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Chapter: 660

"Hi, Junior, you’re in first grade, right?"

Beibei looked at the boy in front of her and nodded. She prepared to walk around him and continue walking.

The boy stopped her. "I’m Zhou Yunchuan from third grade. Let’s be friends. Why don’t you be my girlfriend? I’ll buy you food and help you carry your school bag in the future."

Beibei frowned and walked around him. As she walked, she said, "I’m still young. I don’t want a boyfriend."

"So what if you’re young? If you become my girlfriend, I’ll help you carry your school bag, help you copy your homework, and even help you buy snacks."

"No need."

"Why? I’m so handsome."

Beibei finally stopped in her tracks. Zhou Yunchuan felt that there was a chance and immediately laughed out loud, revealing his mouth which had several front teeth missing. He even struck a pose that he thought was very handsome.

Beibei looked at him for two seconds, then said straightforwardly with disdain, "How can you go against your conscience and say such things when you’re so ugly?"

Zhou Yunchuan hadn’t expected Beibei to be so rude. His face turned red. "You… how can you say that about me!"

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"That’s the truth."

After saying that, Beibei turned to leave.

Zhou Yunchuan panicked and reached out to pull her back.

However, in the next second, a hand reached out from the side and grabbed his wrist.



Beibei turned to look at the expressionless Qin Moxuan and said with a smile, "Brother Momo, you’re here."

Qin Moxuan nodded at her and turned to Zhou Yunchuan. "Don’t appear in front of Beibei again, or I’ll cripple your hand."

"Owww… My hand is broken. Let go, wah…"

Looking at Zhou Yunchuan, who had burst into tears, Beibei said to Qin Moxuan, "Brother Momo, class is about to start. Let’s go look for our classroom."

Only then did Qin Moxuan let go of Zhou Yunchuan’s hand.

The two of them walked towards the school building.

As Zhou Yunchuan covered his broken wrist, he cried as he watched the two of them leave. At this moment, Momo took Beibei’s school bag from her and slung it over his shoulder. Beibei said something to him happily.

A surge of jealousy suddenly surged in Zhou Yunchuan’s little heart. He said fiercely, "Just you wait. I’ll teach you two a lesson."

Beibei and Momo found their classroom. Not long after they sat down, the teacher came in. After a while, everyone introduced themselves and started their first lesson in elementary school.

After class, Beibei and Momo walked out of the school.

The school stipulated that parents could only pick up children outside the school. So when Beibei and Momo were stopped by a few high school children, although many children who passed by saw it, they walked around them in fear.

It was the school’s "celebrities" who stopped them.

"Hey, I heard that you didn’t agree to be Brother Chuan’s girlfriend."

A little fatty imitated the expressions of gangsters. His eyes were wide open as if he was prepared to eat the two of them up.

Beibei looked at them and snorted. "Why should I be his girlfriend? I said that I’m still young and don’t want a boyfriend."

"This won’t do. Brother Chuan is so handsome. You have to be his girlfriend."

"Aren’t you guys being unreasonable?" Beibei was unhappy.

"So what if we’re unreasonable? What can you do to us?" Unexpectedly, Little Fatty was unabashed about his unreasonable behavior.

Beibei was about to speak again when Momo took off their backpacks and handed them to Beibei. He said, "Don’t reason with them."

As soon as Beibei took the backpacks, he quickly piled up Little Fatty and his companions.


Looking at the few people rolling on the ground and crying, Beibei was about to say, "Why are these people so weak?" At this moment, the dean’s stern voice came from behind them. "What are you doing?"

When the children who were rolling on the ground and crying heard the dean’s voice, their cries became even louder.

The dean walked over in a few steps. When he saw that it was Beibei and Momo standing there, his expression instantly became amiable. "So it’s Student Li and Student Qin. What happened here?"

Beibei pointed at the little fatty and his companions who were rolling on the ground and said, "They forced me to be friends with Zhou Yunchuan. I’ve said that I don’t want a boyfriend."

When the dean heard this, his temples twitched and his heart skipped a beat.

Were these children tired of living?

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