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Chapter: 649

However, when he saw Beibei standing beside her and being carried by Li Yan, he was shocked.

"Heavens, this must be the legendary baby Beibei. What a beautiful and exquisite little angel."

The vice-principal spoke in German. To his surprise, Beibei replied in German, "Thank you. You’re a very handsome uncle too."

"Heavens, heavens. Not only is Baby Beibei so beautiful, but she’s so sweet, too."


Chu Luo looked at the smug Beibei and said to the vice-principal with a smile, "Principal Loen, thank you for coming to welcome us personally. I wonder if the participating teams from other countries are here?"

"Other than University A, the contestants from the other schools are already here." After the vice-principal finished speaking, he gestured for them to enter. "You’ve been on the plane for so long, you must be tired. I’ll bring you to the hotel first. You can rest for two hours. We have a welcome banquet tonight. Chu, you and your students must attend."

Chu Luo smiled and nodded, but she still said, "We’ll stay in a hotel under Blazing Glory. Just let me know where the gala is held."


As the two of them spoke, everyone walked out of the airport.

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When they arrived at the hotel, the hotel’s in-charge had already prepared two villas for them.

Chu Luo said to the students, "You guys rest for a while. Gather in the living room at 4: 40."


Tonight’s gala was specially prepared by University D to welcome the participants of a few competing universities. Everyone could be considered to have given their greetings in advance.

When Chu Luo, who was wearing an evening gown, walked into the ball with a few boys in suits, the hall, which was originally filled with laughter, instantly fell silent.

A few people came over with glasses.

"Chu, long time no see."

"Chu, you’re indeed the one who brought the team here."

When Chu Luo was surrounded by them, she said to the students, "You can go and chat with people you know."

The boys responded and dispersed.

The people who came tonight were all top students in the robotics field. Even though everyone had never met in real life, they had basically heard of each other’s names and had seen the robots that the other party had designed.

Coupled with the fact that the engineering guys weren’t scheming, everyone quickly started chatting.

Looking at the students gathered, the professors and school heads of Germany looked at each other and smiled.

The professor leading University Y asked, "Chu, will you participate in this competition?"

The professor leading the team from Country E deliberately smiled and said, "It’s a little unfair if Chu is participating."

Actually, no one wanted Chu Luo to participate. After all, in the past two years, as long as Chu Luo participated, no one else would get first place.

Chu Luo glanced at them and replied confidently with a smile, "I’m not participating, but my students can still get first place."

The University D professor immediately replied, "Chu, you’re still so confident. But I think you’ll probably be disappointed this time. Our University D will definitely get first place."

Loen also said in a mysterious tone, "Yes, we have a secret weapon this year. The teachers of those participating students are especially brilliant."

"Oh?" Chu Luo was interested. She looked around and recognized everyone surrounding her. She asked with a smile in her eyes, "Why don’t I see any unfamiliar faces?"

Loen and the University D professor leading his team smiled mysteriously.

Loen said, "We spent a lot of effort hiring that person. You’ll see him at the competition."

"So mysterious?"

Chu Luo’s interest was piqued.

However, Principal Loen and the University D team leader didn’t say anything. There was nothing Chu Luo could do about it.

The competition was the day after tomorrow. Everyone would rest for a day tomorrow.

The next day, Chu Luo was, again, woken up by two dumplings.

She smiled and pulled the person in her arms up to kiss her cheek. She asked, "Darling Beibei, why are you awake so early this morning?"

This was the little fellow’s first time abroad. Last night, at the banquet, the little fellow had been following Li Yan around. Neither of them had slept. Chu Luo had thought that Beibei would sleep in this morning.

Beibei whispered into Chu Luo’s ear, "Mommy, I heard from the auntie here that there’s delicious pudding this morning. We have to go early, or there won’t be any left."

Like Chu Luo, Beibei didn’t have much resistance to delicacies, especially sweet foods.

The little fellow had woken up early in the morning for a sweet meal.

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