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Chapter: 583

Chapter 583: Sparring with Li Yan Again, Having Doubts About Life

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

After the two of them went downstairs, Sun Tianhao walked to his motorcycle and patted the back seat arrogantly. "Sister, come up. I’ll let you experience the feeling of flying today." Chu Luo retorted, "It’s such a cold day. You should experience it yourself."

After saying that, she turned and walked towards a car parked not far away.

"Hey, hey, hey…" Sun Tianhao drove over." Sister, give me a chance to perform. I’m good at driving. "


Chu Luo opened the back door and said to him, "Though, if you want to spar with Yan, I won’t object."

With that, she sat in.

Sun Tianhao watched the car drive away and muttered, "I asked you to take the motorcycle. Why did that Li fellow want to spar with me?"

With that, he rode his motorcycle and chased after her.

He decided to go back and ask Li Yan what was wrong with letting his sister ride his motorcycle!

If Chu Luo went to the Sun residence for dinner tonight, Li Yan would definitely go too.

Chu Luo and the others happened to meet Li Yan at the door, who was coming at the same time.

‘When Sun Tianhao saw Li Yan, he arrogantly walked up to him and asked, "Li Yan, my sister said that she took my motorcycle and you wanted to spar with me?"

Li Yan glanced coldly at the motorcycle he was parked in before returning his gaze to his face. "You want Luoluo to take that lousy motorcycle of yours?"

"Hey, hey, hey! What lousy motorcycle? I reassembled and modified that motorcycle myself. It’s unique in the world."

Li Yan narrowed his eyes and said, "Let’s find a place to spar later."

At the mention of sparring, Sun Tianhao recalled what happened that night and felt his bones ache.

However, in front of Chu Luo, it was impossible for him to admit defeat. He straightened his neck and raised his voice fearlessly. "So be it. I wasn’t prepared last time. Tonight, I’ll let you experience my true strength." "Hal"

Li Yan walked to Chu Luo’s side and caressed her face, then held her hand and walked into the Sun residence.

Sun Tianhao, who was left there, glared at his back. He clenched his fists and waved them at him. "How dare you snort at me. Just wait. I’ll definitely make you call me Brother tonight." After saying that, an especially inflated emotion suddenly surged in his heart. He felt that he could definitely defeat Li Yan.

‘When Chu Luo and Li Yan entered, the others from the Sun family were already waiting.

"Little Chu, you’re finally here. You’re hungry, right? Eat first."

Everyone sat at the Sun family’s large table. After the servant served the dishes, Old Master Sun sized up Chu Luo with a face full of joy. Judging from her rosy face, it was obvious that Li Yan had taken good care of her after she went out. Seeing this, he was satisfied, but he didn’t show it on his face. "Little Luoluo, eat more. I think you’ve lost weight after going out for a while."

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‘These words immediately made a few youngsters who didn’t know what their grandfather was thinking look at him with bright eyes. The Sun family didn’t have a habit of not talking while eating. Everyone chatted as they ate.

Third Master Sun chuckled and said, "Little Chu, you didn’t even forget to concoct medicine for our Sun family during your honeymoon. You’ve worked hard."

"It’s not hard." Chu Luo smiled and glanced at Li Yan. "We went to a private island that Yan prepared for me. There are many herbs planted on it. I was just using local materials."

"Haha, when others go out for their honeymoon, they tend to go to the most famous scenery and tourist spots. You guys, on the other hand, actually went to your own island."

"It’s more laidback that way."

"That’s true, haha."

Everyone was chatting and laughing. Third Master Sun suddenly suggested, "Little Chu, you’re considered to have returned to your maiden home tonight. Why don’t we have some wine?" Actually, the men from the Sun family had wanted to say this for a long time, but with Old Master around, they were worried that he would be tempted.

However, everyone was in high spirits now. With Chu Luo around, Chu Luo must have a way to keep Old Master from drinking.

How could Old Master Sun not know what these brats were thinking? He pulled a long face. "Tsk, all of you, just drink plain water."

