers we hired are subpar?"

"Then what should we do? Are we going to let these people keep defaming our Imperial University? I don’t even dare to look at my phone now."

"Me too. This matter must be brewing on the Internet."

"Ah, the Minister of Education is here."

Chu Luo looked up and saw a few heads of the Education Department rushing over. They had also brought a large group of official reporters from the empire.

She suddenly asked them, "Why are you guys here?"

Yu Tong quickly replied, "Those students are all awake. We came to see if there’s anything we can help with here."

Chu Luo glanced at them and said straightforwardly, "I thought you were here to gossip."

‘The few of them were embarrassed and stuttered, not knowing what to say.

Chu Luo said, "Since you’re here, help me do something."

Their expressions immediately turned stern. "President, we’ll do whatever you want us to do."

"Take out your phones."

They followed Chu Luo’s instructions perfectly.

"Open the official website of the Imperial University Student Union and post in the name of the Student Union, ‘It’s said that someone is spreading rumors that our school’s chemistry students are poisoned. Let me ask you, do you think hydrosulfide, CO, So2, and ethanol are highly poisonou: The few of them typed out all that Chu Luo had said.

Yu Tong looked up and asked her, "Chu Luo, are we really going to send this out?"


"Okay, done."

Chu Luo nodded. "Look at the comments."

The few of them quickly lowered their heads to look at the comments.

Someone even muttered, "Didn’t they close the comments section?"

Just as he finished speaking, he exclaimed, "Holy shit, more than a hundred comments flooded in!"

"Someone said that our Imperial University Student Union is deliberately erasing the truth."

"Someone even said that our Imperial University Student Union must be instructed by the school’s heads to come out and say this at this time."

D*mn, this person is even more overboard. He actually said that the people from Imperial University’s Student Union aren’t worthy of speaking on this. He wants to take a screenshot and sue us for deliberately hiding those dead students."

"D*mn, when did the students from the chemistry department die? These must be flamers hired by the enemy!"

"Definitely. They’re all comments defaming our Imperial University."

"Some people actually said that our Student Union can’t do anything without Chu Luo holding down the fort."

Seeing this comment, they looked at Chu Luo, who was calmly typing on the soft keyboard behind Roundy.

Chu Luo looked up at them and asked, "Do you think you can handle things without me?"

"Definitely!" Yu Tong clenched her fists and raised them above her head. "This is simply outrageous. They forced me to argue with them the way I did when I won the debate competition back then." "We in the Imperial University Student Union are not afraid of anyone."

The few of them started a debate with those flamers.

Chu Luo glanced at them. Although there were only Yu Tong and three others, they were simply unstoppable when they retorted the flamers. After Chu Luo watched them retort for a while, her phone suddenly rang.

She took out her phone and picked up the call.

Dean Wu said to her, "Little Chu, I’m already prepared."

Chu Luo nodded, put away her phone, and walked towards the principal.

At this moment, the principal was explaining something to the people from the Education Bureau. The reporters were still asking questions. "Why didn’t you answer us directly?"

"Does Imperial University really want to wipe out the truth and treat human lives as child’s play?"

"Who said that Imperial University takes human lives as child’s play?"

Everyone looked over.

The cameras subconsciously pointed at her.

‘The reporters were a little surprised.

"Didn’t Chu Luo go out for a honeymoon with CEO Li? Why is she back so soon?"

"So what if she’s back? There was a major laboratory poisoning incident at Imperial University. Could she have saved all those people?"

Chu Luo walked to the principal’s side amid the low discussions of the reporters. "Little Chu," the principal called out to her with relief in his eyes.

Chu Luo greeted him and the people from the Education Bureau and faced a group of reporters.

She said, "As the president of the Student Union, under normal circumstances, when it comes to problems that aren’t too severe, I’ll resolve them with the ministers of the Student Union. So you can just ask me about this. I know better than the principal." Chu Luo’s words obviously told them that this matter wasn’t a big deal and that their Student Union would handle it. It was useless to ask the principal.

A foreign female reporter screamed angrily, "Chu Luo, how dare you say that the 30 to 40 students poisoned by your school is a small matter!"

A few other reporters started criticizing her.

"shut up!"

Chu Luo quickly exuded a sharp aura that stunned those people.

Only then did Chu Luo tum around and call Roundy over. She said to him, "Connect to the students in the school doctor’s office."

These words immediately made everyone stare at Roundy.

Roundy tured around and a display appeared on his back.

The display quickly picked up the call and a group of students lying in bed and chatting appeared.

Their voices entered everyone’s ears.

"Zhou Chengyang, Teacher Qi asked you not to mix XX and XX together, but you just had to secretly mix them together. Look what happened now. Our entire class has been admitted to the hospital."

"Exactly. If I had any strength now, I would definitely beat you up."

"Me too!"

"Me too!"

The boy who was mentioned buried his head in the blanket, looking ashamed to face everyone..

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