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Chapter: 94

A dark bedroom without a single chandelier light.

The figure of Count Maient, who was almost lying on the edge of a double blackout curtain, looked utterly exhausted.

Rolling wine bottles, broken glasses.

Clearly, he had had so much alcohol that there was no life in his drooping eyes, and his parted lips were all swollen and rough. He had also forgotten to shave his chin, which was filthy.

He looked at him and pressed his temple as if he were suffering from a headache.

"I beg you to pull yourself together." 

Haa. He let out a deep sigh.

"It’s not the time to let go of yourself like this. Please, my Lord."

Tsk. Between the irritatedly twisted lips, there was the sound of a tongue click.

"Please! Come to your sense!" 

Finally, he couldn’t stand it anymore and scream.

It was the first time. How did he express his feelings to his master like this?

The aide’s eyes grew red with anger. The blood vessels sticking out over the forehead were about to burst.

"Do you know how noisy it is outside the mansion now!"

He crumpled the newspaper he was holding in his hand mercilessly.

"The damn knights of Count Robbesta are besieging the mansion day and night!"

Is that all?

Nobles who had nothing else to do even came on purpose in a carriage as if it were some sort of tourist attraction.

Thanks to this, the content of the articles published in the newspapers is always changing every day.

It was a series of ridicule and ridicule and ridicule.

What’s even more troubling is the fact that the newspapers are thrown inside, which is entirely restricted by restricting entry and exit.

He didn’t know he was trying to put pressure on it.

Now that they’d gotten their intended result, everyone in the Count was anxious.

The servants were anxious about the uncertain future, and the butler and head maid couldn’t control them.

The knights on this side, facing the knights of Count Robbesta, struggled under pressure.

Soldiers and squires were totally useless.

Even though things have gotten to this point, the Master is restless and doing nothing about it.

"Damn it! I didn’t follow you to see this kind of damn state!"

How did this happen?

"Get a hold of yourself, please… This is the end. The end. What are you going to do if you can’t even recover!"

While Count Maient was like this.

In the estate, his half-brother, whom he had been wary of until now, was carrying his vassals on his back and expanding his position.

Surely they will not miss this opportunity.

Tears flowed from the aide’s eyes.

Instinctively, he knew that their time was running out.

After a while, he was exhausted and left the bedroom.

Until then, Count Maient didn’t budge.

Like he’s out of his mind, and all he can do is only breathing. 


He’s thirsty. 

Starting from his throat, he felt as if his five internal organs were suddenly burning up. 

Fearing that the phenomenon would repeat itself again, he hurriedly fumbled around and scratched his finger with the shards of glass from the broken glass.

His eyes widened as he saw the dripping blood.

"…U, ugh… Arrrghhh!"

The scene of that day flashed into his mind, which had been quiet. In addition, regardless of his will, he was forced to stay in his memory again this time. 

Hundreds of pieces of wood blew up around him. 

The bloody pain that pierced his thighs and the pressure he felt in his lower back from being thrown to the floor came back to life one by one. 

He’s sure he’s already received treatment.

Even if he shook his head recklessly, the unfolded memories did not easily shake off. 

"Aaaargh! My waist, my waist!"

He rolled over, and this time, a shard of glass got stuck in his thigh.


His scream grew louder.

Nevertheless, no one came in.

Naturally, the more he struggled, the deeper the wound got. Blood splattered over the wet carpet with alcohol.

Then he found a ray of light leaking from inside the desk drawer, and his movements stopped. 

Gulp, he swallows his saliva. 

Soon darkness came, and then a light came out again, so he got up and took out the communication tool from the drawer.

The beautiful green hair. 

A small, pure white face and clear and beautiful eyes like emeralds were facing him. 

Ah, Alexa!

Count Maient’s lips drew a bizarre smile. 

"Young Lady Alexa! Why, why! Why are you calling me now? How long have I waited, how long have I been waiting to contact you—!" 

[I’m sorry, Count. I’ve been so busy.]

"No matter how busy you are, how can you not answer my calls? No, it’s not. No, that’s right. You can be busy. Yes, I understand. I understand."

[You don’t have to understand. After all, being busy is an excuse.]


Before he could ask what that meant, she smiled at him.

