This is a Miracle


For twenty years, Bai Luo had been thinking that he had been reincarnated in an ordinary world, until one day, a black book appeared in his mind.

"Is there magic in this world?"

Facing Bai Luo’s question, uncle Saros decisively said: "No."

"But there are miracles."

"What is a miracle?"

"It can be a sword that can release flames or a pot that can create gold"

Uncle Saros continued,

"It can be a beautiful girl that was born from a fruit."

"She can control fog, manipulate storms, and dominate lightning."


Bai Luo pointed his hand forward,

"That is definitely magic!"


Uncle Saros said,

"This is really a miracle."

Many years later, Bai Luo looked at the magnificent scenery of the country he had built. He agreed with what uncle Saros said,

"This is a miracle…"

Chapter : 64


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