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Chapter: 653

Nangong Yi carried Beibei and walked out.

This was a corridor that led upwards.

It was obvious that they were locked in a dungeon.

When Nangong Yi was about to reach the end of the corridor, there was a commotion outside.

Nangong Yi hugged Beibei and pressed her against the wall. Standing by the door, he whispered to Beibei, "Beibei, close your eyes."

Beibei thought about how she and her mother had met a bad person yesterday and her mother had also asked her to close her eyes. Thereafter, the bad person had disappeared.

She obediently closed her eyes.

The door was pushed open at the same time.

Two people came.

The person walking in front was wearing a sleeveless singlet, revealing his muscular body. He had a square face and looked a little fierce.

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The person behind looked a little thin. He was wearing a hat on his head, and the brim of the hat was pulled very low, basically covering his face. His appearance couldn’t be seen clearly, but the murderous aura on his body couldn’t be underestimated.

When the person walking in front opened the door, he turned to the person behind him and said, "That little girl is very valuable. We need to think of a way to give her to the buyer. As for that man, just get rid of him."

At this point, he hesitated for a while. "Do you think we should report this to the leader first?"

"Report what? The leader won’t care about such a small matter." The lean man’s voice was especially low and sounded sinister.

The burly man nodded. "That’s true."

At this point, the burly man turned around and was about to walk in when a trace of air came from his throat. His expression changed abruptly and he didn’t dare to move.

The person walking behind him immediately realized that something was wrong and quickly took out a gun.

However, at this moment, a cold voice sounded. "Don’t move. If you move again, I’ll kill your companion."

The burly man glanced at the dagger pressed against his heart from the corner of his eye and said to the person behind him, "Don’t attack."

The two of them were obviously partners. The person behind said, "I won’t do anything. Don’t hurt my companion."

As he spoke, he quietly loaded the gun.

Nangong Yi narrowed his eyes dangerously and looked at the two people in front of him. He said, "Retreat."

The two of them quickly retreated while finding an opportunity to subdue Nangong Yi.

Just as Nangong Yi pressed a dagger against that person and carried Beibei out of the door, the thin man suddenly erupted from behind the burly man and quickly flashed to the front to shoot at Nangong Yi.

The bullet quickly shot towards Nangong Yi’s arm that was holding the dagger.

Just as the two of them thought that it would hit his hand, the bullet suddenly seemed to have hit an iron plate. After a ding, it bounced back.

The dagger in Nangong Yi’s hand stabbed into the burly man’s heart at the same time.


"Sixth Brother!" The thin man shouted and was about to shoot at Nangong Yi and Beibei.

At this moment, a robot appeared behind him. The robot quickly attacked and stopped him from shooting. Soon, he was beaten up until he couldn’t retaliate.

Nangong Yi looked coldly at the person vomiting blood on the ground and asked the robot, "Have you brought the food?"

The robot walked up to him and handed him something wrapped in lotus leaves.

Nangong Yi took it and carried Beibei to the side. As he walked, he said, "Deal with it."

A miserable scream came from behind. Nangong Yi could clearly feel Beibei’s fear.

However, the baby was still very obedient. He hadn’t asked her to open her eyes, so she didn’t.

Nangong Yi didn’t stop until he reached a concealed place.

"Beibei, you can open your eyes now."

Beibei opened her eyes and looked at the good-looking face in front of her. She asked, "Uncle, did you defeat those two baddies?"

"Yes." Nangong Yi found a stone and sat down. He let Beibei sit on his lap and took out something to eat. Under Beibei’s sparkling eyes, he opened the lotus leaf, and inside were two white and fat big buns.

Beibei sat there obediently and wasn’t in a hurry to reach for it. Instead, she waited for Nangong Yi to share it with her.

Nangong Yi’s hands were a little dirty. After thinking for a while, he wrapped the bun with lotus leaves and handed it to her mouth. "Beibei, eat it like this. Uncle’s hands are dirty and have bacteria. You will get a stomachache from eating it if I hold it with my hands."

Beibei nodded and lowered her head to take a bite of the white and plump bun.

Nangong Yi watched her eat small mouthfuls with a faint smile in his eyes. He said, "You eat just like your mother."

The two of them ate seriously and were equally pleasing to the eye.

Beibei smiled at him sweetly and pushed his hand away. "Uncle, eat too."

"Uncle will eat after Beibei is done eating. It’ll be faster that way."

Although Beibei didn’t understand why it was faster for the two of them to eat one after the other, she still obediently ate faster.

"Beibei, there’s no hurry. Eat slowly."

Beibei stopped after eating half a bun. She said, "Uncle, Beibei is full."

After saying that, she even rubbed her stomach to prove that she was really full.

The corners of Nangong Yi’s lips curled up. Under Beibei’s wide open mouth, he finished the bun in two or three mouthfuls.

While they were eating buns, many people were looking for them.

This was an assassin organization. Within two minutes of the killing of their members, everyone knew that someone had been killed inside.

"That person can actually hurt our people under our noses. That’s preposterous. When we find him later, I’ll definitely skin him alive." A fierce-looking bald burly man strode to the side with a few people and cursed loudly as he walked.

One of the people walking beside him said, "Boss, the leader asked us not to hurt anyone."

"Nonsense. The leader only asked us not to hurt that little girl. He didn’t say not to hurt that man."


"Shut up. The leader only gave us an hour to find them. I don’t want the other teams to find them first."

It wasn’t easy for them to have a chance to contribute in front of the leader, so every hall master worked hard to find the two of them.

Nangong Yi had just finished eating his bun when his robot appeared in front of them again.

The robot said to him, "Master, everyone is looking for you."

Hearing this, Beibei grabbed Nangong Yi’s clothes in fear.

Nangong Yi thought for a while and said to Beibei, "Beibei, don’t be afraid. Your parents have always wanted to deal with all the baddies here. Since we’re here, we have to do something to help your parents."

At this point, he asked, "Did your mother put anything on you, such as something that can make her sense you?"

Beibei tilted her head and thought for a while. She took out a Safety Talisman from her neck and asked him, "Uncle, are you talking about this?"

Nangong Yi reached out to touch the Safety Talisman and nodded. "That’s right… Since you have this on you, your parents must already know where you are. They will come and save you soon."

Beibei added seriously, "And save Uncle."

Nangong Yi’s heart warmed. "That’s right. Save the two of us."

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