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Chapter: 582

Chapter 582: Chu Luo Disses the Reporter

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

"Everyone, see that?"

At this moment, Chu Luo said in a cold voice, "Those were the students you mentioned who had been poisoned to death."

After saying that, she mocked, "Which school gave you so much benefit that you made a fuss over a small matter?"

After Chu Luo finished speaking, she turned to look at the principal.

Everyone subconsciously looked at the principal.

At this moment, the principal’s expression was very serious, so serious that it made people’s hearts tremble.

The principal said, "I didn’t answer you guys directly before because this matter wasn’t a major issue to begin with. Although experimental poisoning at Imperial University isn’t common, it’s basically handled by the Student Union. "Before the truth comes to light, I don’t want to shirk responsibility or fabricate unrealistic things.

"Since Chu Luo has already produced evidence, I want to ask, who was the one who said that 30 to 40 people from Imperial University were poisoned to death and that we are deliberately hiding a major accident? "Who asked you to casually ask before you even know the truth? As foreign reporters, do you like to fabricate facts out of thin air?"

After the principal finished speaking, the reporters surrounding him were silent for a few seconds.

A foreign reporter obviously didn’t give up. He said, "Even if this is only a mild poisoning, it proves that your school’s teachers aren’t capable enough."


Chu Luo mocked straightforwardly, "Reporter, are you a clown sent by a monkey?"

That reporter didn’t expect Chu Luo to scold him directly. He was so angry that his face turned red. "Chu Luo, as the president of the Imperial University Student Union, how can you be so rude?"

"Tm rude? I’m sorry, but I definitely have manners towards people with brains."



Chu Luo sneered and interrupted him. She quickly said, "More than a month ago, America’s University of America was rumored to have a poisoning case by carbon dioxide in an experiment. One and a half months ago, XX was rumored to have been poisoned at University L. Two months ago, it was rumored…"

Chu Luo told him about the minor incidents in more than ten universities in the world.

After saying that, she asked, "The poisoning incidents in these schools are more serious than in our school. Since you doubt our school’s teachers’ abilities, why didn’t you question those schools’ teachers’ abilities? Could it be that our Imperial University’s gentlemanly manner makes you feel that we are easy to bully?"

These words made the principal and the people from the Education Bureau’s faces darken. That person’s face turned red, then black, and finally ashen.

He tried to refute, "Your school’s students were the ones who spread such a rumor."

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"Our school’s students?" Chu Luo called out to Yu Tong with a dark face.

"Eh." Yu Tong quickly walked over. "President."

"Read out the rumor that was initially spread."

"Okay." Yu Tong took out her phone and quickly found the thread. She read it out loud. "I heard that all the students in a class at the chemistry laboratory building were poisoned. I don’t know if it’s serious. I hope they’re fine." Chu Luo looked at the reporter and asked in a low voice, "Was it mentioned that those students were poisoned to death?"

At this point, she mocked, "If you don’t understand the empire’s language, don’t come to the empire to embarrass yourself."

The reporter’s face tumed red again, but he couldn’t find anything to refute.

The other reporters also fell silent.

They thought: ‘Wasnt it said that dozens of students from Imperial University were poisoned to death? Why did things turn out like this?"

At this moment, the director of the Education Bureau said, "The moment you entered Imperial University, you started reporting unrealistic news to the world, It severely damaged Imperial University’s reputation and also brought a huge negative impact to Imperial University. Next, we should talk about how to settle the scores."

"Isn’t Imperial University known for its gentlemanly ways? We were misled."

"This reporter friend is right. Imperial University is indeed known for its gentlemanly style, but when gentlemen meet villains like you who keep spouting nonsense before understanding the truth, they will be cowards if they don’t retaliate."

‘The reporters didn’t expect the amiable principal to suddenly become so vicious with his words. They were rendered speechless.

Everyone’s hearts started pounding.

The principal smiled, but his smile sent a chill down the reporters’ spines.

