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Chapter: 87

Bordeaux Andelman, the Lord of Wizard Tower. 

A child of a former Lord of Wizard Tower and a person who was appointed and raised as the next Lord of Wizard Tower from birth.

He was also a great wizard of the 8th circle, and he looked too young to be in his mid-thirties.

"Sit down."

A chair and a tea table appeared as he tapped his hand. On top of it, there was hot tea and cookies that were good to eat.

"I can prepare a meal for you if you wish."

"It’s all right."

As soon as he took his seat, his next words flew like a bullet.

"As people say, I am a very closed-minded wizard, so I don’t have the talent to speak in a noble way like you."

‘Even if I stab you, not a drop of blood will come out.’

She’s not even talking to the ice doll.

"How did you sweet talk to Maro?" 

Contrary to what she expected to continue talking about the monster corpse, a question she hadn’t thought of came up.

"I didn’t sweet talk to him. He’s the one who did it." 

"Then, the next question. Are you sure you’re just here to trade the body of the monster?  I heard you went to enter the palace twice as soon as you got back from the expedition. You’re not sitting here with the details of your deal with the Emperor, are you?"

He was too aggressive and straightforward from the beginning.

Serdel sighed and took out several magic bags from inside her magic bracelet.

The longer she talks with someone who keeps his people in his area and is wary, the worse it gets.

It just makes her tired.

Rather, it would be interesting to show the things as soon as possible in order to finish a quick transaction that will change the atmosphere.

"Can you take a look at this?"

She took out the highest level mana stone and hold it out.

His eyes twinkled but shone sharply.

"You must have seen and heard about the size of the mine and the condition of the mana stones."

"It’s an overwhelming size than any other mine, and it is said that the regeneration speed in the mined site is also fast because the mana stones grow so densely that there is not even a space to step on them. Is that right?"

Serdel raised her nose.

"That’s right. The amount of magical power flowing through the mine was so great that I dare to say that the mana stones will never dry out."

"It’s charming."

There was also an exclamation in the murmur.

"Would you like to check this as well? There is a corpse of a monster, so take it out and take a look."

He immediately slipped his hand into the magic bag and pulled out the corpse.

Fortunately, blood doesn’t flow out because it was frozen under the influence of magic hanging inside.

However, it was eerie because it was the same as it was when he died.

‘The smell is still there.’

As she was clicking her tongue, he suddenly called up the research table and placed the corpse on it and took a close look.

His concentrating eyes were sharp. 

"As expected, it’s a monster from Elbash Forest. The amount of magi in the body is high, and the purity of the blood is also high. I was a little unsatisfied with the research I was doing—"

"Would you like to look inside the bag a little more? You’ll find something more coveted than that."

Her words came out with a relaxed smile, and heat was now radiating from his eyes.

He cut off one of the legs, and the body of Raunel, which Belters had cut in two, was dragged out into his hands.

"It’s Raunel! I can’t believe I’m seeing such a rare variant of a monster here!"

Even though it wasn’t in perfect condition, she felt like her hair was rising again with the unusual aura she could feel.



"Oh my, the child was hit!"

"Oh my, oh my—"

Her body hardened again to the sound that flowed into her ears.

Unknowingly, her gaze gradually turned to Raunel’s eyes.

She saw her Oppa through the big glass-like eyes.

Even though it’s just a corpse, is the ability not dead at all? 

Just before sinking deep into the hallucination, she came to her senses by the tingling sensation in her clenched fists.

‘I almost looked ugly!’

Serdel, who managed to calm her beating heart, took out the magic stone and pushed it in front of him in the calm face.



The Lord of Wizard Tower gaze was fixed on Raunel’s.

His gaze, after staring at it for a while, turned to her.

Then, after checking the magic stone on her hand, his eyes lit up belatedly. 

"I think I’ve shown you everything I’m going to show you. Now, what are you going to do?"

He straightened his posture.

"Tell me what you want first."

After washing his hands in the whirlpool of water floating in the air, he naturally turned and sat down.

What the Emperor wanted was three wizards of 4th circle or higher.

‘What I want is a close relationship with Wizard Tower, so once this transaction is successfully completed, it will follow naturally.’ 

