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Chapter: 651

In the end, under Anya’s coaxing and pestering, the four of them arrived at the street Anya had mentioned under the protection of a group of bodyguards.

The south of Germany was basically made up of fresh and vibrant Baroque-style buildings. This side was close to University D, and the business circle was especially prosperous. Especially since this was such a famous street, there was a stream of people every day, and it was extraordinarily lively.

The moment Chu Luo and the others walked into the street, they immediately became the focus of everyone’s attention.

Everyone pointed at them kindly and praised how beautiful they were.

Under the cover of the crowd, some gangsters had designs on them.

"If we sell such beautiful children in the dark market, we will definitely earn a huge sum."

"That little girl will definitely be sold for an astronomical price. Those two madams have so many bodyguards. Their status must not be low. Why don’t we just make away with that little girl?"

"Good idea. Once they’re in our territory, it’s useless no matter how high their status is."

Amid a sinister laugh, the group of people quickly disappeared into the crowd, looking for all kinds of chances.

The moment Anya arrived on the street, she started looking around excitedly. From time to time, she said to Chu Luo, "Chu, look. What’s selling over there? It looks very interesting."

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Chu Luo held the two babies each in one hand and ignored Anya’s excitement. She asked them, "Baby girls, are you tired?"

Momo replied first, "Auntie Luoluo, Momo isn’t tired."

Beibei had wanted Chu Luo to hug her, but upon hearing this, she replied loudly, "Beibei isn’t tired either."

How could Chu Luo not tell what Beibei was thinking? She smiled and asked, "Beibei, do you want Uncle Bodyguard to carry you?"

The two children were already a little heavy. Usually, the bodyguards would carry them when they went out.

Beibei thought for a moment and nodded. Then, she stopped and turned to extend her arms to one of the bodyguards. "Uncle Dada, hug Beibei."

Xiang Da carried Beibei and deliberately weighed her in his arms. When Beibei giggled, he said to her loudly, "Miss, I’m ready. Let’s go."

Beibei replied loudly, "Alright, Beibei is ready."

Chu Luo looked at Beibei happily. The little darling liked to play this game with bodyguards the most. Every time, she would giggle for a long time.

There were many fun and eye-catching shops and many stalls on this street.

The street stalls sold antiques from various countries and eras. Although most of them were fake, there were many people at every stall.

Even Anya stopped by a stall. She looked at a dragon-shaped wine pot made of bronze and asked Chu Luo, "Chu, do you think that bronze wine pot is a treasure that came from the empire?"

Chu Luo glanced at her and asked, "If it’s really a treasure, do you really think it would appear in such a stall?"

Anya smiled at her. Actually, she was just asking casually. She didn’t believe that there would be real treasures at street stalls.

At this moment, a bodyguard suddenly reminded the other bodyguards, "Everyone, pay attention."

Chu Luo also felt something and said to Anya, "Anya, be careful."

After saying that, she stood beside the bodyguard holding Beibei.

"What’s wrong?"

Anya subconsciously stood beside the bodyguard carrying Momo.

Just as she finished asking, a huge commotion came from the front. Then, the people in front ran over in panic.

Some people screamed as they ran, "Ah… The fighting bulls at the Bullfighting Ground lost control and ran out. Everyone, run…"

Chu Luo frowned and gestured to everyone. "Go stand at the side first."

At this moment, someone screamed loudly, "There’s more than one fighting bull. All the fighting bulls in the Bullfighting Ground have gone crazy and rushed out. Many people have been injured in the front."

One had to know that the fighting strength of bulls in the Bullfighting Ground was very astonishing. Normal people would definitely get injured.

When everyone heard this, they panicked.

Instantly, there were screams, roars, and cries from all around them.

Chu Luo took Beibei from the bodyguard and said to the others, "Protect Anya and Momo."

Just as she finished speaking, more people ran over. Everyone squeezed and quickly separated Chu Luo and Anya.

Chu Luo carried Beibei to a dark alley before finally stopping.

Beibei hugged Chu Luo’s neck tightly and looked at the group of people who had surrounded them.

Chu Luo raised her hand and patted Beibei’s back, saying, "Beibei, don’t be afraid. Close your eyes. These people will disappear soon."

Beibei obediently closed his eyes.

Chu Luo quickly exuded a sharp murderous aura.

She asked, "Whose men are you?"

The people who surrounded them walked towards them.

Someone chuckled and said, "Top-grade, indeed. If we take these two away, we’ll be rich."

Hearing him say that, Chu Luo knew what they were doing. Her lips curled into a sneer.

In the next second, a few silver needles appeared in her hand and she threw them at these people. Before these people could react, they all fell down in fear.

Chu Luo looked at the closed-eyed Beibei and carried her into the depths of the alley.

She had seen the topographic map here before. After walking through this alley, they would reach another street.

It wasn’t until they had gone far that Chu Luo said to Beibei, "Beibei, you can open your eyes now."

Beibei opened her eyes and looked behind curiously.

Chu Luo had already turned the corner and Beibei couldn’t see anything.

She wrapped her arms around Chu Luo’s neck and asked, "Mommy, were those people bad people just now?"

"Mm, is Beibei afraid?"

"No. With Mommy by Beibei’s side, Beibei isn’t afraid of anything."

When Chu Luo heard this, the corners of her lips curled up.

Just as the mother-and-daughter duo walked out of this dark alley, a few cars drove over and stopped there.

One of the cars quickly opened and Li Yan strode over with a powerful murderous and deeply cold aura.

As he walked over, he quickly sized up the mother-and-daughter duo. After confirming that they were unscathed, he felt relieved.

"Daddy." Beibei extended her arms to him.

Li Yan took Beibei and ordered the group of bodyguards, "Go investigate."


The bodyguards quickly walked into the dark alley.

Li Yan carried Beibei with one arm and held Chu Luo’s shoulder with the other. The three of them walked towards the car.

Beibei hugged Li Yan’s neck and told him what had happened. "Daddy, many people surrounded Mommy and me just now. Mommy said that as long as Beibei closes her eyes, those people will disappear."

"Did Beibei close her eyes after hearing Mommy’s words?"

"I did. When Mommy asked me to open my eyes, those people were indeed gone."

"Good girl."


The three of them got into the car. Li Yan carried Beibei on his lap and held Chu Luo’s hand tightly with one hand.

Chu Luo held his hand back. Knowing that he was still rattled, she comforted him. "You know we’ll be fine."


Although Li Yan knew, he had still been very worried when the bodyguard reported the situation here.

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