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Chapter: 638

Beibei was delighted.

At this moment, the office door was pushed open.

Chu Luo looked at Li Yan and smiled at him.

Li Yan put down his laptop on the desk and walked over to kiss Chu Luo on the cheek.

On the other end of the video, Beibei covered her eyes with a petite hand. "Shy, shy. Daddy is kissing Mommy."

Chu Luo nudged Li Yan with her elbow in dissatisfaction. "Beibei is watching."

Li Yan took the phone from her hand and said to Beibei sternly, "Beibei didn’t see anything."

Unexpectedly, Beibei really cooperated. "Beibei didn’t see anything."

Chu Luo couldn’t help but laugh.

After laughing, she said to Li Yan, "Do you want to pack something? We’ll leave after you’re done."

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Li Yan then handed her his phone.

Chu Luo continued to talk to Beibei. Li Yan went to put away the information, took his coat, and walked out of the office with Chu Luo.

When they walked into the elevator, Li Yan tilted his head and said to Chu Luo in a low voice, "We’ll stay at the Sun residence tonight."

When Chu Luo heard this, she knew what the man was up to. She said, "You want to let Beibei sleep with the others huh. She’s going to feel aggrieved and come look for us in the middle of the night again."

"No she won’t, with Snowball’s company."

Chu Luo looked at him in confusion.

Li Yan lowered his head and kissed her on the lips. "We haven’t been intimate for a few days."

"That’s why you sent Beibei to the Sun residence so early in the morning."



When Chu Luo and Li Yan arrived at the Sun residence, Beibei was waiting by the door while being carried by Sun Tianhao.

Sun Tianhao hugged her with one hand and held an umbrella with the other. Their expressions were simply the same.

The moment she saw the two of them enter, Beibei happily wrapped her arms around Sun Tianhao’s neck and shook him. "Third Uncle, Daddy and Mommy are here."

She then extended her arms to Li Yan. "Daddy, hug hug."

Li Yan quickly took Beibei from him and chided her, "It’s raining outside. Why did you ask your third uncle to carry you and wait by the door?"

Beibei rubbed her face against his fawningly.

Just as Li Yan’s heart melted, she said, "I wanted to see Daddy and Mommy as soon as possible."

She then let go of Li Yan and wanted Chu Luo to hug her.

Li Yan hugged her tightly and said, "Mommy is tired. Daddy will carry you."

Chu Luo, who was about to hug Beibei: "…"

The four of them arrived in the living room. The others from the Sun family were all waiting for the two of them.

There had been a few additions to the Sun family in the past few years, and it was even more lively than before.

When Old Master Sun saw Beibei being carried in by Li Yan, he glared at Sun Tianhao. "I said not to carry Little Sweetie out. What if she gets drenched and catches a cold?"

"Great Grandpa, don’t scold Third Uncle. I asked Third Uncle to secretly carry me out."

Sun Tianhao was extremely touched. He felt that Beibei was simply a heartwarming little darling.

How could Old Master Sun continue to stay angry after hearing Beibei’s adorable voice? He waved his hand. "Let’s eat first. Don’t let Luoluo and Beibei starve."

Everyone sat down to eat at Old Master’s command.

Beibei had her special kid’s chair and kid’s meal. Eldest Master Sun and Second Young Master Sun had also gotten married and now had children.

But they were all boys.

The Sun family’s method of raising boys was to leave them be and let them take care of themselves.

Although the two little men were a little younger than Beibei, the women from the Sun family fought to feed Beibei.

The adults could eat later, so the madams served her first.

After Beibei was done eating, she smiled at the madams warmly. "Thank you, First Grand-Aunt, Second Grand-Aunt, Third Grand-Aunt."

"Oh my gosh, my sweetheart. Why is our Beibei so sensible?" Third Madam couldn’t stand it anymore and clutched her heart.

First Madam smiled and asked, "Beibei, do you want to drink some milk or eat some fruit?"

Beibei nodded. "Yes. Beibei wants fruits. My two younger brothers want milk."

"Okay, First Grand-Aunt will go get it for you immediately."

First Madam gave Beibei some fruits and three bottles of milk before sitting down to eat.

After the meal, Beibei didn’t want anyone to carry her except Chu Luo or Li Yan.

Everyone knew she wanted to sleep.

"Why are you so tired at this time? Did you forget to take a nap today?" Chu Luo pinched her nose.

Beibei gave her a fawning smile. "I was so happy to see Great-Grandpa that I couldn’t sleep."

"Hahaha… my Beibei’s mouth is smeared with honey." Old Master Sun laughed happily.

Li Yan carried her and she fell asleep after settling into a comfortable position.

After the child fell asleep, the three masters of the Sun family called Chu Luo and Li Yan to the study.

The moment they arrived at the study, their expressions became serious.

Eldest Master Sun said to the two of them, "Recently, our people found out that their people have started to be arrogant again. The boy received reliable news that someone has designs on Beibei."

The entire world knew that Beibei was their sweetheart. There were some people who wanted to use Beibei to make Li Yan or Chu Luo submit.


Hearing this, Chu Luo snorted. "Those people really don’t give up. Looks like we didn’t deal them big enough a blow three years ago."

Third Master Sun slammed the table and said loudly, "If anyone dares to have designs on our Beibei, I’ll make them regret living in this world."

Li Yan’s expression was very dark and he quickly exuded a murderous aura. "Some people are restless again. Since they’re courting death, I’ll send them on their way."

The three masters of the Sun family looked at each other.

Eldest Master Sun asked, "Li Yan, do you know who has designs on Beibei?"

"Mm, business opponents," Li Yan said. "A group of clowns who can’t see their own limits."

"That’s good." Since they knew who it was, the three masters heaved a sigh of relief.

Second Master Sun said, "Why don’t we take advantage of this time and destroy their lair? These people are simply rats in a smelly gutter. We’ve got to eliminate them for good."

Li Yan had the same thought.

The five of them discussed this matter.

After about an hour, someone knocked on the study door. Then, Third Madam’s pained voice came. "Little Chu, Beibei’s feeling aggrieved after she woke up and didn’t see you. You’d better come out and coax her."

When Chu Luo heard this, she walked over and opened the door.

Beibei was being hugged by the Third Madam. In her arms, she was pouting her little lips and there was moisture in her big eyes. She looked like she was about to cry, and it made one’s heart ache.

"Mommy, hug hug."

Chu Luo walked out and hugged her. She kissed her petite face and asked, "Why did you suddenly wake up?"

Beibei, who started feeling sleepy the moment she lay on her shoulder, said aggrievedly, "A big monster ran into my dream. I was so scared that I woke up."

"Oh my precious, why didn’t you tell Third Grand-Aunt that you had a nightmare? Don’t be afraid, don’t be afraid. Dreams are often the reverse of reality."

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