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Chapter: 7005

In the immortal world, in the pavilion of a certain world, the honest middle-aged man who tasted the authentic tea put down his tea cup, looked at the Hongmeng alliance leader in front of him, and slowly said, "Taoist friends are really clever!"

"My chess piece was eaten again, leaving only the last one!"

"If the chess piece of Taoist friend is eaten again, we will basically lose this chess game."

"One?" The leader of Hongmeng alliance also put down the tea cup, but looked at the white chess piece he had given to the other party, which was not placed on the chessboard, and said: "so, this chess piece of Taoist friend is not ready to move?"

The middle-aged man narrowed his eyes and said, "this chess piece is not on the chessboard. I can't move it even if I want to."

The leader of Hongmeng alliance smiled and did not continue to ask. Instead, he pointed to the four sunspots on the chessboard and said, "since you can know that one of your chessmen has been eaten, you must also know the status of these four chessmen."

"Can you tell me something?"

"Oh?" The middle-aged man raised his eyebrows and said, "you can know that your previous chess pieces were eaten. Now you still have one of the heaviest pieces alive. Why don't you know the other's chess pieces?"

"Life stone!" The leader of the Hongmeng alliance opened his palm, and a stone full of cracks appeared in his palm and said, "I know it through the life stone."

"To tell you the truth, I have been forced to spy on the secret of Tao's rejuvenating heaven and earth for many times, which has made this heaven and earth repel me."

"Therefore, even if someone wants to send a message to me, unless he tells me in front of me, I simply can't know anything that happens in Daoxing heaven and earth."

"Ha ha!" The middle-aged man burst out laughing and turned his wrist. Two more cracked stones appeared in his hands and said, "coincidentally, I also knew it through the life stone."

"Besides, I don't even know who these four sunspots are."

"Taoist friend, can you let me understand first?"

The leader of the Hongmeng alliance glanced at the two stones. He didn't answer each other at all. He just nodded and said, "it doesn't matter."

"My chess piece should be eaten soon. We can get ready and go to see the Taoist priest."

"So, next, it's up to Taoist friends!"

The middle-aged man stopped smiling and said, "I really need to prepare."

"Well, you go to Taoist priest and wait for me. When I am ready, I will naturally go and meet you."

"Yes!" The leader of Hongmeng nodded again and said, "I believe in you, but I hope you don't prepare too long to avoid complications!"


The middle-aged man promised, and his figure disappeared.

With the disappearance of the middle-aged man, an illusory figure appeared on his position.

It's the red wolf!

The red wolf looked at the leader of Hongmeng and said, "here comes the guy who did it for ten days?"

"Well, just left!" The leader of the Hongmeng alliance pointed to the four sunspots on the chessboard and said, "how are these four people doing now?"

The red wolf replied, "the soul separation of heaven and Jiang Yun did not appear."

"The master of all souls has just hit Jia Yi hard. Jiang Yun is next to me."

If the simple and honest middle-aged man could hear these words, he would surely understand that these four sunspots represent the side of Daoxing heaven and earth. They refer to the master of all souls, the God, and the soul separation of Jiang Yun and Jiang Yun!

"Neither the heaven nor the soul appeared?"

The leader of Hongmeng alliance was a little surprised and said, "that is to say, it is only Jiang Yun and the master of all souls who have already dealt a heavy blow to the first and third armies."

"Yes!" The red wolf then said: "the master of all souls and the treasure have been integrated, and the strength has been improved. The friars who control the four ancient veins, with the power of the array, work together to deal with me, A-1 and C-1."

"C-1 was hit hard first."

"Jiang Yun arrived and tried to kill Bingyi. As a result, Bingyi was rescued by Jiayi."

"Jia Yi also injured the ancient demon in the fourth cultivation of Gu Zhi. It was Jiang Yunding who replaced the ancient demon and continued to fight with Jia Yi with the help of the array diagram."

"Jiang Yun was defeated, and when he saw that he was about to be caught by armour, the master of all souls appeared in time."

The red wolf explained everything that happened on the tenth floor in detail.

After listening to this, the leader of Hongmeng clenched his brow and began to say: "three doubtful points!"

