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Chapter: 662

Watching Beibei be taken away, Momo immediately sped up and chased after them.

He chased after them and left the bustling street, arriving behind a commercial building.

However, he had lost them by now.


Momo looked around anxiously.

While he was searching for Beibei like crazy, Chu Yichen brought her to the top floor of a commercial building.

Standing there and looking at the waning lights of the Imperial Capital, Beibei said worriedly, "Uncle Chu, Brother Momo is looking for me."

"Then let him search slowly." Chu Yichen couldn’t stand that kid who kept a tight watch on Beibei and decided to let him look for her slowly.

He took out a few bottles of wine.

When Beibei saw the wine, her eyes lit up.

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Chu Yichen opened a bottle and handed it to her. "Drink this bottle. I’ll teach you swordplay later."

Beibei didn’t know why Chu Yichen secretly took her away every time. After giving her wine to drink, he would teach her swordplay.

However, she realized that she was getting fonder of drinking.

Taking the white porcelain bottle, Beibei took a big sip from the bottle and narrowed her eyes happily. "Good wine."

Chu Yichen also opened a bottle.

After the two of them finished drinking, Beibei asked the question that she would ask every time, "Uncle Chu, why did you secretly bring me wine?"

Her father had never let her drink, and she didn’t understand this either.

Clearly wine was so delicious, and her father had even prepared a few bottles of wine for her mother in the wine cellar.

Beibei had thought that, like usual, Chu Yichen wouldn’t answer this time, but to her surprise, he answered her. "The first thing the High Priestess needs to learn is to drink. Wine can stimulate the High Priestess’s energy."

Beibei frowned. "Daddy said that there’s no need for a High Priestess here. I can’t be one either."

"He’s spouting nonsense. You have that ability. Even if you don’t become a High Priestess and activate your ability, you can protect yourself in the future."


Beibei wanted to say that her parents and her maternal grandfather’s family were also teaching her how to protect herself, but seeing Chu Yichen’s persistent expression, she didn’t say anything in the end.

After the two of them finished drinking, Chu Yichen started teaching Beibei swordplay.

Chu Yichen was especially stern when teaching swordplay. Whenever Beibei made a mistake, he would berate her fiercely.

Every time, Beibei would wonder: ‘Why am I torturing myself?’

However, every time she finished learning swordplay, she felt that learning swordplay was a very cool and awesome thing to do as she watched Chu Yichen jump off the top floor.

She also wanted to fly down from such a high building.

When Momo finally found Beibei, his face darkened to a new level.

Beibei looked at him and smiled fawningly at him.

Momo walked over with a dark expression and held her hand as they walked forward.

Beibei asked him worriedly, "You didn’t tell my parents about this, did you?"

Momo didn’t answer her.

"Brother Momo, you promised me that you wouldn’t tell Daddy and Mommy. In any case, you can’t go back on your word."

Again, Momo didn’t answer her.

Beibei knew that he was angry, so she tugged at his hand and shook it. She wheedled, "Brother Momo, don’t be angry. You know that Uncle Chu won’t do anything to me. Besides, I learned a new swordplay technique today. I’ll teach it to you secretly when we go back."

Momo finally stopped and looked at her. "This isn’t good."

"This is Uncle Chu’s request. I don’t want Daddy to fight with Uncle Chu."

Momo frowned again.

The two of them continued walking forward.

After taking a few steps, he said, "Auntie Luoluo called just now."

"What did Mommy ask?"

"She asked why we’re not back yet."

"How did you answer that?"

Beibei suddenly felt a little nervous.

She had promised Chu Yichen not to tell her mother about her meeting with him.

Momo glanced at Beibei’s expression and pursed his lips unhappily.

That was when Beibei knew that he hadn’t said anything. She immediately smiled until her eyes curved. She held Momo’s hand with both hands and said to him, "Brother Momo, this is a secret between Uncle Chu and me. Only you know. You must not tell anyone. Otherwise, I won’t play with you."

Only after a long while did Momo respond with an "Mm".

Beibei giggled.

Beibei had always thought that she had concealed it very well. On this particular night.

After Chu Luo and Li Yan finished the deed, Chu Luo leaned her head into Li Yan’s arms and said to him while panting slightly, "Beibei learned another swordplay technique today."

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