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Chapter: 587

Chapter 587: Princess Anya Is Threatened

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

‘When Chu Luo and Anya arrived at the company building, they happened to see the men and women here for the interview walking towards the elevator. Of course, Li Milu was still surrounded by a few bodyguards. She walked in the middle of the bodyguards, who treated the other interviewees as dangerous criminals and squeezed to the side.

"That woman thinks she’s a relative of the royal family! She actually pushed all the candidates to the side!"

Without taking off her mask and hat, Chu Luo and Anya followed behind them, pretending to go for the interview. At this point, Anya finally couldn’t stand it anymore.

"If such a person really marries into the Sun family, she’ll be riding on the coattails of a tiger."

Chu Luo smiled at her and said affirmatively, "The brothers won’t like her."

‘The Sun family had a straightforward personality. If they found out about Li Milu’s behavior, they would want to teach her a lesson. They wouldn’t fall for her.

The two of them quickly followed a group of people into the elevator.

Li Milu stood by the elevator and glanced at the group of candidates who were squeezed to the side. She said unhappily, "Why do all kinds of people have the shame to interview in a place like Phoenix Corporation?"

‘These words made the people standing at the side look displeased.

Li Milu didn’t care if these people were unhappy. After the elevator came down, she walked in.

Then, her bodyguards walked in.

The people who were squeezed at the side wanted to enter.

At this moment, a bodyguard suddenly pressed the close button.

Awoman finally raised her voice in dissatisfaction and said, "Hey! We haven’t entered."

The bodyguard said in a flat voice, "My Miss doesn’t like to take the elevator with strangers.

The woman who spoke stopped talking. After all, the woman in the elevator had brought so many bodyguards with her. It was obvious that she couldn’t afford to provoke them.

However, at this moment, everyone saw a tall figure walk over and block the elevator door with their leg.

Chu Luo walked over before the person in the elevator spoke. As she walked, she mocked, "Pfft, those who don’t know better might think that this is your Miss’s company. To put it bluntly, everyone is going for the interview. What’s there to be smug about?"

"Who are you?" Displeasure appeared on Li Milu’s face. She first glanced at the tall figure standing by the elevator before looking at Chu Luo, who was wearing a mask. With a proud expression, she said, "You better get your men to retract their feet. Otherwise, you will regret it." "Regret? What can you do to me? You have a bodyguard, and I have a bodyguard too. Do you believe that my bodyguard can defeat your bodyguards with one hand?"

This was the first time Li Milu had heard such words. She was so angry that she laughed. Then, her expression tumed stern as she said to a bodyguard, "Push this person out."

The bodyguard closest to Chu Luo quickly extended his hand to Chu Luo’s bodyguard.

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In the next second.


Everyone: "???"

Looking at Li Milu’s bodyguard, who had fallen heavily behind Chu Luo’s bodyguard and couldn’t get up from the pain, everyone couldn’t react to what had happened.

Li Milu widened her eyes in disbelief. She pointed at Chu Luo’s face and raised her voice a few degrees. "You actually injured my bodyguard! Do you know who I am?"

Chu Luo crossed her arms. "Who are you?"

"Tm the future daughter-in-law of the Sun family. Offending me is akin to offending the Sun family. Do you believe that I’ll make your entire family suffer with you?"

"My entire family?" Chu Luo narrowed her eyes. "I don’t believe it."

At this moment, Anya walked over and said in a mocking voice, "Chu, she actually wants your entire family to suffer."

Chu Luo glanced at Anya, who was watching the show, and walked into the elevator.

"You’re not to come in." Li Milu’s voice became even more unreasonable. "Don’t think that I’m afraid of you just because your bodyguards are good at fighting. Let me tell you, even if you go up to Phoenix today, you won’t pass the interview."

"Oh? Are you also related to Phoenix Corporation?"

