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Chapter: 589

Chapter 589: Madam, We Are Being Followed

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

Chu Luo seemed to have read her mind and said, "Since you have faith in me, I’ll give you the best resources."

Xue Ying was especially touched and quickly nodded at her.

"However…" Chu Luo still made things clear first. "When the time comes, your colleagues will be a group of vixens. You have to have the right mentality. Moreover, my company doesn’t allow celebrities to have unorthodox behavior." ‘When Xue Ying heard this, the tip of her nose suddenly stung a little. She nodded heavily at Chu Luo. "I won’t bring shame upon the company."

"Very good."

Chu Luo was very satisfied. "When the time comes, I’ll get someone to discuss compensation for your current management company. The company will help you pay this compensation." "Okay."

Xue Ying hadn’t expected Chu Luo to be so thoughtful. She made up her mind not to disappoint Chu Luo.

The few of them talked about what to do when the management company was established. Half an hour later, Manager An knocked on the door and walked in.

"Little Boss, the interview is over. The company has recruited five people. This is their information."

Chu Luo took the information from Manager An and looked at it. These people all had professional experience. Their resumes looked good. She nodded and returned the information to him. "You can decide on these things. Also, get our factory in the Imperial Capital’s industrial park to speed up. If there’s not enough people, tell Chen Xuan directly."

Chen Xuan knew many retired soldiers. Chu Luo was assured of the people he found.

By now, it was already noon.

Chu Luo and Anya had something to attend to and left.

Anya rubbed her stomach. "Chu, let’s go find a restaurant to eat. Baby is objecting."

‘The cake they bought when they came had all entered Anya’s stomach halfway. Chu Luo was a little hungry now.

‘Thinking that this place wasn’t far from Blazing Glory, she said, "Let’s go to Blazing Glory’s restaurant to eat. The food there is especially delicious."

Anya had a good appetite since she was pregnant. Hearing Chu Luo’s words, she definitely agreed.

The two of them went to Blazing Glory’s headquarters.

‘The car stopped in the underground parking lot. Li Yan wasn’t around today, so Chu Luo didn’t need to greet him. She brought Anya to the restaurant via the elevator.

‘The company employees who came to eat here all knew Chu Luo. The moment she walked in, everyone stopped and greeted her, "Good afternoon, Mrs. President."

At the same time, they greeted Anya.

The two of them walked to a dining table and sat down. After ordering, Anya couldn’t help but smile and say, "Chu, after your management company opens, they will definitely earn more money than other management companies… A group of vixens will definitely be better at acting than human actors." Chu Luo also smiled. "Isn’t that good? I’ll provide them with protection against humans, and they’ll provide me with income."

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"Haha! That’s right!"

After the two of them ate, they went to the few shortlisted locations Anya’s men had found for her. In the end, they decided on a place not far from here.

After the two of them finished looking at a few places, it was already past three in the afternoon.

Anya was exhausted and collapsed in the car.

Chu Luo said to her, "I told you not to visit every place personally, but you insisted. Look what happened now."

After saying that, she took out Snowball and let it stand on Anya’s shoulder. She said to it, "Snowball, step on Anya’s shoulder."

Snowball lifted its short legs and really stepped on Anya’s shoulder.

Anya looked at Snowball, who was standing on her shoulder in surprise. From time to time, her cheek would touch Snowball’s soft fur. It was itchy and made her heart melt. "You don’t say. It’s so comfortable having Snowball step on my shoulder."

After saying that, she closed her eyes and let Snowball step on her shoulder and jump over to the other shoulder step on it. In the end, she was so comfortable that she fell asleep. Chu Luo said to the chauffeur, "Go straight to the Li residence."

Then, she sent Li Yan a message saying that she was staying at the Li residence tonight.

Not long after the car drove out of the city, the chauffeur suddenly moved the Bluetooth earpiece on his ear and said to Chu Luo, "Madam, we’re being followed."

Chu Luo glanced at the rearview mirror. They had come out with bodyguards and guards. The few cars behind were all their cars, but she couldn’t see the cars following them. "See who’s following us?"

‘The chauffeur conveyed Chu Luo’s words. After a while, he said, "Madam, the people following are from the G Nation’s embassy."

"Hmph!" How could Chu Luo not know what they were trying to do? She said directly, "Stop that car. Don’t let them follow."


The other party’s car was quickly stopped.

Unexpectedly, their car was stopped by a car in front.

More than one party from the national embassy was trying to stop her.


Chu Luo sneered. In such a place with cars coming and going, she didn’t intend to deal with them herself. She took out her phone and called Eldest Master Sun.

Eldest Master Sun said in a low voice on the phone, "Little Chu, if you don’t want to talk to these people, don’t get off. I’ll send someone over immediately."

Chu Luo responded and hung up.

The people in the cars that stopped her came down and walked over.

There was a knock on the car window.

Chu Luo didn’t ask the chauffeur to open the car window, and the chauffeur pretended not to see it.

‘The few people standing outside the car looked at each other for a while. One of them took out his phone and called his superior. He asked, "What if Mrs. Li doesn’t open the door?" No one knew what the other party said, but the person on the phone quickly responded.

He said to the others, "My boss said that we can’t hurt Mrs. Li. If she doesn’t come down, I’ll keep waiting here."

The others also took out their phones and called their superiors. Their replies were similar.

Chu Luo glanced at the few people standing in front of the car without moving and sneered.

She asked the chauffeur, "What’s going on behind?"

"The back is already blocked."

"Ha, are they trying to blow things up?"

‘As Chu Luo spoke, she took out her phone and took a few photos of the people blocking the car. She quickly typed a few words.

"The people from the embassies of G, P, J, and K Nation suddenly stopped my car on the road. What are they trying to do?"