He said, "Our school has already called the police. Do you want to call your country’s embassy now? After all, you’ve damaged Imperial University’s reputation with your slandering. We have the right to demand compensation for the mental trauma you caused us." Chu Luo replied, "Not much. There are so many reporters from so many countries. When the time comes, each country can just compensate 500 to 600 million yuan."

All the reporters: "!!!"

Imperial University might as well go and rob!

"It’s fine if you don’t compensate. When the time comes, we’ll sue your media outlets until they can no longer keep a foothold in this circle. We’ll let you have a taste of being ruined."

‘The reporters: "…"

After Chu Luo finished speaking, she suddenly said to all the cameras, "Those haters and flamers who slandered our Imperial University online and deliberately directed public opinion, I’ve already locked onto your hidden IDs. So prepare to be whipped by Imperial University’s fans."

‘The matter at Imperial University had been one-sidedly directed and many people had long known about it.

At that time, there were also a lot of people who were misled and joined in the scolding. Now, there was such a sudden turn of events, it was simply unexpected.

What was more incredible was that.

"Chu Luo actually returned to Imperial University!"

"[ suddenly feel that those people from Imperial University deliberately came out to cause trouble at this time because Chu Luo isn’t around."

"Lagree, but Chu Luo’s words against those reporters were awesome. As expected of the goddess of the university students."

"It’d be good if such a goddess could come to our $ University. This way, our S University can be arrogant too."

"The person above can forget about it. The goddess can only unleash her power in a tertiary institution like Imperial University. Your University $ is too small."

The group of reporters was surrounded and restrained by Imperial University’s security guards. ‘What happened next was resolved by the school’s heads and the Education Bureau.

The principal secretly gave Chu Luo a thumbs up and said in a low voice, "Little Chu, good job."

Chu Luo smiled at him. "Principal, since there’s nothing else, we’ll leave first."

"Sure, sure. You just came back from overseas. Rest if you have to. Don’t tire yourself out."


Chu Luo left with a few cadres of the Student Union.

Everyone walked in the school.

Yu Tong was in great admiration of Chu Luo. "Chu Luo, I knew you could resolve this matter perfectly."

The others immediately echoed.

Chu Luo glanced at them and said, "Go take a look at the students who are hospitalized."

"What about you?"

"Listen to the principal, of course. Go back and rest well."

‘The few of them stared at Chu Luo’s departing back with sparkling eyes.

Yu Tong muttered, "If you don’t want to deal with the aftermath, just say it. Going back to rest? That’s not the way out of the school at all."

Chu Luo really didn’t go back but went to the School of Engineering.

‘When she came out of the School of Engineering, it was dinner time. The phone rang at the same time.

It was Sun Tianhao.

The sound of wind could be heard from Sun Tianhao’s side, followed by his voice. "Sister, are you done with school? Grandpa wants you to go home for dinner tonight. I’m here to pick you up." Chu Luo asked, "Where are you?"

Sun Tianhao: "I’m already on the expressway to the university city. I’ll be there in at most ten minutes."

Chu Luo had already guessed what car he was riding. She said, "Wait for me at Phoenix Skies Legend. I’m going there."

After Sun Tianhao nodded, the two of them hung up.

Chu Luo stepped on the skateboard and moved towards the school gate.

Halfway through, she heard the sound of a car horn behind her.

Chu Luo stopped and turned around. It was Wu Yiyao’s car.

‘Wu Yiyao drove the car to Chu Luo’s side, lowered the window, and asked with a smile, "Little Chu, where are you going? I’ll drive you."

"Tm heading to Senior Tang’s company."

"Then come up. I’m going over too."

Chu Luo nodded and asked Roundy to put away the skateboard and look for Wang Mingtao.

She got into Wu Yiyao’s car.

‘Wu Yiyao tilted her head and sized up Chu Luo. She said with a smile, "You look good."

With that, she drove out.

‘Wu Yiyao smiled as she drove and said, "Little Chu, I realize that you’re getting more and more good at dissing people now, but you’re good at it."

