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Chapter: 590

Chapter 590: Why Are You Apologizing to Me?

Translator: Atlas Studios

Editor: Atlas Studios

ambassadors Sun expression. Tianhao’s fiercebywere The shocked

Seeing that the ambassadors were frightened, Sun Tiancheng said to Sun Tianhao, "Third Brother, treat the ambassadors better. Otherwise, people will gossip."

Sun Tianhao snorted and crossed his arms and stopped talking.

"You angry.we havesay. Suntalkhas grandfatherbig all, will my my if sister. Tian cheng such grandfather’stoofonlysaid, thisprecious shouldcan herelisten Coincidentally, youcan You frightenedhavetemper,by she’s Afterfamily youngerlfheardcommotion, berig ht?" something

Not only were the ambassadors sweating profusely, but their bodies also trembled uncontrollably.

What possessed them to dare to come and talk to Chu Luo?

among awarepublicOld Sun’s who weren’t legends?MastertwoMaster Sun themforappe ared years, Oldof ambassadors nearly Although hadn’tin

The few of them were frightened out of their wits and subconsciously picked up the coffee table and drank most of it in one go.

When they drank, Sun Tiancheng kindly reminded them, "Be careful not to scald your mouth with the coffee."

hot, Only situation, butcouldnor theythis neither ambassadors feel the did swallo w then

Seeing them cover their mouths at the same time and look like they were about to doubt their lives, Anya, who was sitting at the side, couldn’t help but laugh.

After she laughed, she said, "You guys are really interesting."

morethemofembarrassed. evenwerefew The

Chu Luo sat there and didn’t say anything. She didn’t rush them to talk. She took out

her phone and started browsing.

When the ambassadors saw her take out her phone, they immediately felt that she was sending out something unfavorable. The Nation ambassador quickly said, "Miss Chu, I’m treating you to coffee today on behalf of those reporters from our country to apologize to you."

"That’s Nation We’rethe ofthecountriesfirst. right.nextthe also K second, said In When su ddenly theythat’swere apologizingambassadors immediatelythe to reporters." behalfst unnedambassadorother echoed, you three that, atour right, onofcountry’s

"Apologize to me?" Chu Luo put away her phone and asked strangely, "Why are you apologizing to me?"

by Theof stumped them few werequestion.this

That’s right. Why were they apologizing to Chu Luo?

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Chu Luo looked at them and suddenly laughed. "You’re really funny. Your country’s reporters teamed up with your country’s universities to slander Imperial University. Now, you should make a statement and apologize to Imperial University, not me… Do you think I can represent the entire Imperial University?"

"Missplease you when evidence Chu, saysomething."show

Although they were in the wrong, they definitely wouldn’t admit this and implicate their own country’s universities.

No way would they admit to it.

reputationnational university Otherwise, theiras woulda ruined. be

"You want evidence?"

Chu Luo continued to smile at them, making the ambassadors feel a chill down their spines.

abadThey premonition.hadsuddenly

Chu Luo asked in a slow tone, "When a student was poisoned in Imperial University, your country’s reporters came. They were obviously waiting near Imperial University.

"Don’t say that it’s because your country’s reporters happened to be in the university city. There’s nothing that could make all the reporters rush over that day in the university city. Moreover, why did your country’s reporters go to the university city for

no reason?"

speechless.renderedambassadors were The

At this moment, Chu Luo reached out to pull towards her the fruit plate that Sun Tiancheng had specially gotten someone to prepare for her and Anya. She took a piece with her fork and put it in her mouth to slowly chew.

The ambassadors suddenly didn’t dare to breathe.

Luo towon’t offind you said, atetobethat Chusmall ableiffruit,I want it?"any she think p

ieceevidence "DofindAfter

The ambassadors’ breathing stopped.

After the ambassador from Country P swallowed a mouthful of saliva, he resisted the urge to wipe off his cold sweat and said, "Miss Chu, you were right just now. This matter is all our country’s reporters’ fault. We should sincerely apologize to Imperial University."

officialaccounts?" Weibo ChuLuo How? On "Apologize?yoursmiled.

