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Chapter: 641

Beibei, who was wondering who to let carry her, heard this and quickly nodded. "Right. I want to walk by myself."

After saying that, she held the two kids’ hands and walked forward first.

Chu Luo and the Sun brothers followed behind them.

Sun Tiancheng said, "Sister, the capital has been a little unstable recently. You and Li Yan should pay more attention."

Sun Tianhao quickly added, "Sister, why don’t you leave Beibei at the Sun residence? It’s safer that way."

The others agreed.

Chu Luo didn’t agree or disagree. "You can ask Beibei for her opinion. If she’s willing to stay here, I don’t mind."

The men really went to ask Beibei.

Beibei had been chatting happily with Old Master Sun. Hearing their question, she quickly shook her head. "No, Beibei wants to follow Daddy and Mommy."

"Daddy and Mommy will be back after work tonight."

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Beibei still shook her head.

Although she was usually obedient and sensible, there was nothing even Old Master Sun could do when she got stubborn sometimes.

In the end, Beibei followed Chu Luo and Li Yan.

Since Chu Luo was going to school, Beibei usually followed Li Yan.

However, Li Yan had an international meeting to host today. This kind of meeting had to be held for half a day, so Beibei followed Chu Luo.

When the mother-and-daughter duo arrived at Imperial University, the entire campus erupted.

Even the school’s broadcast said, "Important news, important news. Our Little Princess Beibei is at Imperial University today. Everyone, quickly go back and wash your hands, disinfect, and change into a set of presentable clothes."

Don’t think that this was a joke. Everyone really did it.

"Hurry, hurry, hurry. It’s not easy for Little Cutie Beibei to come to Imperial University. This time, I must show my face in front of her."

"Aiya, where did my chocolate go? My friend sent it to me from France. I want to give it to Little Princess Beibei."

Chu Luo and Beibei didn’t know what everyone was doing in private.

The moment Beibei was brought to Imperial University, she happily wrapped her arms around Chu Luo’s neck and looked around.

After returning from Death Island and before giving birth to Beibei, Chu Luo had completed her undergraduate studies and graduated from graduate school. After giving birth to Beibei, she returned to school half a year later and finished her PhD in two months. In the end, under the fervent invitation of the school’s heads, she stayed on at Imperial University.

In the blink of an eye, more than two years had passed. Previously, she had mostly been doing research and hadn’t been conducting any lectures.

It wasn’t until this year that she prepared to be evaluated as a professor at Imperial University under the intense request of the school’s heads. She would be teaching students and holding lectures.

Chu Luo brought Beibei to her office.

After she put Beibei down, she said to Roundy, "Roundy, take Beibei to play for a while. I’ll prepare some information."

Yesterday, she had said that she would go back and prepare the experimental data. She hadn’t expected to have no time for that after going to the Sun residence. She decided she might as well organize it now.

"Yes, Mistress."

Roundy had a way with Beibei and would play with Beibei whatever she wanted.

Beibei really wanted to go out and play today, so she secretly glanced at Chu Luo, who was sitting there busy. She quietly said to Roundy, "Roundy, I want to go out to play."

Roundy definitely obliged. He picked up Beibei and said to Chu Luo, "Mistress, I’ll take Little Mistress out to play for a while."

Chu Luo didn’t even look up. "Don’t go too far. Don’t accept anything given by others."

"Got it, Mommy."

"Got it, Mistress."

Beibei and Roundy responded at the same time and left.

Chu Luo looked up when the door was closed. This wasn’t the first time Beibei had come to Imperial University and wanted to go out and play. With Roundy and Snowball accompanying her, she felt reassured.

Indeed, as soon as Beibei went out, many female teachers handed her snacks. Beibei waved her hand and refused them all. Then, she said with an adult-like expression, "Mommy said that children can’t eat too much snacks. Otherwise, their teeth will rot."

The faces of the female teachers immediately softened at her adorable reaction.

Fortunately, class was about to start, and the group of female teachers surrounding her could only leave reluctantly.

After going one round with Beibei, Roundy was about to walk back with her.

Suddenly, a flustered boy ran over.

Perhaps because the boy was in too much of a hurry, he didn’t look at the road in front and was about to bump into them.

Reacting quickly, Roundy extended a mechanical arm and stopped him.



All the books in the boy’s hand fell to the ground.

He quickly squatted down to pick up the books and said apologetically, "Sorry, I didn’t see anyone in front."

Beibei looked at him and pointed at the books in his hand curiously. "What books are those?"

"Oh, I borrowed a few books about antiques from the Archeology Department."

Beibei stared at his books.

Seeing that she was staring at it, the boy smiled and handed her one of the books. "Little Princess Beibei, if you like, I can lend you one to read first. You can get someone to return it to me after you’re done reading it."

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