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Chapter: 646

"What are you trying to do… Ooh…"

Her chin was immediately pinched.

Her lips were sealed, pried open, and brazenly attacked.

Shocked and dumbfounded, Yu Tong looked at the face that was so close that it was almost impossible to see it clearly, and the pair of sharp eyes that were flickering with light.

Yu Tong’s mind exploded.

Her body seemed to have been electrocuted.

That feeling was indescribable.


It actually felt good.

With this awareness, Yu Tong wrapped her arms around his neck.

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Their roles were now reversed.


When Sun Tianhao was pushed out and the door closed in front of him, he rubbed his mouth with his thumb and grinned.

After that, he slammed the door and said to the woman inside loudly, "Yu Tong, you’ve taken away my first kiss, which I’ve kept for 25 years. I’m yours now. Don’t even think of shirking your responsibility."

Leaning against the door and pressing against her pounding heart, when Yu Tong heard this, her expression changed several times. In the end, she covered her ears and ran into the bedroom.

The person who took the initiative just now definitely wasn’t her.

When had she become so desperate?

To have actually done that to a lecher.

When Chu Luo came over to call Yu Tong, she realized that she was sitting on the sofa with her face in her hands, looking like she was thinking about life.

"Yu Tong."

Chu Luo called out to her.

Yu Tong actually didn’t come back to her senses.

Chu Luo walked to her side and tapped her forehead with a finger.

Yu Tong was startled.

"Hah… Chu Luo, it’s you."

"What are you thinking about so seriously?"

"Nothing?" Yu Tong was too embarrassed to say it, so she changed the topic and asked, "You’re off work?"

"Mm, I came to ask you to come to my house for dinner with me."

Yu Tong nodded and stood up to get her bag. The two of them walked out of the door.

Chu Luo and Li Yan basically still lived in the villa at Imperial Sky Park.

The car stopped outside the gate of the villa. As the two of them walked through the gate, a worried voice came from inside. "Darling Beibei, don’t run so fast. Otherwise, you’ll fall."

Yu Tong suddenly stopped when she heard this voice.

Chu Luo stopped and looked at her in confusion. "Why did you stop?"

Yu Tong opened her mouth and asked after a few seconds, "Chu Luo, who was the person who spoke just now?"

"My third brother, Sun Tianhao. Didn’t you meet him back in school?"

After Chu Luo asked this, Yu Tong’s expression was extremely fascinating.

At this moment, Sun Tianhao walked out of the door with Beibei in his arms. When he saw Yu Tong standing beside Chu Luo, he raised his eyebrows and smiled at her.

When Beibei saw the two of them, he shouted happily, "Mommy, Auntie Tongtong."

As Sun Tianhao carried Beibei towards them, he said to Beibei, "Beibei, from now on, call Auntie Tongtong ‘Third Aunt’."

Beibei blinked her big glass-like eyes in confusion.

Yu Tong exploded. "Sun Tianhao, don’t spout nonsense in front of Beibei."

"Yo, you finally know my name. You’re not calling me a lecher anymore?"

Yu Tong blushed and flew into a rage out of humiliation. She walked over angrily.

Beibei’s big eyes darted between their faces. When Yu Tong approached, she extended her arms to her. "Auntie Tongtong, hug hug."

Yu Tong’s aura instantly deflated when Beibei extended her arms to her.

She reached out to hug Beibei and kissed her cheek lovingly. She asked, "Why didn’t you wake Auntie up when you woke up at noon?"

"Auntie Tongtong was tired and needed to sleep."

Yu Tong was extremely touched and kissed her cheek again.

Chu Luo walked over and said with a smile, "Let’s go in and eat."

Yu Tong carried Beibei and the few of them walked into the villa.

Sun Tianhao walked beside her and deliberately asked Beibei, "Beibei, do you think it’s a good idea to let your Auntie Tongtong be your third aunt?"

Tongtong seemed to understand. "Third Uncle wants to marry Auntie Tongtong?"

"That’s right."

"Hey! Sun Tianhao, enough is enough!"

Sun Tianhao pretended not to hear Yu Tong’s warning and said to Beibei, "If your Auntie Tongtong marries me, we’ll be a family from now on. Would you like that?"

Beibei nodded. "Yes."

Yu Tong couldn’t stand it anymore and stopped.

Under Sun Tianhao and Beibei’s gazes, she sent Beibei into his arms.

Sun Tianhao quickly carried her.

Yu Tong glared at him and turned to walk to Chu Luo’s side, looking like she didn’t want to talk to Sun Tianhao.

Sun Tianhao smiled brightly at her.

Chu Luo looked at the two of them with bright eyes and asked Yu Tong, "Did something happen between you two this afternoon?"

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