"First, Jiang Yun was able to defeat Bingyi without raising his level. After raising his level, he easily lost to Jiayi with the help of the array diagram!"

"It seems that Jiang Yun was deliberately defeated."

"Second, the master of all souls has been hiding for so long, which shows that he is extremely cautious."

"Now that he dares to appear in public and introduce foreign monks, he even deliberately waits for you and Jia Yi."

"He must have the confidence to win."

"Especially you all understand the rules and runes he laid down."

"That rule Rune should be able to control you."

"Even if his strength is limited, he can't completely control you and Jia Yi, but at least he can weaken your strength."

"However, you don't feel that your strength has been weakened."

"But he still wants to die with you in such a tragic way as self explosion."

"It makes me feel like he did it on purpose!" Speaking of this, Xi Yongyi, the leader of the Hong League, rubbed the chess pieces in his hand and said after a moment of silence: "it's interesting that the master of all souls and Jiang Yun, both masters and disciples, have returned to you when facing your strong enemies

Hide your own mistakes. "

"This is clearly calculating each other!"

Listening to the analysis of the leader of Hongmeng alliance, the red wolf blinked and recalled all the pictures he had seen of Jiang Yun and the master of all souls. He also felt that something was wrong.

He said thoughtfully, "it seems that this is really the case when you say so!"

"Then there is another doubtful point?"

The leader of Hongmeng put the sunspot in his hand next to the white one in front of the red wolf.

"The last doubt is that these two people, although I'm not sure, I think they should both be on the chessboard."

"One of them belongs to Tao Xing heaven and earth, and the other belongs to the ten Heavenly stems."

"But even the most precious treasure and the master of all souls have already appeared. Why do they hide and refuse to appear?"

"Or they have appeared, but you have not found them."

The red wolf disapproved and said, "according to my observation, there should be many worlds in the whirlpool space that have not been destroyed."

"The two people you mentioned may not have realized enough runes and still be trapped in a certain world."

"Impossible!" The leader of the Hongmeng alliance shook his head and said, "I can't even figure out whether these two people will join the game. It's conceivable that their strength will never be weak."

"By this time, they must have entered the area where you are separated."

"By the way, Jiang Yun, is there anyone else in the body of the master of all souls?"

The red wolf shook his head and said, "I don't know!"

The leader of Hongmeng said with a dignified face, "in short, you should be careful next."

"Because from now on, you are really alone. No one, including me, can help you any more."

"Jiangyun, you don't have to worry, but you should be careful of the master of all souls, the Heavenly Master, Jiangyun's soul separation, and the two people who haven't appeared!"

The red wolf shrugged his shoulders and said casually, "it's a big deal. Just don't take this part."

The red wolf cut off the topic and said, "by the way, what did you talk about with the guy who did it for ten days?"

"I can play chess after chatting!" The leader of Hongmeng alliance smiled and said, "except for the secret chess I'm not sure about, only Ding Yi is left."

"But according to my estimation, Ding Yi will not take part in the war. The most important thing is to save Jia Yi with his power of space."

"As for that dark chess, if I were you, I wouldn't move any more."

"But I don't know his mind."

"Anyway, remember, your separation is the most important!"

"We can do nothing, and we must ensure that your part can come back safely! "

"I know, I know, long winded!" The red wolf waved his paws and said, "I'm going back quickly. I'm afraid that shitiangan will send someone to attack the prison while I'm separated."

The voice fell, and the red wolf jumped, and his body shape had disappeared.

Looking at the place where the red wolf disappeared, the leader of Hongmeng suddenly opened his palm, and a mirror appeared in his palm.

The leader of Hongmeng reached out and gently rubbed the mirror, and his face showed hesitation.

But immediately his eyes became firm and he said to the mirror, "look at the red wolf, don't let him leave the prison!"

"He has separated himself. I am not your opponent!"

After that, the leader of Hongmeng let go, and five lights of different colors flashed on the mirror and disappeared!

The leader of Hongmeng looked at the chessboard again and said softly, "Jiang Yun, I'm sorry!"

The words fell, and with a wave of his big sleeve, the chessboard on the table, together with all the pieces, was shattered! With one step, the leader of Hongmeng alliance disappeared!

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