After Chu Luo asked this, Li Milu raised her chin and looked at Chu Luo and Anya arrogantly. "I’m Miss Li, the future daughter-in-law of the Sun family. With one word from me, do you think Phoenix Corporation won’t give me face?"

Anya was amused by Li Milu’s words. "Chu, has this person read too many novels? She thinks that the entire world should listen to her."

"probably dreamt too much of marrying into a wealthy family and can’t distinguish reality from dream."

"You two…" Li Milu was furious by their words. She had wanted her bodyguards to deal with them.

At this moment, Chu Luo’s bodyguard suddenly clenched his fists tightly and exuded a powerful murderous aura.

This aura spread out and not only stunned the group of people standing at the side, but it also made Li Milu’s bodyguards’ hearts skip a beat.

Li Milu was also frightened. Although she relied on the fact that she would become the daughter-in-law of the Sun family soon to be able to do whatever she wanted in the capital, she was still afraid of being beaten up, especially since her bodyguard was still lying on the ground and couldn’t get up. Li Milu glared at her fiercely. She snorted and turned her head away, intending to ignore her. She snorted coldly in her heart. ‘Just you wait. I’m going to make you unable to interview today.’

Chu Luo walked in.

Anya asked her with a look, "You’re not going to deal with this woman anymore?"

Chu Luo returned her gaze. "The show is only halfway done. Let’s go up and see how domineering this person can be."

After the two of them finished exchanging glances, Anya followed them in.

‘Then, Chu Luo’s bodyguards walked in.

Anya asked, "Miss, your bodyguard seems to be seriously injured. Aren’t you going to get someone to send him to the hospital?"

"It’s none of your business whether my bodyguards are sent to the hospital or not!" Li Milu was worried that Chu Luo’s bodyguards would attack again. She definitely wouldn’t let the remaining four bodyguards leave her. "Tsk… How cold. It’s not easy for you to be bodyguards working for such a person."

The bodyguards felt a little uncomfortable.

Li Milu realized that there was something wrong with the bodyguards’ expressions. Even though she was unhappy, she could only say to one of the bodyguards, "Send him to the hospital. If he’s really seriously injured…"

At this point, Li Milu suddenly remembered that this woman’s bodyguard had injured her. An idea suddenly popped into her mind. "Hey, your bodyguard injured my bodyguard so badly. Just wait to go to the police station for tea."

Chu Luo ignored her gaze and looked at the elevator number. She said to the bodyguard standing there, "Close the door."

Since the people outside the elevator obviously didn’t dare to go up with them, they might as well go up first.

The moment the elevator door closed, Li Milu, who was standing in the corner, felt even more determined to send the woman in front of her to the police station. She took out her phone and sent a message to someone she knew. After she put away her phone, she looked at Chu Luo with a smug and vicious gaze. Her eyes clearly said, "Just you wait. You’ll have a good time later."

Chu Luo didn’t even turn around to look at her.

The elevator quickly arrived at the interview floor, and there were already staff waiting there.

"Hello, ladies. Are you here for the interview?"

"Yes," Li Milu said. "It’s just me. These two don’t have to go for the interview."

The receptionist glanced at Chu Luo and felt that she looked a little familiar. She wondered why this beauty was still wearing a mask even though she was here. She asked Li Milu with a amiable smile, "Why?" "Because her bodyguard injured my bodyguard and is about to go to jail. You’ll just be wasting your time by interviewing her."

The receptionist looked at Chu Luo again. She thought for a while and probed, "Miss, can you take off your mask? We’ll start the interview immediately when the others come up."

"I think it doesn’t matter if she takes off her mask or not. Why waste everyone’s time?" Li Milu was a little unhappy with the receptionists attitude. "Will your Phoenix Corporation even recruit jailers?" "Miss Li, why do you keep talking about Chu being imprisoned? Your words make me very unhappy."

"Hold it in if you’re unhappy."

Anya was stunned and subconsciously revealed her princess-like nature. "What? How dare you speak to me like that?"