Then, he turned around and asked Chu Luo amiably, "Little Luoluo, when can I drink?"

Chu Luo couldn’t stand Old Master’s longing gaze. After thinking for a while, she said, "You can actually drink if you want."

"Really?" Old Master was a little excited, but under the bright eyes of those people, he didn’t show it on his face. He asked in a nonchalant tone, "What wine can I drink?"

"Tl make you some medicinal wine. You can drink a small glass or two every day."

"Sure, sure. Then quickly help me brew it." Old Master finally couldn’t hold it in anymore and laughed out loud. "I haven’t tasted wine in more than a year. If I don’t drink, I feel uncomfortable all over." Chu Luo was amused by his words. "Drinking a little wine can nourish your body, but drinking too much won’t be good for your health."

"know, I know. I used to have cold legs. Every winter, my entire body hurts if I don’t drink wine to warm up."

Chu Luo knew that he had cold legs when she treated him, so she had treated him of that condition too.

Even so, for a person who liked to drink, not drinking for so long was a form of torture.

Chu Luo could empathize deeply.

She definitely wouldn’t be drinking tonight. After all, Old Master couldn’t drink.

‘After the meal, everyone sat in the living room and talked about sending someone to the Ink Feather headquarters to investigate.

"They’re preparing to leave in the next two days," Third Master Sun said. "I plan to go personally."

Everyone immediately objected to Third Master Sun’s words.

Old Master said to him, "They’re just going to investigate. Why are you going? You’re the general, not a soldier. Have you forgotten the military strategy I taught you?"

"Father, this is a different situation."

"How is it different? Isn’t Ink Feather an enemy?"

"Yes, yes, yes." Seeing that Old Master Sun was a little worked up, Third Master Sun voiced his thoughts. "I previously led the navy to eliminate the pirates at sea for a few months. I’m more familiar with the environment at sea. Besides, Ink Feather’s men are so smart. Without a leader, our men might not be able to return."

Actually, Third Master Sun made sense, but everyone was traumatized by the death island. After all, there were too many ships and planes that had encountered mishaps there.

Eldest Master Sun also objected. "It’s because that island is an unknown territory that we should send fewer people to investigate first. Why are you going there personally? As the commander, you can’t be impulsive."

"Tm not impulsive."

Third Master Sun had had a dream of destroying all the world’s extreme organizations many years ago. Now that he had finally found out about Ink Feather’s exact location, he only wanted to investigate personally.

Old Master Sun knew that his third son’s character was the most similar to him. He patted the armrest of his chair and said, "Send a few people with special abilities to investigate the situation there first. It won’t be too late for you to go then." "But…"

"This is not a discussion. It’s an order."

Third Master Sun was indignant, but since Old Master was furious, he had no choice but to compromise.

Everyone discussed this matter for a long time. In the end, they decided that the Sun family would send three people while Li Yan would send three people. They planned to set off tomorrow.

After discussing this matter, it was already past ten.

Chu Luo said to Old Master, "Grandpa, you should go to sleep."

Old Master listened to her and nodded. Chu Luo sent him back to his residence.

After the two of them walked into Old Master’s living room, Old Master sighed and said, "If my body were still as good as before, I would want to personally see what the interior of that island looks like now that it has been modified by Ink Feather. "Little Luoluo, I have a feeling that Ink Feather’s men must be hiding a shocking secret on that island."

Chu Luo nodded. "Ink Feather’s men are the most powerful in various fields in the world. Moreover, many of the things they invented exceed the world’s top standards. Actually, I have a guess. "


"There must be transmigrators inside Ink Feather."

Since Chu Luo could transmigrate from the Kingdom of Phoenix Skies to this era, it shouldn’t be all that surprising for there to be transmigrators in Ink Feather.

‘When Old Master Sun heard this, he fell into deep thought. Actually, he believed Chu Luo’s guess.

