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Chapter: 659

Chu Yichen brought Beibei to the kitchen to get some pastries and finally brought her to the wine cellar.

Beibei, who was eating the pastry happily, stopped eating the pastry when she smelled the fragrance of the wine.

Chu Yichen put her down and said, "I’ll let you try some wine with low alcohol content. If you can’t drink, don’t drink."

Beibei nodded.

Chu Yichen brought over a bottle of fruit wine and poured her a small cup.

Recalling their boldness when they drank, Beibei took the cup and was about to drink it in one go.

Chu Yichen quickly stopped her. "Take a sip first."

Beibei obediently took a sip from the cup.

Chu Yichen asked, "How is it?"

Beibei furrowed her little brows. "There’s no taste."

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"Then drink a little."

Beibei took another sip.

"How is it?"

Beibei smacked her lips and looked at Chu Yichen with her sparkling eyes. "Delicious."

Chu Yichen smiled and rubbed her head. "If you like, you can drink more."

Beibei nodded and drank the wine.

When Chu Luo and the others came over, Chu Yichen was sitting there drinking from a wine bottle. Beibei had already become a little alcoholic lying on top of him and giggling.

Li Yan’s expression darkened. He strode over to pull Chu Yichen’s collar and punched him.


Chu Yichen didn’t dodge or retaliate. He only wiped the blood from the corners of his lips with his thumb and said, "Little Ling’er started learning to drink when she was very young. What’s wrong with Beibei drinking?"

He pointed at Beibei. "She has the High Priestess’s blood in her body. Drinking some wine can stimulate her ability. Why won’t you let her drink?"

Li Yan’s expression darkened even more. "I don’t need you to teach me how to raise my daughter here."

With that, he picked Beibei up and turned to leave. When he reached Chu Luo’s side, he held her hand and said to Chu Yichen without looking back, "We’ll leave this place now. We won’t be seeing each other again."

With that, the family of three walked out.

Nangong Yi glanced at the gloomy Chu Yichen and followed.

Chu Yichen looked at the departing figure and muttered, "Then keep a close eye on her. I didn’t do what I wanted to do in my previous life. Don’t even think about stopping me in this life."

Time passed quickly. In the blink of an eye, four years had passed.

It was time for little Beibei to go to elementary school.

Last night, the family of three stayed in the Sun residence. Early in the morning, Old Master Sun was nagging beside her.

"My sweetheart, if anyone dares to bully you in school, just beat them up. If anything happens to them, Great Grandpa will help you bear the consequences."

Sun Tianhao, who was standing at the side, couldn’t help but reply, "Grandpa, our Beibei is a young lady. How can you let her do such a brutish thing like beating someone up? Come."

After saying that, he said to Beibei, "Beibei, if anyone dares to bully you, get Little Ze to help you."

Little Ze was Sun Tianhao’s son. He was three years old this year and happened to be studying at the affiliated kindergarten of the elementary school where Beibei studied.

Beibei had become even more exquisite and beautiful, like a barbie doll. No matter where she went, she was the most beautiful child. This led to many little boys liking her.

Old Master Sun had heard that children’s fondness sometimes appeared a little intense. They were either tugging at her braids or playing tricks on her, seemingly bent on making the girl cry. Therefore, Old Master Sun was not at all assured to let her go to school.

Beibei listened obediently. After Old Master Sun finished speaking, she said, "Great Grandpa, I know. Don’t worry. Brother Momo is in my class. No one dares to bully me."

When Old Master Sun heard this, he was finally relieved. He knew about Qin Ming and Princess Anya’s son. The little boy didn’t talk much, but he had been trained by Qin Ming since he was young. At such a young age, his skills were already quite good.

The car stopped at the school gate. After Beibei said goodbye to Old Master, she carried her backpack and walked into the school.

This school was the best elite school in the capital. Children who could study here came from rich or noble families.

Of course, this was also divided into several levels.

As soon as Beibei walked in, she immediately attracted the attention of many people.

Especially the boys standing beside a large tree, their eyes were fixed on her.

"What a beautiful junior."

"I’m going to be friends with her."

"Get lost, all of you. I’m going to pursue her."

After saying this, a young boy walked out from behind the tree and stopped in front of Beibei.

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