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Chapter: 585

Chapter 585: Imperial University Will Not Lose in Arguing With Others

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

Chu Luo’s move paralyzed those universities and this quickly made trending news.

Because they couldn’t catch a trace of the hacker.

However, only Yu Tong knew who started this matter.

Yu Tong inexplicably had a sense of superiority because no one knew except for her.

After the cadres of the Student Union arrived, they were all using their phones. When they saw the schools being attacked by hackers, they immediately became excited.

"D*mn! This hacker is too impressive. He actually hacked into several universities in different countries in ten minutes."

"Wow ~ That’s great. If I have the ability, I’ll defame them too. Aren’t these schools the ones we thought were the masterminds who wanted to ruin Imperial University’s reputation yesterday?" "I seriously suspect that this hacker is from Imperial University."

Everyone subconsciously looked at Chu Luo in unison.

Chu Luo didn’t even look at them. She said, "I’ve already checked all your work progress. I’ve also written a solution to the situation that you mentioned. Next, I’m going to prepare for the final exam. Don’t disturb me." Someone immediately asked, "President, do you need to revise too?"

Actually, everyone wanted to ask this.

Chu Luo glanced at that person and reacted straightforwardly. "I’m a student. If not, should I come over to help you solve problems every day instead?"

That person: "…" Finally, someone realized that Chu Luo had diverted everyone’s attention. Zhang Yiran quickly asked, "President Chu, you did this, right?"

"What is it?"

"Defamed those foreign universities."

Chu Luo didn’t answer. Instead, she looked at everyone and asked calmly, "Do you think it’s me?"

Everyone was actually a little unsure now that she asked this.

Especially since Chu Luo had just said that she had finished checking all their work progress. Since she had been reading their reports since she arrived, how could she have time to defame those universities? Yu Tong, who was standing at the side, saw everyone’s conflicted expressions and the sense of accomplishment in her heart instantly exploded.

She thought: ‘Since the president doesn’t say anything, I won’t say anything either. I’ll let you guys guess slowly.’

Chu Luo didn’t want to discuss this with them at all. After saying what she wanted to say, she stood up and walked out of the office.

She had originally planned to go straight to the library. Just as she walked out of the Student Union office building, she received a call from the principal, who asked her to go over. When Chu Luo went to the principal’s office, the director of the Education Bureau was also there.

Chu Luo greeted them.

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The principal smiled and said to her, "Little Chu, come and sit." The three of them sat on the sofa.

The principal said to her, "Little Chu, we called you over to remind you…" The three of them talked in the office for more than half an hour before Chu Luo left.

She went straight to the library.

In the afternoon, Wang Mingtao came over and asked, "Sister Chu, did you receive a call from an unknown number today?"

When Chu Luo heard this, her expression darkened. "Who called you?"

‘When Wang Mingtao saw Chu Luo’s expression, he knew that something serious must have happened. He quickly showed her his phone.

"The person on the phone claims to be from the G Nation’s embassy. I was in class at that time, so I only said a few words to him and hung up."

Chu Luo glanced at the number on it and asked, "Have you checked where this number came from?"

"I’ve checked. It’s indeed the G Nation’s embassy."

‘That was why Wang Mingtao found it strange.

Chu Luo took his phone and quickly typed a string of program codes on it. She said to him, "In the future, if any unfamiliar calls come in, no matter what they ask, just say you don’t know."

"Mm, mm." Wang Mingtao quickly nodded. However, he didn’t hold it in and asked, "Chu Luo, why did the G Nation’s embassy call me?"

"They wanted to look for me, but they couldn’t find me, so they called you."

‘When Chu Luo said that, Wang Mingtao immediately understood something. "Do they want you to put in a good word for those reporters and not pursue the matter?"

"That’s right."

The principal had called her over today to tell her about this.

‘Wang Mingtao was furious. "These people must be dreaming. The moment the poisoning case in our school yesterday was exposed, those reporters rushed over.

"They were deliberately defaming our Imperial University. To think they still have the shame to ask you to help them talk. D*mn! If I see these people, I really want to diss them to death."

After saying that, he slammed the dining table angrily.

‘Wang Mingtao hadn’t controlled his volume to begin with. With this slam on the table, it attracted all the attention in the restaurant.

Now, everyone knew that someone from the embassy wanted to seek Chu Luo’s help to put in a good word, and to ask Imperial University to resolve the matter regarding the reporters yesterday in private.

Everyone exploded.

"These people really think our Imperial University is easy to bully. Yesterday, those reporters didn’t distinguish between right and wrong and led the netizens to scold our Imperial University. Why didn’t the people from their country’s embassy come out to stop them?" "That’s right. I’ve always felt that those reporters came so quickly yesterday. They must have received the news long ago. Maybe the poisoning incident yesterday was also related to them."

"I think they want to push Imperial University down from the top ten universities so that their country’s universities can have a chance to go up."

"Ridiculous. Do they really think there’s no one at Imperial University?"

"Imperial University won’t lose in terms of arguing with others!"

Many people took out their phones at the same time.

Wang Mingtao hadn’t expected his shout to have such an effect.

He looked at Chu Luo and asked, "Sister Chu, what should we do now?"

"Just leave them be."

‘There weren’t many students at Imperial University who didn’t have brains. They knew what to do.

"You have to believe that after the entire Imperial University is united, even if the kings of those countries call and want to resolve yesterday’s matter peacefully, it will be impossible."

In short, after this matter, Imperial University’s position as one of the ten famous schools was secured.

At the same time, it let more people know that Imperial University students weren’t to be trifled with.

