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Chapter: 7002

After these light spots appeared, they rushed to the place where Jiang Yun and others gathered. They were very fast. In a flash, they came around the people.

As the distance became closer, everyone could see more clearly that it was not a light spot, but a light of the size of a slap in the face.

Jiangyun lay on the ground and looked at these lights. Naturally, he recognized them at a glance. This is the so-called treasure he had come into contact with at the prison dragon and the spirit of sand.

However, at this moment, these lights are no longer a ball, but are dense and countless, and it is impossible to calculate the specific quantity.

Although the number has increased, Jiang Yun's divine sense and vision are still unable to see the situation in the light.

Deep in Jiangyun's eyes, there was a flash of shock, but it soon became clear.

After these lights gathered around the people, they hung quietly in the air, motionless.

What's more, it makes people feel like a pair of eyes hidden in the light, staring at themselves.

Because of the appearance of these lights and the powerful smell, Jia Yi's movement was limited and he didn't catch Jiang Yun anymore.

However, seeing these lights standing still, a flash of cold light flashed in his eyes. Suddenly, he stretched out his hand and grabbed Jiang Yun, who was lying on the ground.

No matter what the light is, for Jia Yi, it is a worthwhile trip to enter the whirlpool space and catch Jiang Yun.

Jiang Yun's attention seemed to have been completely attracted by these lights and did not notice Jia Yi's move.

Or even if he noticed, it was impossible for him to avoid the palm of A-1 when he was seriously injured.

Seeing that Jia Yi's palm was about to touch Jiang Yun, the motionless light suddenly moved!

There were hundreds of flashes of light. It was as fast as lightning. It not only ran between Jiang Yun and Jia Yi in an instant, but also gathered into a huge fist. It smashed at Jia Yi's falling palm.

Although the speed of the light is fast enough, the reaction of A-1 is amazing.

When the light condensed into fists, his palm grasping Jiang Yun also clenched into fists and greeted him.


The muffled sound came. Under the intersection of fists, Jia Yi's body was firm and motionless.

And the fist condensed by the light was shocked and retreated.

Although fist is not as powerful as A-1, its appearance has at least resolved Jiang Yun's crisis.

A narrowed his eyes and stared at the light fist that he had beaten back. Suddenly, he snorted coldly, raised his hand again, and continued to grasp at Jiang Yun.

"Buzzing, buzzing!"

This time, all the remaining lights, impressively and madly, rushed towards Jiang Yun's body.

The powerful breath waves mixed with various forces, like the rising waves, beat away at Jiayi layer by layer, preventing Jiayi's action.

Not only that, these rays of light in the surging process, but also condensed into pieces at a very fast speed... Body organs!

Limbs, heart, liver, spleen, stomach, kidney, and head!

This strange scene shocked the well-informed Jia Yi and the red wolf.

Especially Jia Yi, blocked by the breath wave released by the light, his outstretched palm could not get close to Jiang Yun any more.

He also simply withdrew his palm, stopped his body, and also sent out powerful power. While countering the power of the light, he watched the light.

As for Jiang Yun, his eyes still full of blood were staring at the head which was composed of several rays of light.

Although the head has not been fully formed, it is full of white hair and old faces. How can Jiangyun not recognize it? That's just the old look of his master!

"Master of all souls!"

In Jiangyun's ear, Liu Ruxia's exclamation also sounded: "just, what's the matter with him?"

"Jiangyun, aren't those lights the so-called treasures we just saw?"

"Is it..."

Liu Ruxia didn't finish what she said, but Jiang Yun followed her words and said softly: "he should be integrated with the so-called treasure!"

Liu Ruxia's voice no longer sounded. Obviously, what Jiang Yun said was what she thought now.

Tao Xing heaven and earth has a treasure, which can only be grasped by the master of all souls when the Taoist priest doesn't know where it is.

The master of all souls, after drawing out his memory and soul sharing, hid in this space together with this treasure.

Now, his memory is divided into two parts, and he has merged with the treasure.

Jiang Yun suddenly murmured, "he hid the treasure and took out the memory to divide the soul. Is it just to keep his memory, or is it to make his memory divide the soul and fuse the treasure?"

Hearing Jiang Yun's voice, Liu Ruxia opened her mouth and wanted to respond, but she finally closed her mouth and stopped talking.

And under the gaze of the crowd, all the lights finally converged into a complete human form.

A short, gray haired old man.

Master of all souls, or ancient is not old!

The master of all souls stood in front of Jiang Yun and looked up at Jia Yi.

His body was as small as a normal person in front of the ten thousand foot high armour.

But he did not have the slightest fear. It seemed that he was using his not tall body to protect his disciples.

At this time, the red wolf, who had never moved, took a step towards the position of the master of all souls.

Obviously, he also showed great interest in the master of all souls.

Although the red wolf's action was slight, it also made Jia wake up, suddenly turned around and looked at him.

However, he did not stop the red wolf. Instead, he looked at the master of all souls and said slowly, "you should be the master of all souls?"

"Just, in your current state, should I call you the master of all souls, or should I call you... The treasure?"

Jia Yi's question also confirms Liu Ruxia's words.

Foreign friars, especially strong men like red wolf a, have long known that there is a treasure in Daoxing heaven and earth!

Even, their real purpose of entering the whirlpool space this time should also be for this treasure.

However, they didn't even think that the master of all souls would divide their own memories and merge them with the treasure.

Since then, he is both the master of all souls and the treasure!

Anyone who wants to get the treasure cannot kill the master of all souls.

The safest way is to take him with you, and then study carefully to see if you can strip him and the treasure away.

The master of all souls didn't pay any attention to Jia Yi's inquiry. Instead, he turned around and looked at Jiang Yun lying there. A smile appeared on his old face and said, "fourth, are you all right?"

In the face of the other party's inquiry, Jiang Yun was stunned for a moment before he whispered, "I'm fine!"

"It's OK!" The master of all souls smiled more intensely and said, "it's all because I'm not a good teacher. I've implicated you, put you in danger, and almost fell."

"However, since being a teacher has already appeared, you don't have to worry about other things now."

"Have a good rest. Everything has a master!"

After that, the master of all souls took back his eyes and turned around again to face A-1 and the red wolf.

There was no cover for his words, so red wolf and Jia Yi listened clearly.

However, they obviously have a certain understanding of the master of all souls.

At least I know the relationship between Gu Bulao and the master of all souls.

Therefore, they were not surprised to hear that the master of all souls called Jiang Yun a disciple.

The smiling face of the master of all souls turned to indifference, and said coldly: "in the practice of foreign countries, I have no grievances with you, but you are the dove occupying the magpie's nest. You occupy the heaven and the earth, and even join hands with the Taoist priest to imprison all of us in the Bureau."

"Now, we are invading here on a large scale!"

"Even though we are inferior to you, we will not be willing to be invaded and enslaved by you."

"Haven't you been looking for my secret of Tao Xing Tian Di?"

"I'll tell you the truth, too. I'm the secret you're looking for!"

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