It was a bright smile that didn’t match the situation at all.

Could it be that everything so far has been just a nightmare?

For a moment, he felt like that. It was so bright that Count Maient’s lips went up at the same time.

At the same time, anxiety came.

He slowly felt nervous.

"L, let’s meet, Young Lady. I’ll go meet you right away. I’ll be there in two hours, no, an hour."

[Oh, I guess you don’t know the situation in the mansion very well. Will you be able to come out?]


The mouth of Count Maient twitched like a carp.

[It’s so disgraceful, Count.] 


[What is that look?]

He took a glance at himself.

It certainly wasn’t something to be seen by a noblewoman.

"I, I’ll be better after wash up—"

[Let’s break up]

He felt like he was hit on the head by a huge hammer.

"What do you mean—"

[Let’s break up]


Count Maient’s hand, holding the communication device, trembled like crazy. 

"W, what do you mean to break up! That’s too much!"

[Where? Which part is too much? If you’re a noble, you should have kept your face until the end. If I stay next to the Count, I will look ridiculous.] 

"It’ll be over in a minute. This situation will disappear like the wind!"








[Unfortunately, I don’t think it will disappear easily. The Count has failed, and you will soon be held accountable. I don’t—]

She shrugged her shoulders.

[—I don’t love the Count enough to lose it with you. I’m sorry.]

"…We can’t break up. We can’t break up! Do you think I’ll let you go in a situation like this?!" 

[Don’t show it to the floor beyond that. Still, we had a burning relationship, even for a short time. Wouldn’t it be too sad for me to cover the bottom too much? So why didn’t you be the one I needed? Why didn’t you be useful to me? If you had, I could have loved you more.] 


[I definitely said let’s break up. So don’t contact me anymore as of this time.]

"Alexa! Alexa!"

Without a moment’s notice, she cut off contact.

Holding on to the communication device that had lost its light, he called her over and over again.

He tried to communicate several times, but she never answered.

"Alexa! Damn it!"

He finally threw a communication tool and was about to tear his head out.

How could this be?

He trembled with a sense of betrayal.


Serdel! Serdel! Serdel! Serdel! 

Serdel Robbesta! 

If it weren’t for you!

I wouldn’t have gone through such a disgrace!


As he vomits out, the anger seems never to go away—.

"Why are you calling my Nuna’s name?"

Startled by the voice that came out of nowhere, he turned around.

The dark curtains fluttered in the wind from the open window.

The sun poured in through it.

The eyes, which had long been accustomed to the darkness, couldn’t accept the sudden light.

He raised his arms to cover his eyes, then opened his eyes several times to get used to it.

As if he had poured sugar, the white skin didn’t look like a human.

The pink hair that covered it was so beautiful that it was dazzled by the passing sunlight. 

The gold eyes were as beautiful as jewels, and through the bright red lips— Fangs?


A threat leaked through the man’s trembling teeth.

"You. Why did you hit my Nuna?"

Count Maient closed his eyes and then opened them, wondering if he saw things in vain.

"Do you want to die?"

The man grabbed him by the neck at once.


He opened his eyes and hit the man’s solid arm with his hand.


He even scratched his big hand, which was pressing his neck with his fingernails.

"Do you want to die? Huh? Why did you hit my Nuna? You bastard who falls into this shit box and can’t get your act together for three months and ten days." 

He listened to the curses of the maids and followed them. 

"Cough, cough!"

Saliva dripped from Count Maient’s open mouth. 

His eyes widened more, and then his body drooped.

"…What? Have you passed out already? Why are you so weak?"

The man grumbled and threw Count Maient.

Then he took a palm-sized bug out of his pocket and put it on his forehead.

What just happened was swallowed up by a bug that had engulfed his own energy, so Count Maient won’t even remember. 

"From now on, take care of yourself. I’m letting it slide today because I’m afraid Nuna will get in trouble if I get caught because I came secretly. If you mess with Nuna one more time, I’ll kill you." 

Nevertheless, after leaving the threat, he opened his mouth wide.

Whoak, whoak, whoakk! 

After several times, he took out three of the top mana stones in his stomach.

At the same time, the man’s body shrank and soon turned into a baby wolf.

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