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Chapter: 643

"What trouble?"

"I wonder if that prince from Nation S is crazy. Previously, at a banquet, I accidentally mistook him as a pervert and beat him up. He actually clung to me and said that I was the most special woman he had ever seen and that he had to woo me.

"Heavens, to think such a thing could happen to me—a domineering CEO actually fell in love with me like that."

Chu Luo didn’t know whether to laugh or sympathize with her.

She suddenly remembered that her third brother had said that he would pursue Yu Tong. Later on, that kind of thing happened, so the matter was left unsettled.

Chu Luo didn’t mention this matter and only asked, "Then when do you plan to come back?"

Yu Tong: "I’ve already alighted."


This woman was as efficient as ever.

Chu Luo asked again, "Do you need me to get someone to pick you up? I’m at Imperial University now. Do you want to come over?"

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Yu Tong: "No need to pick me up. I’ll take a taxi to Imperial University to look for you."

After saying that, she asked, "Is the little baby Beibei with you?"

Chu Luo glanced at Beibei, who was sitting obediently in her arms, and said with a smile, "She’s here."

Beibei seemed to know that she was talking about her and immediately looked up at her.

Chu Luo said to her, "Your Auntie Tongtong is back. Are you happy?"

Although Yu Tong was overseas, she would video-call Beibei every few days. Not only was Beibei not unfamiliar with her, but she also liked her a lot.

She quickly nodded and replied loudly, "I do, I do."

When Yu Tong heard Beibei’s answer on the phone, she was so happy that she wished she could fly over immediately.

When Yu Tong finally arrived, it was already more than an hour later.

The moment she saw the two of them, the first thing she did was hug Beibei and not let go.

"My gosh, my darling, little sweetheart, sweetie. Auntie Tongtong finally doesn’t have to look at you through the screen anymore. Muack ~"

Beibei tilted her head back from Yu Tong’s kisses.

Chu Luo couldn’t stand it anymore and reminded Yu Tong, who had kissed her daughter’s face a few times. "Yu Tong, restrain yourself."

Only then did Yu Tong stop.

After she played with Beibei for a while, Chu Luo asked, "You suddenly came back. Do you have a place to stay?"

Yu Tong shook her head. "No. I left in a hurry and didn’t prepare anything."

Chu Luo nodded. "Imperial University gave me an apartment to rest in. You can stay there for the time being."

"Really?" Yu Tong looked grateful. "Chu Luo, thank you so much. In order to repay your kindness in taking me in, I…"

As she spoke, she looked at Beibei, who was in her arms and blinking her big glass-like eyes at her. She grinned and said, "I’ll help you take care of Beibei. I can do it all the time."

After saying that, she wanted to carry her away.

Chu Luo saw through her thoughts and glanced at her. "Dream on."

She stood up. "Let’s go. I’ll send you to the apartment first. Aren’t you tired after such a long flight?"

"I’m not tired. I’m not tired after seeing little cutie Beibei."

"Beibei likes Auntie Tongtong too."

"My gosh, little cutie, why are you such a darling?"

As they walked out of the office building, Chu Luo said to her, "Let Beibei come down and walk by herself for a while. Otherwise, you’ll be tired carrying her."

Yu Tong couldn’t bear to let go. "It’s okay, I can carry her."

However, she couldn’t walk for long. "Beibei, little cutie, come down and Auntie Tongtong will hold your hand and walk, okay?"

When Chu Luo heard this, the corners of her lips couldn’t help but twitch.

Beibei was a considerate little darling. When Yu Tong asked this, she nodded and agreed. "Okay, Auntie Tongtong."

Yu Tong put Beibei down and led her forward.

As she walked, she told Chu Luo about her work abroad.

"Don’t worry. Although I suddenly came back, I definitely won’t neglect my work over there."

Chu Luo wasn’t worried about this at all. She was worried about something else. "If Prince Abel woos his way here, how will you resolve it?"

Yu Tong snorted. "Since we’re in my territory, why should I be afraid of him? If he really pursues me, I’ll get married on the spot with a good-looking man."

Chu Luo was silent for a few seconds before asking awkwardly, "Who?"

Yu Tong smiled at her. "Whoever’s pleasing to the eye. In any case, I won’t marry a foreign man."

Chu Luo couldn’t help but laugh.

Yu Tong was beautiful and had a cheerful personality. There were men pursuing her wherever she went. However, her principle was that she wouldn’t date those who didn’t catch her fancy, and also, she wouldn’t date foreign men.

"I really wonder if anyone can catch your eye."

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