"So what? What can you do to me?" Li Milu chimed in.

"The Li family, right? Get someone from your family who can make the decision to apologize to me, a princess."

"Pfft… Princess? I think you’re crazy about being a princess."


"Anya, calm down."

Chu Luo raised her hand and patted Anya’s shoulder. She took off her mask and said, "You can just let your guards deal with such people. You’re carrying a baby now. Don’t get angry so easily."

The receptionist exclaimed when Chu Luo and Anya took off their masks, "Miss… Miss Chu, Princess Anya."

Before Li Milu could react, the other two elevators had arrived on this floor at the same time.

The elevator that opened first was filled with interviewees.

‘The other elevator opened to reveal a group of bodyguards and guards in casual clothes who had undergone special training.

Anya said to the guards walking over in a low voice, "Capture her."

The guards walked towards Li Milu.

‘The others were still a little stunned and especially surprised.

"Chu Luo? Why is she here?"

"Standing beside Chu Luo is Princess Anya from America, right?"

"[heard that Princess Anya is an ambassador for Phoenix Corporation’s America. Is she here to help with the interview today?"

"What happened just now? Chu Luo and Princess Anya look a little unhappy. Princess Anya even asked her guards to capture Li Milu."

Li Milu’s bodyguards didn’t dare to move at all. After all, Li Milu had just offended Chu Luo and Princess Anya. They were just employees. It was impossible for them to cut off their retreat for Li Milu. Li Milu was stunned. She only came back to her senses when the guards walked towards her.

The moment she came back to her senses, she panicked even more. "You… don’t come over."

‘As she spoke, she retreated in a panic. As she retreated, she looked at Chu Luo and Anya. "I didn’t know it was you."

At this moment, she thought of the young master from the Sun family that she might marry. She quickly calmed down and said to Chu Luo loudly, "Chu Luo, I’ll be your sister-in-law soon. You can’t treat me like this." "Sister-in-law? You’re not worthy."

After saying that, Chu Luo said to the bodyguard, "Call the Li family and get them to go to the US embassy to get her."

Anya continued, "Yes, send her to the embassy and let the ambassador deal with her."


"No… you can’t catch me. I’m the future daughter-in-law of the Sun family. Even if you’re Chu Luo, you can’t arrest me."

"Ahhh… Let go of me, let go of me."


‘When Anya said that, the guards immediately covered Li Milu’s mouth.

Li Milu was quickly brought into the elevator. Once the elevator door closed, the place fell silent.

‘The bodyguards Li Milu brought trembled when the elevator door closed and they finally came back to their senses. They looked at each other and quickly moved carefully towards the elevator door. "Miss Chu, Princess Anya."

At this moment, the receptionist called out to the two of them again.

Chu Luo nodded at her and said, "We’re here to discuss something with Manager An. You guys can conduct the interview."

"Okay." The receptionist quickly nodded and said to them, "Manager An is receiving the two endorsers in the office."

After saying that, she quickly said to the people who came for the interview, "Everyone, please follow me."

Everyone followed the receptionist into the corridor. When they passed Chu Luo and Anya, they subconsciously stole a glance.

Chu Luo and Anya walked towards Manager An’s office.

After the bodyguards knocked on the door, someone opened it.

"Little Boss, Princess Anya." It was Manager An’s secretary who opened the door.

‘When the secretary saw the two of them, he quickly stood at the side and let them in.

‘The bodyguards and guards stood by the door and didn’t move again.

At this moment, Manager An was chatting casually with Xue Ying and Bai Yujing. When they saw Chu Luo and Anya enter, the three of them stood up at the same time.

"Little Boss, Princess Anya."

The two of them walked in and sat down.

Before Chu Luo could say anything, Anya said, "Chu, I haven’t seen the advertisement shot in the empire. Get Manager An to show it to us."

Chu Luo nodded and looked at Manager An..

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