"Please transfer at least six wizards of 4th circle or higher to the Imperial Wizard." 

"Ah, as expected. The imperial family is involved. The Emperor has asked for 3 Wizards with 4th or higher circles before. Don’t put the Young Lady’s hand too far on the line if you’re dealing in frivolous negotiating."

As expected, it is not easy.

"Will you listen to it?"

"I refuse. Wizard Tower has no intention of getting involved in politics."

"Is that so? It’s unfortunate that the Lord of Wizard Tower will experience the fact that you won’t get anything by sticking to tradition."

"What do you mean—"

Serdel packed the magic bags containing the mana stones, magic stones, and corpses back into the magic bracelet.

"No way, are you going to leave like this? Just in case, even if this deal breaks down, the Wizard Tower won’t have any regrets right now." 

"There is nothing to regret ‘right now’, but it doesn’t mean that you continue to not regret it, right?"

"Then you’re saying you’re going to wait until the Wizard Tower becomes a disappointing situation?"

Instead of answering, Serdel raised her head proudly.

Now that he has seen good products with his own eyes, she doesn’t think he’ll even like the ones below.

‘If you bend or act carefully here, you’ll only look like a pushover.’

Let’s go a little rougher.

Before that, she couldn’t stand the fact that her forehead was frowned at the terrible smells emanating from hands. 

Without realizing it, she continued to bring her hand to her nose. Why do I keep smelling it even though I know for sure that it smells stinky—?

Then a whirlpool of water appeared in front of her.

"Oh my, thank you."

When she washed it clean with a smile, the wind blew and dried the water.

She even put lotion on the back of her hand.

‘You seem to be careful.’

She felt refreshed by the sweet scent of flowers. 

However, the moisture wasn’t very good.

"It would be a good idea to think carefully. The Wizard Tower is the only way to buy such a large amount of monster corpses at the best price. In addition, the Wizard Tower will also be the biggest customer of the mana stone. If Young Lady leaves your seat like this, The deal is broken." 

"Is it a threat?"

"It’s not a threat, it’s a rather blatant reminder of the fact. Are you going to lose your big hands like this? Don’t underestimate the influence of the Wizard Tower. We can also pressure merchants and prevent them from doing any business with Young Lady." 

It’s a threat, well. 








"At most, the manastones you have mined, you won’t be able to show them properly in the market, are you okay?"

The Emperor deserved the trouble.

"It doesn’t matter. The Wizard Tower is not only in the Empire. Do you think there’s no place to sell it?"

Serdel showed her teeth.

"It’s a bit uncomfortable to bring in wizards from other countries, but if you put strong restrictions on their actions to prevent them from moving, you won’t be able to do anything in vain."

She shrugged her shoulders and blew his last shot. 

"His Majesty has already given me permission to import and export. If you don’t hold onto me today, you’ll regret it—"

"It’s going to be this way. Ah, I understand."

He flicked his fingers out of the blue. The tea table disappeared and the table appeared.

On top of it were corn soup, salad, freshly baked bread and cheese, and smoked chicken.

"I think I’m losing my mind, so I need to fill my stomach. Have a seat, Young Lady."

She was dumbfounded. 

What the hell is this random and reckless behavior!

"I don’t have much appetite."

"Anyway, if I don’t open it, Young Lady won’t be able to leave this space. So, let’s eat together."

Is he trying to drag out the time?

After having an eyes fight for a while, I nodded as he placed the chicken legs neatly cut with a fork and knife on a plate.

Sitting down helplessly, Serdel began to eat.


What is this taste?

The corn soup was savory and light, and the smoked chicken was crispy on the outside and moist on the inside, melting in the mouth.

Glancing at Serdel, who muttered hard, the Lord of Wizard Tower continued to pour the piece of meat on her plate.

It was the first time in decades that he had a meal with someone.

The Wizard Tower shows unity in front of a common purpose, but other than that, it was rare to eat together because of its strong individualistic tendency.

He picked up the bread, cut it in half, put chicken, cheese, and vegetables, and then put the sauce on it. 

It was also given to Serdel.

He even offered apple juice in case she was thirsty.

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