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Chapter: 640

"Hey, why are you carrying me?"

"Take a shower with me."


"We’ll just be faster."

By the time the two of them came out of the bathroom, it was already two hours later.

The first thing Chu Luo did after being placed on the bed was turn around to look at Beibei.

Seeing that she was sleeping soundly, she heaved a sigh of relief.

Li Yan went over to cover Beibei with the blanket and got into bed to hug Chu Luo. He leaned his chin on her head and chuckled.

Chu Luo poked his chest in dissatisfaction. "What’s so funny?"

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Li Yan massaged her waist and said, "Looks like our Beibei has grown up. In the future, we don’t have to worry about her waking up halfway like before."

Chu Luo subconsciously thought of how this man had been interrupted many times in the past. Even if he had to hold it in, he would coax his daughter. Recalling this, she couldn’t help but laugh.

She wrapped her arms around his neck and pressed her cheek against his. The two of them said a few intimate words before Chu Luo asked, "How did your discussion go? Are you going to fish out the people from the assassin organization?"


More than three years ago, Prince Philip and Earl Adrian engaged people from assassin organizations and Li Yan did the same. In the end, both sides served their respective employers, allowing Li Yan to deal with many people from assassin organizations.

Coupled with the fact that Qin Ming had conducted a major cleanup of all the assassin organizations in France, causing them to suffer heavy losses, they had been silent for three years.

Chu Luo thought, "Maybe they’ve been silent for too long and have run out of money."

At this point, she snorted. "Coincidentally, I haven’t had the time to test out the combat strength and invisibility of the batch of robots I made previously. I’ll let these people be their experimental subjects."

Li Yan hugged her tightly and looked past her at Beibei, who was sleeping in the child bed. "Arrange more robots to protect Beibei."

Even though he knew that no one could do anything to Beibei while she was under their protection, Li Yan was still a little worried.

Chu Luo nodded and raised her hand to stroke his chest. She said, "Don’t worry. Beibei can sense danger. She also has the Safety Talisman I gave her. As long as she’s not willing, no one can take her away."


The next day, Chu Luo was woken up by the dumpling in her arms and the dumpling on her neck.

She hugged the dumpling in her arms tightly with one hand and lifted the dumpling around her neck with the other to place it on the dumpling in her arms.

Beibei immediately giggled.

Chu Luo opened her eyes and looked at Beibei, who was smiling sweetly, then at Snowball, who was rolling about in Beibei’s arms. She couldn’t help but smile and pinch Beibei’s red face. She asked, "Why didn’t you go out and play with others when you woke up? Where’s your father?"

"Daddy was called away by the uncles. Beibei specially came to wake Mommy up to eat."

Hearing this, Chu Luo was a little embarrassed.

She deliberately messed up Beibei’s hair which was tied into two buns.

Indeed, this incurred the displeasure of the little girl who liked to be pretty. "Bad Mommy. This is the beautiful hairstyle Grand-Aunts gave Beibei."

"Aiya, I’m really sorry. Why don’t Mommy get up and help you fix it?"

Beibei pretended to think for a while and even stole a glance to see if Chu Luo had sincerely realized her mistake.

Chu Luo quickly revealed a sincere expression.

Beibei nodded. "Alright, Mommy can’t mess up Beibei’s beautiful hairstyle again."

Chu Luo suppressed her laughter and quickly guaranteed, "Definitely not."

Satisfied, Beibei crawled out of her arms.

Today was a sunny day. When the mother-and-daughter duo went out, Sun Tianyu and Sun Tiancheng’s sons were playing in the courtyard.

When they saw Beibei, they strode over.

One of the two kids was only two years old, and the other was only a year and a half old. They were shorter than Beibei. After they came over, they looked at Beibei expectantly.

"Sister Beibei, why don’t you play with us?"

Beibei nodded and led one by the hand forward.

Chu Luo followed behind the three kids. Not long after they left, Sun Tianhao and his brothers came over from the side for their morning practice. When they saw Beibei, they went over and surrounded her.

Beibei greeted them politely, "Hello, Eldest Uncle, Second Uncle, Third Uncle, Fourth Uncle, Fifth Uncle."

"Baby, let Fourth Uncle carry you. Don’t go back today. Fourth Uncle will take you out to play."

"Fourth Brother, get up. Beibei, let Third Uncle carry you. Third Uncle will give you candy."

Chu Luo watched as the men fought to carry Beibei. She laughed and walked up. "Beibei, walk by yourself. We’ve almost reached the living room."

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