Chu Luo smiled. "Why should we be polite to those reporters who are deliberately finding fault?"

"You’re right, but what exactly happened today?"

Chu Luo briefly told her about the situation.

‘When Wu Yiyao heard this, she felt a lingering fear. "Luckily, you were here today. Otherwise, Imperial University would really be in trouble."

"Mm." Chu Luo was also happy that she had come to school today.

"Why do I feel that this matter today was caused by someone?"

"It’s man-made. It must be caused by a school that’s competing with Imperial University for the top ten in the world."

‘Wu Yiyao tightened her grip on the steering wheel angrily. "To think a school would do such a wicked thing to compete for the top ten universities in the world."

"When the time comes, let Imperial University tell them what it means by ‘Evil will bring about its own destruction’." Chu Luo believed that Imperial University and the Education Bureau would definitely investigate strictly next. After all, Imperial University wasn’t a pushover.

‘When the car arrived at Tang Zhiyun’s company, Sun Tianhao was already waiting there.

He was indeed riding a motorcycle tonight. The motorcycle was parked there. He was leaning against the motorcycle with one long leg crossed over the other, playing with his phone leisurely.

‘When Wu Yiyao saw Sun Tianhao, she smiled and said to Chu Luo, "Little Chu, your older brother is not bad. On the day you and CEO Li got married, Little Tang and the others were all drunk. He carried them back one by one. Otherwise, I wouldn’t be able to do anything to the four boys alone."

‘Wu Yiyao had just finished speaking when Sun Tianhao looked up.

‘When he saw Chu Luo sitting in the car opposite, he put away his phone and strode over.

Chu Luo and Wu Yiyao alighted.

Sun Tianhao grinned at her with pride. "Sister, the way you dissed those reporters today was really dashing."

"Even you know?"

"Such a huge matter happened at Imperial University. In the beginning, so many people defamed Imperial University. It’s difficult for me not to know."

‘As Chu Luo was a student at Imperial University, many people subconsciously paid special attention to all news at Imperial University.

‘When it was revealed that a poisoning incident had broken out at Imperial University’s laboratory and 30 to 40 students had been poisoned to death, many people actually broke out in cold sweat for Imperial University. The turn of events made everyone excited.

As the three of them walked upstairs, Sun Tianhao talked about his feelings at that time. "It was like riding a roller coaster. I was training with a group of people. At that time, everyone was in no mood to train. They wished they could pull out that group of flamers from the Internet and beat them up." The three of them had just walked out of the stairs when Tang Zhiyun and the other three came out.

"Junior, you’re back."

The few of them welcomed them enthusiastically.

"Junior, what exactly happened at Imperial University today? Why did something so serious happen?"

The four of them had been paying attention to what was going on online. When Chu Luo made a move, they had also helped.

Chu Luo briefly told them.

The few of them were also filled with lingering fear.

"Luckily, thank goodness. Otherwise, if this matter was deliberately used by someone, Imperial University’s reputation would really be ruined."

"Why do I feel that the experiment this time is a little strange? I don’t believe that the Student Union of the chemistry department is so brainless. The teacher specially instructed them not to mix certain things together, but they still dared to try." "The school’s heads will definitely think of this. They will handle it well."

Everyone talked for a while and didn’t continue talking about this matter.

‘Tang Zhiyun told Chu Luo about their gains at Chu Luo’s wedding.

"There have been many large companies who have been looking for our company to cooperate recently. We have projects lined up all the way to next year."

The four boys looked excited.

Xie Minghai said, "We’ll design games in the competition as we work on the projects. I hope we can get a good placing in the competition. This way, our company will really become famous." Now, their company relied on Chu Luo and Li Yan’s relationship. The four boys knew this very well.

‘As young men with dreams and ambitions, they definitely wanted to build an online kingdom that belonged to them.

Chu Luo approved of their ambitions. She said a few words of encouragement and left with Sun Tianhao..

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