After a while, he said to Chu Luo, "Little Luoluo, it’s getting late. You and Li Yan should go back early."

Chu Luo nodded and said, "Grandpa, good night."

She then left.

She had just walked into the courtyard when she sharply saw Li Yan and Sun Tianhao standing in a corner.

Beside the two of them stood the other youngsters from the Sun family.

‘The youngsters stood there and were obviously watching the show. At the same time, they enthusiastically egged Sun Tianhao on.

"Third Brother, since it’s just a spar, no need to be that serious. Don’t hurt Li Yan. Otherwise, Sister will feel heartache."

"That’s right. You’re a person who has been training for a long time. Since you’re competing with someone who sits in the office usually, even if you win, it won’t be fair. You might as well give a handicap of two moves to Li Yan first."

When Chu Luo heard this, even without looking at Sun Tianhao’s expression, she knew how he would react.

At this moment, Sun Tianhao wished he could kick his brothers flying. Clearly, he had secretly brought Li Yan here. How had these people found their way here so quickly?

Recalling how he had been beaten up until he couldn’t retaliate at all last time, Sun Tianhao’s confidence, which had finally inflated, was suddenly pierced by these people and kept leaking air.

He thought: ‘You still want me to give that Li fellow a handicap? You want me to be bedridden for ten days to half a month, right?

Perhaps because Sun Tianhao stood there for a long time and didn’t move, Li Yan was a little impatient. He said, "Are you going to spar or not? If Luoluo comes out, we’ll go back."

"Why not!" It wasn’t Sun Tianhao’s character to admit defeat at this moment.

Sun Tianhao assumed a fighting posture.

"Let’s begin."

The two of them attacked at the same time and started fighting.

The other youngsters from the Sun family cheered.

‘When Chu Luo walked over, she happened to hear Sun Tiancheng say, "Third Brother, did you not eat? Why do I feel like your fist is soft?"

The comers of Chu Luo’s lips curled up unconsciously. She deliberately stood behind them and asked, "Second Brother, Fourth Brother, Fifth Brother, what are you doing?"

The three of them subconsciously turned around to look at Chu Luo.

At the same time, Sun Tianhao shouted from behind them.



The three of them seemed to be in slow motion. They turned around in disbelief and looked at Sun Tianhao, who had been beaten up and thrown in front of them.

Sun Tianhao hadn’t expected to be beaten to the ground after exchanging a few moves with Li Yan. Sensing his brother’s gaze on him, he simply buried his head in the ground.

The three boys looked at him awkwardly and then at Li Yan with bright eyes.

They cursed in their hearts.

They hadn’t expected that an office person in their eyes could actually knock down the military school combat champion.

"D*mn, Li Yan, you’re too awesome!"

"Li Yan, where did you learn your skills from? I don’t think your moves are combat skills."

"Did you learn imperial martial arts?"

The three boys became excited and walked over to surround Li Yan to ask questions, but no one thought of asking Sun Tianhao if he could get up.

Sun Tianhao had the dark urge to take revenge on society.

He punched the ground and was about to get up himself when he looked up and saw Chu Luo standing in front of him in a dress that reached her ankles.

Chu Luo squatted in front of him and asked, "Third Brother, are you okay?"

Sun Tianhao was touched and the darkness in his heart dispelled.

He lay there with a touched expression and looked at Chu Luo. Thinking that he couldn’t appear too weak in front of Chu Luo, he said, "It’s fine. I only made a mistake just now. Actually, I can still exchange a few hundred moves with Li Yan."

".."Chu Luo looked at him, whose expression was obviously twisted, and said straightforwardly, "I told you not to spar with Yan, but you insisted on doing so. Remember not to show off next time."

After saying that, she reached out to help him.

Sun Tianhao felt his self-esteem suffer a serious blow. He straightened his neck and said, "I said that it was a mistake. Stand aside. I can get up by myself. It’s not like I can’t get up after being beaten up." However, he kept sucking in cold breaths in his heart.

Ouch! It hurts!

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