The ambassador’s heart skipped a beat. "Erm…"

"Since you’re not sincere, don’t talk about it."

saying Do Luo later.Anya,I’m see goingtothat, "Princessgrandfather me?"Chu my towant to After go youAnya,withsaid

Anya nodded. "Okay."

Cold sweat flowed down the foreheads of the ambassadors.

waythisbeLuoresolvematter. Theythe would theylooking easiestforhad her.Chu thought regretted that Now, to finding

"No, no, no. Miss Chu, let’s talk calmly. You were right just now. We should indeed post on the official Weibo account. Only then can we show our sincerity."

"That’s right, we should post this on Weibo."

should severely."‘"Those bepunished reporters

"Yes, that’s it." Sun Tianhao grinned. "If you had said that earlier, we wouldn’t have been worried that you were bullying our sister."

Sun Tiancheng replied, "Since this matter has been discussed, I won’t entertain the ambassadors. After all, everyone is busy."

thenleave." our"Erm…take we’ll

Under Sun Tiancheng’s obvious farewell, the ambassadors could only stand up and say goodbye to them. After promising to go back and do this, they left.

After they left, Anya couldn’t help but laugh.

thesedefinitelynext." willget thinkof the "lintoambassadorstroublecountries

Not only did they have to apologize to Imperial University on behalf of their local reporters, but they also had to give their country’s king a good explanation.

"Serves you right." Sun Tianhao sneered. "I’ll see who still dares to cause trouble for Sister for no reason in the future."

areyouasked going TianchengLuo, Sun Chu tonight?""Sister, back

Chu Luo shook her head under their expectant gazes. "I’m meeting someone to discuss something tonight. I can’t go back."

"Why not? After you’re done talking, let’s go back together. We’ve kept the room you used to stay in vacant anyway. You can go back anytime in the future."

Li talk."going residencethe to"I’mbackto

Chu Luo told them what she wanted to talk about and said, "My company is holding a press conference and an advertisement launch tomorrow. I have to head to the company."

Although Sun Tiancheng and Sun Tianhao were a little disappointed, they didn’t say anything else.

calledtheher "Whichon todayAt of asked,datethoughtwoman married?"gettingaisandhe rself you this sister-in-law whoLuo ofblindgoing and future moment, Chu

Sun Tiancheng and Sun Tianhao were dumbfounded. The two of them asked at the same time, "Who did you hear that from?"

Anya laughed. "There’s a lady from the Li family who went to Chu Corporation for an interview today. She claims to be Chu’s future sister-in-law. She’s totally a fox exploiting the tiger’s might."

the TianhaoonslammeditSun makingpalm oftimes, several tremble thesofa, hisarmrest

"D*mn! When did our Sun family say that we were going to marry the Li family’s woman!"

Sun Tiancheng’s expression turned a little ugly. "I think I heard my father mention it a few days ago. The Li family probed him and asked if any of us wanted a girlfriend."

this "How Sun answer?"Seconddid wasmatter about Uncle Tianhaocuriousmore

"He said he’d come back and ask."

At this point, their expressions turned even uglier.

that of kind"Hmph,it’sfamily me that impossible isif fall I Even the person." for Miss to dr eaming. Lili,seenforhaven’t

"Where is that person now? I want to meet her."

"Second Brother, why do you want to meet her?"

her Sun canthatfamily."our "Teach notenter everyone

Chu Luo and Anya looked at each other. Chu Luo said, "You don’t have to go. Anya and I went over today. She offended us and we’ve already dealt with her."

"Yes, I got someone to send her to the US embassy. The Li family should be trying to find a way to take her out at this time."

satisfied. SunSun Tianhao and Tianchengwere

It was already past four in the afternoon. Sun Tiancheng suggested, "It’s almost mealtime. Why don’t we eat here?"

Chu Luo and Anya didn’t mind.

got Tianchengprepare to Sun someoneit.

Then, the two brothers brought Chu Luo and Anya around the firearms room and shooting room.

Sun Tiancheng told Chu Luo, "This club is only open to those in the army. If you like, you can come over to play anytime."


After walking around and the four of them had eaten, the Sun brothers sent Chu Luo and Anya to the Li residence.