A day passed quickly.

After school in the afternoon, Chu Luo brought Roundy to the Blazing Glory headquarters.

Li Yan was still waiting for Chu Luo to come over for dinner.

‘When she brought Roundy in, the senior executives who were eating quickly in silence were a little surprised.

Li Yan glanced at Roundy, who was following Chu Luo, and wasn’t surprised at all.

Chu Luo told him, "I want to upgrade Roundy later."

After the two of them ate, Li Yan sent Chu Luo to the robot manufacturing floor.

She first went to greet Professor Mongla and the others, then went to a room alone.

While Chu Luo was conducting the internal modification and upgrade of Roundy, Secretary Tan suddenly knocked on the CEO’s office and pushed open the door to report to him. "CEO, the receptionist on the first floor called and said that the people from the embassy in Country G and Country P want to see you and Madam."

Li Yan looked at the computer screen with a cold expression. "No." "Yes."

Secretary Tan turned around and left.

After a while, Li Yan looked up from his computer and took his phone to make a call.

After the other party picked up the call, he said directly, "Enhance the security here. Don’t let those unimportant people in." After the call, he continued working.

The people from the two countries’ embassies, who had been waiting downstairs for a while, were suddenly informed that Li Yan wasn’t free to see them.

The ambassador’s expression turned ugly. "Miss, did you not report our identities to your CEO? How can CEO Li not even see us?"

Even though the receptionist was faced with their hostility, she still had to smile. "Mr. Smith, it was our Secretary General, Secretary Tan, who called just now. He said that the CEO doesn’t have time to see you. Since he said so, it must be true." "How can words from a mere secretary count? I think your secretary didn’t tell CEO Li about our visit. Please help us ask CEO Li directly."

The receptionist smiled. "Sorry, I’m not qualified to call the CEO directly."

"Then call someone who can report this to CEO Li."

The receptionist was cursing in her heart, but she continued to smile. "Secretary Tan is the first secretary. Only he can relay the news of your visit to CEO Li."

Smith was about to speak again when the German ambassador standing beside him, Madri, said first, "Please give us your Secretary Tan’s number. We’ll call him ourselves."

"Lhave to receive consent from Secretary Tan regarding this."

Smith raised his voice in dissatisfaction. "You’re just a receptionist. Is this how you receive foreign guests? I asked you to call your CEO, but you couldn’t. I then asked you to give us your secretary’s number. Do we have to wait for you to apply?!"

The receptionists expression finally changed. However, thinking that the two people in front of her were foreign ambassadors, she knew that if she didn’t give Secretary Tan’s number, these two would definitely make a fuss out of it, so she gave them his number.

Madri noted down the phone and called Secretary Tan.

After the call, Madri glanced at the receptionist standing there before saying to Smith, "Secretary Tan said to come down immediately."

"CEO Li’s secretary is indeed tactful." Smith looked at the front desk with a cold expression. "I think the front desk receptionist at Blazing Glory’s headquarters ought to be replaced."

The receptionist cursed in her heart and smiled. "I accept the company’s decision."


Secretary Tan came down quickly.

He shook their hands and led them to the guest room on the first floor.

"Tm really sorry, our CEO is having an international meeting now. Sirs, please follow me for a cup of coffee while waiting."

Secretary Tan apologized sincerely. The two of them followed him.

Before leaving, Smith said, "As a large national company, how can your Blazing Glory Corporation recruit a receptionist who doesn’t know how to attend to guests? I suggest Secretary Tan get the Human Resource Department to fire her." Secretary Tan pushed his glasses up the bridge of his nose. "ll consider Mr. Smith’s suggestion. As long as the receptionist is really in the wrong, the company won’t keep her."

Only then was Smith satisfied.

The receptionist watched the three of them leave and sneered in her heart.

‘I didn’t do anything wrong. The company definitely won’t fire me.’

‘On the other hand, Secretary Tan only brought you to the reception room on the first floor. It’s obvious that he won’t let you see the CEO. What is there to be smug about?!"

Secretary Tan definitely wouldn’t bring the two of them to Li Yan. After he sat down with the two of them, he led the conversation from the start. They talked about economies and about when the gaming capsule might appear and what scene would appear.

The conversation lasted until past ten.

Madri suddenly took a call and lett first.

As soon as Madri left, Smith recalled his main purpose in coming here tonight and was suddenly a little unhappy.

"Secretary Tan, hasn’t CEO Li finished his meeting?"

Secretary Tan took out his phone and swiped it for a while. He said to him apologetically, "Mr. Smith, the CEO’s meeting will at least last till half-past twelve tonight. Why don’t you go back first? I’l tell the CEO about your arrival." Mr. Smith’s expression changed instantly. He asked, "Since CEO Li is in a meeting, I can also see your CEO’s wife. I know that your CEO’s wife is at the company."

Secretary Tan had an expression that said, "Why didn’t you say earlier that you wanted to see our CEO’s wife?" "Madam left when I came down."


Smith frowned in dissatisfaction. "Why didn’t you say so earlier?"

"You didn’t say you wanted to see our madam, Mr. Smith."

smith choked on his words. He wasn’t convinced. He thought that since he had waited so long, he might as well wait a little longer. If he didn’t resolve this matter today, he wouldn’t be able to account to the king.

Secretary Tan pushed his glasses up his nose bridge again and kindly reminded him, "My CEO will be in a bad mood after such a long meeting, Mr. Smith, if you want to talk to him after his meeting, I advise you to dismiss this idea. Otherwise, no one can stop the CEO from doing anything unreasonable.."

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