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Chapter: 7007

Jiang Yun's words made the red wolf, who had just fallen down in the distance, suddenly stand up and let Liu Ruxia, who was in the Taoist world, suddenly stare.

The master of all souls, what he has done, is he always plotting against Jiang Yun?

Doesn't that seem likely?

In particular, the master of all souls, whose face was completely frozen, looked at Jiang Yun with disbelief in his eyes.

Obviously, he was shocked by what Jiang Yun said.

Jiangyun looked at him calmly.

After a long time, the master of all souls seemed to have recovered his mind, frowned and said, "fourth, what are you talking about?"

"How dare you think that I have been calculating you?"

"Don't call me old four." Jiangyun loosened the palm of his hand holding the master of all souls, stood up and stepped back: "you are not qualified to call this name!"

"Because you are not my master at all!"

The body of the master of all souls trembled slightly. It seemed that he was angry with Jiang Yun's words.

After taking a deep breath, the body of the master of all souls gradually stopped shaking and slowly said, "yes, I really can't be your master, but I treat you as a disciple."

"No matter what, you can't say I'm calculating you!"

"I told you again and again not to save me, but to leave quickly. You insisted on not leaving and insisted on saving me."

"I didn't lie to you. The ancient seal can only be sent out with your consent."

"If you don't want to give away the ancient seal, you can give it away, but there's no need to think I'm calculating you just because of this!"

The master of all souls became more and more excited. On his old face, a sad smile appeared. He shook his head and said, "well, it's meaningless to say this."

"I am not your master, and you are not my disciple!"

"Hehe, in order to calculate you, I can even give up my life!"

"I have done so much wholeheartedly for my disciples and for all living beings who wish to prosper heaven and earth. When I was dying, I got such a consequence."


The master of all souls looked up to the sky and burst into crazy laughter.

However, in his eyes, there were muddy blood and tears flowing down slowly.

An old man lying in a pool of blood, only half of his body, with scattered hair and pale face, who was on the verge of death, looked up to the sky and laughed wildly with blood and tears!

It is believed that most people will feel unbearable and extremely desolate when they see such a picture.

But Jiang Yun's face did not have the slightest expression. He was not moved at all. He just looked at the master of all souls calmly.

After the laughter of the other party decreased, Jiang Yun continued to say, "at this time, there are only red wolves here, me and you. Do you still need to play?"

"Get out!" The master of all souls suddenly stopped laughing, and then roared at Jiang Yun: "get out of here, and the farther you go, the better."

"I am blind. I should have accepted you as a disciple!"

"Even a receipt dog is better than you."

Jiang Yun sighed leisurely and said, "before, you acted like something, but now, it's more and more different."

"Even if I, Jiang Yun, were to treat my Shifu like you, my Shifu would never be so hysterical."

"Master of all souls, although you always show great concern for me and think about me everywhere, it's a pity that you don't know my master at all."

"Your understanding of my master only comes from the memory of my three elder martial brothers!"

"So, you are just trying to imitate my master's character based on this understanding."

"Your imitation may be able to deceive some people, but you can't deceive me or any of my master's disciples!"

The master of all souls did not respond to Jiang Yun's words at all. He just looked up at the sky and even closed his eyes.

The red wolf not far away blinked his eyes with a blank color on his face.

He was completely confused. He didn't know what was going on. He didn't know whether the master of all souls was really plotting against Jiang Yun, or whether Jiang Yun cheated the master to destroy his ancestors. He was not allowed to recognize this master.

Liu Ruxia, in the Taoist realm, also had an uncertain expression on his face.

Although she was always in Jiang Yun's body and knew some things, she was also confused about the situation now.

However, she did understand that Jiang Yun had been testing out all the weird things he had shown before because he had doubts about the master of all souls.

Finally, after the master of all souls told Jiang Yun that it was necessary for Jiang Yun to take the initiative to send the ancient seal to save him, Jiang Yun determined that the master of all souls was plotting against him.

After taking a deep look at the master of all souls, Jiang Yun suddenly turned around and faced the red wolf and said, "master red wolf, if you want to catch him, just do it."

"I won't take part in it. Goodbye!"

After saying that, Jiang Yun actually took a step and walked towards the distance.

And it's very fast!

The red wolf almost looked at Jiang Yun passing by with confused eyes, and watched Jiang Yun's body disappear from his eyes.

The red wolf could not help but raise his paw, knocked on his head and said, "my brain is really not enough."

"If that guy were there, he would know what was going on!"

"Well, let's clean up the master of all souls first!"

Shook his head, the red wolf went to the master of all souls.

At the same time, Liu Ruxia couldn't help but ask Jiang Yun, "can you stop playing tricks and explain it to me?"

"Are you mistaken? I think his condition is really injured, and he is really going to die!"

With Liu Ruxia's strength, we can naturally tell that the master of all souls is really seriously injured.

And this is what she can't understand.

Even if the master of all souls wanted to calculate Jiang Yun, he would not take his life to calculate.

The master of all souls is not a fool. Won't he consider the consequences if he can't calculate Jiang Yun?

Jiang Yun finally said, "if his injury is fake, it can't hide from me."

"The injury is real, and he is really dying."

"However, I feel that it is not a true master of all souls at all, but a similar separation formed with the help of the supreme treasure."

"It's a pity that your Divine sense has been affected. Otherwise, you should have discovered this earlier than I did."

Liu Ruxia was a little stunned.

Although Jiang Yun's statement is somewhat uncertain, it is reasonable.

His ability was indeed affected and he could not see through the master of all souls.

Liu Ruxia still doubted, "but where will the true master of all souls be?"

"This is already the tenth floor..."

Jiang Yun interrupted Liu Ruxia and said, "how do you know this is the tenth floor!"

"In other words, there may be an eleventh layer in this whirlpool space."

"After all, the maps we got were all what he told us."

"How he wants to change the world position here is also an easy task."

"I suspect that the map exit I saw in the third senior brother's soul may lead to the real place where he is."

Liu Ruxia suddenly realized, "the reason why you left just now is to see where the exit leads?"

"Yes!" Jiang Yun nodded and said, "now, my goal is the same!"

"Exit, right ahead!"

In front of Jiang Yun, a space crack has appeared, which is the exit he saw in the map of the third senior brother's soul.

"If you step in, you will know whether my judgment is correct!"

Just as Jiang Yun's figure stepped into the space crack, behind him came the roar of the master of all souls, which was full of endless sadness and indignation: "Jiang Yun!"


Another loud noise sounded, like the sound of self explosion!

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