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Chapter: 648

Time passed quickly.

After more than a month, it was time for Chu Luo to bring her team to Germany to participate in the World Engineering intercollegiate robotics competition.

The family of three woke up early and prepared to go to school to meet the students from the School of Mechanical Engineering that Chu Luo would be bringing to the airport.

Unexpectedly, they had just eaten breakfast when Anya came in with Momo, who was carrying a small backpack.

"Chu, Momo and I will go play with you guys."

When Beibei, who was sitting in the child’s chair, saw Momo, she quickly waved at him. "Brother Momo, come here."

Momo walked over.

Beibei took a piece of her favorite pastry and fed it to him. "Brother Momo, eat. It’s sweet."

Momo opened his mouth and accepted the food.

At this point, Anya was displeased for the umpteenth time. "Momo, why do you eat the sweet food Beibei gave you? And when Mommy gave it to you, you’d refuse."

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Momo faced her with his expressionless little face.

Anya’s heart had been severely injured. "I don’t have a son like you. I’m taking Beibei away to be my daughter."

Chu Luo replied lightly, "Dream on."

Anya pretended not to hear her.

The family of three had just finished eating when Qin Ming walked in.

Seeing Momo carrying a small backpack, he walked over to carry him on his arm.

Beibei wanted him to carry him too. "Uncle Qin, carry Beibei."

Qin Ming carried her and sat her on his other arm.

Then, he looked at Anya with disagreement in his eyes. "I don’t have time to take care of you guys over there."

"Who needs you to take care of? After we go over, I can look after the two babies alone." Anya was especially confident.

Qin Ming frowned.

At this moment, Chu Luo walked over and said, "It’s fine if everyone goes over together. The capital has been a little unstable recently. You’ll be even more worried if you let the mother-and-son duo stay here."

Previously, Li Yan and the Sun family had wanted to ally together to lure the people from the assassin organization out and capture them in one fell swoop. However, at that time, someone had wanted to harm Beibei. After Chu Luo discovered it, there had surprisingly been no follow-up.

Even though the Sun family had sent people to search the entire city and Chu Luo had invested a lot of invisible robots to look for them, they hadn’t managed to find any traces of the assassin organization.

"The assassin organization suddenly disappeared in the capital. It’s very likely that they’re in hiding. If we leave, they’ll target Anya and Momo. When the time comes, we’ll all be in Germany. It’ll be difficult to save them."

Anya nodded fiercely in agreement. "That’s right. If your son and I are kidnapped and killed, you can cry to death alone."

Qin Ming didn’t like her saying this and frowned at her.

So in the end, Anya and Momo successfully tagged along.

This time, Chu Luo was bringing five top students from the School of Mechanical Engineering to participate in the competition.

After picking them up, they went to the airport.

Li Yan’s private plane was parked in the airport. The group walked through the special passageway and didn’t cause a commotion.

Along the way, Chu Luo discussed the situation with them.

Li Yan and Qin Ming worked.

Anya became the dedicated nanny of two babies.

However, she was a little bored as a nanny.

After looking at the two kids sitting together for more than an hour, leaning against each other and swiping the tablet, Anya was finally displeased. "Hey, hey, can you guys respect me, the nanny?"

Beibei and Momo looked up at her at the same time.

Anya smiled warmly and said, "Let’s play games together."

Momo pursed his lips tightly and didn’t want to respond to her at all.

Beibei was more thoughtful and even explained to her. "Auntie Anya, Daddy, Mommy, and Uncle are all busy. We can’t disturb them."

Her tone seemed to be asking why Anya was so insensible.

Anya: "…"

She felt so sad.

Perhaps it was because Anya’s expression was too expressive, Beibei grabbed her hand. "Auntie Anya, come play the maze escape game with us."

Anya craned her neck to look at the maze they were playing and was shocked. "The two of you are actually playing the adult maze escape game! Do you have some sort of a misunderstanding about your age?"

One was three years old, and the other was just over two years old. To think they were playing such a complicated game.

Anya couldn’t help but think smugly. Indeed, genes were too powerful.

When the plane arrived in Germany, it was already three in the afternoon.

Chu Luo’s identity was too special. The person who came to pick them up was actually the vice-principal of University D of Germany.

The vice-principal was a very warm middle-aged uncle with a kind face. When he saw Chu Luo, he wanted to hug her enthusiastically.

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