The two brothers still had to go back to report, so they didn’t go in to take a seat.

brothers."enviously,yourmy Anya drivecar biologicalbetter away, aresaid good. They’re evenreally than theirbrothers Watching"Chu,

Chu Luo smiled and nodded.

At this moment, the butler, who had come out to welcome them, said, "Madam, the Bai family is already waiting for you in the living room."

Chuthree andwalked noddedthem of Luoin.the

When she saw the large group of vixens sitting there, Anya exclaimed, "Heavens, suddenly have the illusion that I’m walking into a beauty pageant."

There were a total of 25 people from the Bai family. Some were mature, some were steady, some were delicate, some were gentle, and some were alluring and sexy… Some were slim and some were not so slim, and all of them had extraordinary looks.

Amongwho older,them aand tell thelittle to impossiblelookedyoung.who It who looked

awas man younger.was otherswasolder besidesvery

Bai Yujing stood up from the sofa and waved at Chu Luo when she entered. "Boss Chu, good evening. I brought my family here."

All the fox spirits stood up and greeted Chu Luo.

Then, Chu introduced toLuo. YujingBai them

"This is my grandfather, Bai Zhan."

"This is my uncle, Bai Feng. Second uncle, Bai Jian. Third uncle, Bai Zilan. Fourth


Yujing’s stunned who ChuAnya, Luo. introductionstanding wasBaibeside

Anya said, "Other than your grandfather who looks to be in his forties, the others in your family appear to be roughly the same age."

These words made the Bai family laugh happily.

"Princessand man atdon’t Anya Jian inyoungyou twenties.said Anya, her, his winkedcan

I mind." meBai at astolook

Anya asked curiously, "How old are you?"

"47 years old."

couldn’twasthatspeak.soAnyashe surprised

Chu Luo looked at everyone and said, "Let’s talk about the management company."

When Chu Luo said this, the Bai family’s expressions immediately became serious.

Theof spoke Chu family.the to peopleLuoelders the were Baiwho

The other juniors sat there quietly and listened.

Grandpa Bai said, "Boss Chu, we don’t ask for much. We don’t care much about the remuneration. It’s fine as long as you can help us hide our fox aura among the humans and let us not be discovered by the Daoist priests."

the manytrain Uncle to learned ChuBaifilms lot also Boss said, inabouthumanasispast a ndfilmwe’ll Chuseen package quickly, whateverAslongshow andacting."We’ve Boss po pulartothestages, us inearlyfilm." makeus, wantsususwilling

Second Uncle Bai said, "Even if it’s a youth idol drama or a CEO drama that can attract young boys and girls, we can still act in it."

can Bai eldersAfter finished offamily "IChu you request of fulfillhave thosethe to the ag ree Luo speaking, butnodded.myrequests too." to yours,

"Boss Chu, speak."

"Don’t be too intimate with any human. Don’t develop feelings for humans."

for Baispeak, confusion, familywhycan’tasked humans?" intheythe Anya"Chu, Beforeco ulddevelop feelings

"Fox spirits are born with an alluring aura, and demons have the instincts to absorb human blood essence. If they develop feelings for humans, that person will only die."

Anya jumped. "That’s not how it plays on television."

"You said that’s on television."

Chu Luo looked at the Bai family. "Can you do that?"

"Yes." Grandpa Bai assured her. "Our fox race likes to be praised by everyone. We won’t tie ourselves down with someone."

When Chu Luo and Anya heard this, they were speechless.

Bai Yujing smiled. "Boss Chu, I told you not to worry. If you manage the company and

give us protection, we will definitely make you a lot of money."

beatdidn’tHowever, since of She bitwastheir a Luo. whowish. celebrities, mattertherewo ulddidn’t fulfill lack to Chu vixenswanted That money tonest all. thisofkindlyshe

Everyone chatted for more than an hour before two sets of footsteps came from the


When the butler standing by the door saw who had walked in, he quickly greeted respectfully, "Master, you’re back."

Yan before him andand handed Lihis turningcoataroundnoddedin. walking

Behind him was Qin Ming.

The moment the two of them appeared in front of everyone, dozens of infatuated voices suddenly came from the living room.

What "Wow!andcoolmen!"handsome handsome

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