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Chapter: 658

"Later on, whenever I returned from the war, I would go see her dance the sacrificial ritual.

"Her sacrificial dance increasingly gave me energy."

At this point, Chu Yichen suddenly stopped talking.

He thought of how he had fallen for her and how the king had looked for him in private to tell him that she would be his queen, asking him to control his heart.

After so many years, he still remembered how he had felt at that time. That gloom, that indignation, and finally seeing her smile like a child in front of the king.

At that time, he knew that he couldn’t give her such a smile.

So he chose to back off. He hadn’t said a word to her since.

It wasn’t that he didn’t want to talk to her, but he was afraid that the moment he opened his mouth, the affection he had concealed would be exposed.

It was because of his crush on her that Feng Lan used him later on.

If he hadn’t been trapped or fallen unconscious in that battle…

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"Junior is indeed a very adorable girl. No one doesn’t like her."

When Chu Yichen heard Nangong Yi say that, he abruptly looked at him and narrowed his eyes. "You like her?"

Nangong Yi looked back into his eyes and shrugged. "Yes, I like her. It’s just that my feelings for her are between an older brother and a younger sister."

He restrained himself more than anyone. He knew what he couldn’t like, so he had pulled away from her at the earliest.

"You must be indignant." At this moment, Nangong Yi inexplicably felt a sense of superiority and even had the mood to rub salt on Chu Yichen’s wound. "But it’s useless even if you’re indignant. Junior and CEO Li are very close. I don’t think anyone would be able to sever their fate which carried from their past life into the present one."

When Chu Yichen heard this, he felt inexplicably angry.

It was because Nangong Yi was right that he was even more furious.

He had also loved her for two lifetimes, but unfortunately, he had never said it in front of her.

He was suddenly indignant.

Nangong Yi looked at him, who was emitting black aura, and quickly said, "Junior is very fierce. You better not do anything to anger her."

Chu Yichen glanced at him in displeasure and flew away with Qinggong.


Nangong Yi didn’t have time to stop him. He stood in the courtyard and muttered in frustration, "Where am I staying tonight?"

The second day.

Beibei suddenly woke up from the urge to pee.

Opening her eyes, she realized that her parents were still sleeping. She got up herself and wanted to look for the toilet.

Chu Luo immediately sensed it. She quickly opened her eyes and asked, "Beibei, what are you doing?"

"Mommy, Beibei wants to pee."

Chu Luo wanted to remove Li Yan’s arm from her waist. This man had drunk too much last night and hugged her all night without letting go. She couldn’t even move.

Li Yan finally woke up and asked in his hoarse voice, "What’s wrong?"

"Beibei wants to go to the toilet."

Li Yan got up from the bed and said to her, "Sleep for a while more. I’ll bring her there."

Chu Luo was indeed a little tired, so she nodded at him.

After Li Yan came back with Beibei from the toilet, the latter actually couldn’t sleep.

Li Yan thought for a moment and said to her, "There’s a courtyard outside. If you can’t sleep, go play for a while, but don’t walk around."

Beibei nodded at him obediently. "Daddy, Beibei won’t walk around."

Li Yan helped her put on her clothes and combed her hair into two small pigtails.

Beibei left.

Outside the guest room was a huge courtyard with a rockery by the wall. There were all kinds of flowers under the rockery.

Beibei walked to the flowers, raised her hand, and tapped on a flower, removing the dew on it.

She thought it was fun, so she went to tap on other flowers.

After a while, she suddenly looked up and saw Chu Yichen standing on the rockery.

Beibei was a little afraid to see him alone, but she still called out, "Uncle Chu."

Chu Yichen jumped down from the stone mountain and stood beside her.

Beibei stared at him with her big glass-like eyes.

Chu Yichen asked, "Do you want to go elsewhere to play?"

Beibei kind of wanted to, but when she recalled Daddy’s instructions, she shook her head. "Daddy said that Beibei can only play in the courtyard."

Chu Yichen looked down at the little child beside his thigh and said seriously, "We can come back before they wake up."

Beibei was still a little unwilling.

Chu Yichen added, "There’s a wine cellar not far from here."

When Beibei heard this, her eyes lit up.

However, she still didn’t agree.

Chu Yichen: "I asked the kitchen to prepare a lot of flower cake. It should be ready."

Beibei’s face revealed a conflicted look.

Chu Yichen said, "Your parents will be up in at most half an hour. We only have this little time. If you want to continue thinking, we won’t get to go."

Beibei finally nodded. "I’ll go."

The corners of Chu Yichen’s lips finally curled up slightly and his cold lips softened.

His physical appearance was warm to begin with. With this smile, Beibei wasn’t afraid of him at all.

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