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Chapter: 663

"Hmph!" Li Yan snorted in displeasure.

Chu Luo continued, "Her alcohol tolerance is already quite good."

Li Yan’s expression turned cold.

Chu Luo raised her hand and rubbed it against his creased brows. She smiled and said, "Don’t be angry. Sir has been working hard all these years. In order to teach Beibei, he has been sneaking around every time."

Li Yan said in a low voice, "If he dares, he can try appearing in front of me again!"

After saying that, he grabbed the hand that was playfully touching his face and kissed it before asking, "It’s almost summer break. Where do you want to go for a holiday this year?"

Chu Luo thought for a while and said, "There’s a world medical exchange in July. I won’t be free until the end of July."

"Mm, I’ll arrange the time."

Chu Luo nodded. "I want to go to our island for a holiday."

Chu Luo kept thinking about the herbs on that island.

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Li Yan responded with an "Mm" and lowered his hand. Suddenly, he had another idea.

Chu Luo twisted and panted. "Don’t…"

Li Yan sealed her lips and said, "Just the two of us."

Then, he didn’t give her a chance to speak again.

After a while, when Chu Luo could finally breathe, she asked, "Then what about Beibei?"

"She’s already grown up."

Chu Luo: "…"

When Beibei was told where she was going to play this summer, she unhappily looked at her heartless parents, who had already packed their luggage and were about to take the helicopter. "Why aren’t you bringing me along on your vacation?"

Li Yan replied mercilessly, "You’re already grown up. Only children who haven’t weaned off their milk keep sticking to their parents."

He had long wanted to go on a second honeymoon with Chu Luo alone. How could he bring this little burden along?

Beibei was sad, but she refused to admit it. "Hmph, so be it. I don’t want to go with you guys anyway."

At this point, she felt that this was it. If she followed these two, she could only watch them be intimate every day. She might as well go to Uncle Chu for a drink or find Uncle Nangong to teach her how to make robots.

"I’m very busy too."

Chu Luo looked at Beibei’s tsundere expression and smiled as she rubbed her head. She said to her, "After we leave, Uncle and the others will come and pick you up. You can go to the Sun residence then."

Beibei was instantly appeased. She nodded at Chu Luo. "Got it, Mommy."

Chu Luo and Li Yan boarded the helicopter and left.

After the helicopter left, Beibei turned around and walked back.

Not long after, she saw Momo running over.

There was already sweat on Momo’s forehead, and his mixed-blood face became even more handsome.

Beibei was a little surprised. "Brother Momo, aren’t you going to America with Auntie Anya?"

Momo walked up to her and stopped. "No, I’ll accompany you."

Beibei was instantly touched. "Big Brother Momo is the best."

The two of them walked forward together. As they walked, Beibei said, "Mommy said that Uncle and the others will come and pick me up later. You can come to the Sun residence with me."


The Sun family quickly took Beibei and Momo over.

All the younger generation of the Sun family had children, and they were all boys. With the little boys all surrounding Beibei, she had no time to think about Chu Luo and Li Yan.

The children of the Sun family had been studying in the affiliated military school since they were young. They could only see Beibei during holidays.

In their hearts, Beibei was their princess. They would do whatever Beibei said.

Even the youngest, Sun Jiale, followed behind Beibei and handed her food and drinks.

Old Master Sun looked at the boys pampering Beibei with a gratified expression, and the smile on his face never disappeared.

His health was getting better and better under Chu Luo’s transformation. These days, whenever he had nothing to do, he would bring the children to the shooting room to play.

One day, he had just come out of the shooting room with the children when he saw Third Master Sun striding in.

Beibei was the first to greet him. "Third Granduncle."

Third Master Sun’s face was originally filled with urgency. When he heard her call, he stopped and responded with a smile.

Then, he said to Old Master, "Dad, the pirates in the South Ocean have been acting arrogantly recently. Just now, an emergency report came from there saying that a merchant ship from the empire has been hijacked."

"What? Ridiculous."

Old Master Sun was furious and said to him, "Then send someone to eliminate the pirates immediately. To think they even dare to hijack our empire’s merchant ship. Looks like they think they’re living too comfortably."

"Yes." Third Master Sun walked in after saying that.

He prepared to pack his luggage immediately.

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