After typing, she even attached a photo of the reporters from these countries questioning the principal last time.

Then, she sent it to these countries’ king’s official account.

‘The foreign ministers who were blocking the car saw that Chu Luo had been scrolling through her phone and had a bad premonition. In less than five minutes, an alarm sounded from afar.

‘Then, a group of guards surrounded them.

Two young men in military uniforms strode over angrily from a group of guards.

At the same time, the phones of those embassy people rang.

The moment they picked up the call, their faces turned pale.

‘As Sun Tiancheng walked, he said to Sun Tianhao, who was rolling up his sleeves, "Third Brother, calm down. If you can deal with something using wits, there’s no need to deploy martial strength yet." "These people are all bullying my sister. What wits!"

Sun Tianhao was so angry that smoke was rising from his nose. "These people really think our Sun family is for show. Since they dare to stop Sister’s car in public, they should be prepared to be beaten up." "Are you making things difficult for Uncle?"

"What’s there to worry about? If I beat someone up under such circumstances, Uncle will support me too."

‘The two of them arrived in front of those people.

Sun Tiancheng and Sun Tianhao’s expressions instantly became very stern.

Worried that Sun Tianhao would punch him directly, Sun Tiancheng asked sternly, "I wonder why the ambassadors stopped our sister on the way?"

The L Nation ambassador quickly explained, "We just want to invite Mrs. Li to have coffee. Mrs. Li must have misunderstood something."

"Then did my sister agree to accept your invitation to coffee?"

"Erm… Mrs. Li isn’t willing to talk to us."

Sun Tianhao exploded and shouted at them, "Since my sister isn’t even willing to talk to you, why do you keep stopping her? Are you going to use force?"

"No, no. We definitely don’t have such thoughts."

"You don’t have such thoughts? Do you think we’re fools? If not, why did you keep stopping our sister’s car?"


‘The ambassadors couldn’t explain themselves. Coupled with the fact that the higher-ups had just called to say that Chu Luo had alerted their country’s king, cold sweat couldn’t help but appear on their backs. Their original intention was to invite Chu Luo to have a cup of coffee and have a good chat. Why had things developed in such an uncontrollable direction?

Especially since someone from the Sun family had come.

Sun Tiancheng and Sun Tianhao had fierce expressions, looking like they would attack at any moment.

The ambassadors trembled even more.

"It’s all a misunderstanding, a misunderstanding."

‘The ambassador from Country J pressed his palms together and said sincerely, "We just wanted to treat Miss Chu to coffee. Unexpectedly, she didn’t want to see us at all. We were wrong."

"If my sister doesn’t want to see you, why are you still gathered here? Isn’t this obviously forcing her to see you?"

"No, no…"


Sun Tianhao snorted. The ambassador from Country J was rendered speechless.

Sun Tiancheng glanced at the passersby who were stopped by the guards and were craning their necks to watch the show as they discussed. He quietly nudged Sun Tianhao, reminding him that this wasn’t a place to flare up. ‘Then, he walked to Chu Luo’s car.

Chu Luo asked the chauffeur to lower the car window when Sun Tiancheng walked over.

"Second Brother."

"Sister, why don’t we find a place to sit down and listen to what these people want to talk to you about?"

While speaking, he gave her a look, his eyes saying: ‘It’s easier to deal with these people when no one is around.’

Chu Luo glanced at Anya, who was sleeping beside her.

Sun Tiancheng also saw it and said, "I have a clubhouse nearby. Let’s go over there. We can also let Princess Anya sleep well."

Chu Luo nodded.

"Alright, you can get the chauffeur to follow us later." After Sun Tiancheng finished speaking, he added, "Hurry up and wind up the car window. Don’t catch a cold."

After saying that, he turned around and walked back to tell the ambassadors his suggestion.

‘The ambassadors were definitely more than willing.

Everyone got into their respective cars and, led by the Sun brothers, went to a clubhouse that didn’t look much different from those outside the city’s suburbs. When they walked in, they saw that it was a clubhouse for firearms enthusiasts. ‘When the car arrived at the entrance of the clubhouse, Chu Luo woke Anya up.

Anya thought that they had arrived at the Li residence. She turned around and was stunned. "Chu, where is this?"

Chu Luo briefly told her what had happened.

‘When Anya heard this, she said in displeasure, "Do these people think you’re easy to talk to, so they don’t dare to look for others and specially came to look for you?"

At this point, she couldn’t help but laugh. She was gloating. "How do you think the kings will react after you send the news that these people are looking for you to their country’s official account?"

Chu Luo shrugged. "I don’t know their reaction. In any case, these people will definitely be in trouble when they go back."

"Haha, that’s right. I suspect that the king of their country doesn’t know about this at all. After you say that, the kings of the few countries will send someone to investigate… This will be a good show."

Chu Luo smiled. If these people weren’t so tactless, she wouldn’t have done this.

Everyone was led to a guest room by the Sun brothers.

The Sun brothers sat on both sides of Chu Luo, looking like they were protecting her.

Anya sat at the side and watched them as if she was just here to watch a show.

‘This made the four ambassadors sitting opposite the three of them feel an indescribable pressure.

Sun Tiancheng was the first to speak. "What do you have to say to my sister? You can speak now."

Sun Tianhao added, "The coffee is here too. My sister is usually very busy. Don’t waste her time."

‘The ambassadors had a lot to say, but after the call just now, they didn’t dare to say anything.

The K Nation ambassador subconsciously took out a tissue to wipe the cold sweat on his forehead and said, "Actually, it’s nothing major." Bang!

Sun Tianhao suddenly slammed the coffee table in front of him and his expression changed drastically.

"Nothing major? If it’s nothing major, why did you stop my sister’s car in public?"

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