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Chapter: 644

Yu Tong shrugged. "So what if I don’t? In any case, I can do anything a man can do. I can do whatever I want alone. Why must I find a man? It’s fine if I find a man who’s compatible with me, but if I find someone who’s inferior to me in all aspects, won’t I be torturing myself?"

Chu Luo agreed with this, so the two of them didn’t continue this topic.

After walking for a while, Beibei got tired. She tugged at Chu Luo’s clothes and wheedled, "Mommy, hug me."

"Gosh, baby, are you tired? Let Auntie Tongtong carry you."

With that, she wanted to hug her again.

Chu Luo picked Beibei up first. Looking at her petite body and tired dark eye circles, she said, "I’ll carry Beibei. What do you want to eat? I’ll get Roundy to buy lunch for us and send it to the apartment."

Yu Tong was really tired, so she said a few dishes that she wanted to eat. Chu Luo also named two dishes and asked Roundy to buy them.

The two of them arrived at the apartment.

Looking at the warm living room, Yu Tong collapsed on the sofa.

Chu Luo carried Beibei and placed her on the sofa, then asked her, "Beibei, are you thirsty? Mommy will pour you some water."

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"Thank you, Mommy."

Beibei carried Snowball and sat properly. Seeing that Yu Tong was so tired, she placed Snowball on the sofa and took off her shoes. She then walked to her side and said, "Auntie Tongtong, Snowball and I will massage you."

Yu Tong was instantly touched to death. She took off her shoes and lay on her stomach, not standing on ceremony. "Thank you, little darling Beibei."

When Chu Luo came over with two glasses of water, Beibei was massaging Yu Tong’s shoulder, and Snowball was stepping on her legs. That scene was a little comical.

Especially since Yu Tong was still groaning in comfort. "Not bad, not bad. It’s comfortable. Darling Beibei is amazing."

"Hehe." Children liked to play to begin with. Hearing Yu Tong’s praise, Beibei worked even harder.

Chu Luo laughed. She walked over and asked, "Beibei, who taught you how to massage? Why haven’t you massaged Mommy?"

Beibei turned around and smiled at her fawningly with a serious expression. "Auntie Anya told Brother Momo that girls are used to being pampered. When she’s tired, Brother Momo has to be considerate and help her massage… Mommy has Daddy to dote on her. Auntie Tongtong dotes on everyone. She’s so pitiful. I want to help her massage."


Yu Tong choked and pretended to look hurt. "Darling Beibei is right. No one dotes on Auntie Tongtong or loves her. I’m so pitiful."

Beibei tilted her head and thought for a while before saying to her, "Then Beibei will dote on Auntie Tongtong in the future."

Again, Yu Tong was extremely touched.

Chu Luo couldn’t help but smile when she saw her daughter say this seriously.

Yu Tong definitely wouldn’t let Beibei massage her seriously. After Beibei played for a while, she sat up.

Roundy quickly bought the food back. After the three of them ate, Chu Luo still had to go to the laboratory in the afternoon.

Yu Tong volunteered to help her take care of Beibei.

Coincidentally, Beibei was going to take a two-hour nap at noon, so Chu Luo agreed.

She left Roundy behind and said to Tong, "You don’t have to specially take care of Beibei. I’ll get the butler to come over later. If Beibei wakes up before you do, the butler will take good care of Beibei."

Yu Tong gave her an OK sign.

Chu Luo left.

After Chu Luo left, Yu Tong and Beibei played for a while before the two of them fell asleep.

Two hours later, Beibei woke up on time. She glanced at Yu Tong, who was sleeping beside her. Seeing that it wasn’t Chu Luo, she got off the bed and walked out of the bedroom.

When she walked out, she saw the butler sitting there and ran over.

"Uncle Butler."

"Miss, why didn’t you put on your shoes after waking up?"

The butler picked her up lovingly and asked Roundy to bring her shoes to put on her. He asked, "Miss, are you going to wait for Madam to come out of the laboratory, or are you going home with me?"

Beibei wanted to go home, but she was worried that Yu Tong would look for her when she got up. Her petite face was filled with conflict.

The butler smiled and said, "Miss, don’t worry. If you want to go home, I’ll write a note to Miss Yu Tong."

Beibei nodded at him. "Then I’m going home. I want to go to the villa at the back to see flowers. Snowball is hungry, too."


The butler left Yu Tong a note and left with Beibei.

At around four in the afternoon, Sun Tianhao called Chu Luo.

He happened to be in the university city and wanted to play with Beibei for a while, so he asked her where Beibei was.

Chu Luo wasn’t sure, so she said to him, "She might be in my apartment now. Yu Tong is taking care of her."

"Yu Tong?" Sun Tianhao was a little surprised. "That fiery girl I said I was going to woo a few years ago?"

"That’s right."

Sun Tianhao was a little pained. "What a pity. I originally planned to woo her, but I didn’t expect that something like that would have happened later. By the time I had time, she had already gone overseas… Sister, does she have a boyfriend now?"


Sun Tianhao chuckled on the phone and said, "Got it. I won’t disturb you then. I’ll go there directly."

With that, he hung up.

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