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Chapter: 864

Don t Scare Me like this next time

"It was your fault to begin with. Could It Be My Fault?"

"Yes, yes, yes. My wife naturally won’t be wrong."

Su Chenghui coaxed Li Qianxue. Li Qianxue didn’t even look at him and directly returned to the ward. Su Peizhen’s mood seemed to have calmed down. She half-leaned on the hospital bed, and no one knew what she was thinking.

She didn’t speak, and Li Qianxue wasn’t in a hurry either. She just poured her a glass of water.

"Thank you."Su Peizhen took the water and habitually wanted to call her mother, but she held back.

She didn’t speak, and Li Qianxue didn’t speak either. The mother and daughter who were once relatives were now looking at each other in silence.

After Su Peizhen finished drinking the water, she wanted to put down the glass. However, Li Qianxue took the initiative to take it and put it aside.

Her actions made Su Peizhen’s nose ache again. When had Li Qianxue ever taken care of someone before?

But in the past, whenever she felt uncomfortable, the person who took care of her was always Li Qianxue. When it came to her matters, Li Qianxue never put her hands on others.

The tip of her nose began to ache again. She didn’t expect that she would subconsciously call Li Qianxue. But now that she had made the call, things had already happened.

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It was obviously too late for her to take back the call. The reunion that she had always imagined was the hope that after she had a good life and had completely let go of it, she would see the people who existed in her memories again.

Not like now, when she was caught off guard, and when she was at her most miserable.

She bit her lip, feeling very complicated. There was always a kind of child who ran away from home and wanted to make a name for herself in front of adults, but she did not expect to be down and out.

Li Qianxue looked at her like that and reached out to take her hand.

"If you don’t tell me who the man is, I won’t ask. You are old, take care of yourself. If you feel uncomfortable staying in Rongcheng, go back to Lin City."

Her voice paused for a moment. "You’ve always kept your room at home. Mother Zhang cleans it every day. I meant what I said. No matter what, you’re still the daughter of the Su family."

This was already an admission. No matter what, as long as Su Peizhen wanted to, she could go home at any time.

Su Peizhen’s lips were tightly pursed into a straight line, and in the end, she nodded hard.

She didn’t know what she could say. Back then, when Li Qianxue was so angry, she thought that she would never forgive her for the rest of her life.

"Aunty, i –"her throat was a little choked up. She only felt that it was very difficult.

Her hand was tightly held by Li Qianxue again. She gently patted the back of her hand.

"What a silly child."

Li Qianxue looked at Su Peizhen. There was heartache, Heartache, and many other emotions that she couldn’t describe.

She once thought that she would be angry for the rest of her life, but in reality, she was really not angry with Su Peizhen.

When she broke off her relationship with Su Peizhen in the newspaper, she was also angry for a moment. But in the end, she was the one who raised the child.

At that time, she was only focused on venting her anger on Su Chenghui and ignored Su Peizhen’s feelings. The child had gone astray. It was her fault for not educating him well.

"Peizhen, I’m sorry."

This sudden apology made Su Peizhen stunned for a moment. Li Qianxue curled her lips, and there was some sadness in her eyes.

"I was too angry with your father at that time. It was my fault for not taking care of your feelings."

"…"Li Qianxue’s words made Su Peizhen not know how to respond. She looked at her blankly. Li Qianxue reached out and tucked her hair behind her ear.

"You’re the child I raised. I should have trusted you. I didn’t take good care of you. I didn’t care about you. That’s why you went astray."

Su Peizhen bit her lip and shook her head desperately. It wasn’t like that. It really wasn’t like that.

Just like what Su Qingsang said, she was just selfish and narrow-minded. She wasn’t willing to share.

"If you don’t want to Call Me Mom, I’ll accept it. But next time, don’t scare me like this again."

Li Qianxue couldn’t deny it. The moment she received Su Peizhen’s call, she was shocked at first, but later, her heart ached.

Her daughter, who had been raised by her parents, had never been tortured like this and cried out in pain, even though she had broken off her relationship with Su Peizhen?

Not to mention that Su Peizhen was very strong by nature. When she was young, she never cried when she caught a cold or had a fever or had injections. She was proud and flamboyant, and she wouldn’t easily let her discomfort show in front of others.

At that time, when she picked up the phone, she really did not care about anything else. She booked the nearest plane ticket and flew over.

She was also glad that she came. Otherwise, she did not know what would happen to Su Peizhen. This child was very stubborn. She probably did not want Xiang caiping to know.

Su Peizhen kept shaking her head. She wanted to say no. She did not scream because she was not sure if she still had the qualifications, but she could not say those words.

Her throat felt like it was blocked. She could only look at Li Qianxue with tears in her eyes.

She wanted to call out to Li Qianxue, but su chenghui came back with the porridge that he specially bought.

"Have some porridge. You’re still very weak. After you’re done, have a good rest. If there’s anything else, we’ll talk again when you’re better."

Su Peizhen couldn’t say a word except to nod. She looked at Li Qianxue’s beautiful face and wanted to call her mother, but she couldn’t.

Su Peizhen was still running a fever. After eating the porridge su Chenghui sent over, she fell asleep again in a daze.

When she was half asleep and half awake, she felt that someone was coming. When she opened her eyes, she realized that it was Su Qingsang who had come to see her.

Huo Jinyao stood outside the door with a cold face and didn’t come in. Huo Jinyao couldn’t let go of everything that Su Peizhen had done to Su Qingsang.

Su Qingsang could let go, but he could not. However, Su Qingsang wanted to visit her, so he could only let her go. It was impossible for him to let go and forgive or even accept Su Peizhen.

Su Chenghui knew what Huo Jinyao was thinking, so he called him outside.

He did not know what he said, but when he came back, Huo Jinyao’s face looked a little better.

Huo Jinyao and his wife left, and Li Qianxue returned to the bedside and sat down, reaching out to hold Su Peizhen’s hand.

"Qingsang is a good child. You should know a little about her personality. "If anything happens next time, if I’m not in Rongcheng, go look for Qingsang and Huo Jinyao. Even if we’re not here, he’ll help you."

Su Peizhen did not speak. Some things could not be helped by others.

How could others help with matters of love? She could only blame herself for being blind.

Thinking of Ling Jing, Su Peizhen’s heart ached again.

Ling Jing, Ling Jing. These two words had become a knife. As long as it was mentioned, it would hurt.

Li Qianxue couldn’t bear to see her like this. Her thoughts flowed, and many things she wanted to say turned into a sigh in the end.

The mother and daughter couldn’t go back to the past in the end.


Ling Jing sat behind his desk. There was a pile of documents in front of him waiting to be resolved, but he only felt annoyed.

He did not want to deal with these official matters at all. He did not want to sit here at all.

He resisted the urge to sweep all the things on the desk to the ground. He got up and walked to the window.

There was a fire in his heart, but it did not go out because of the venting in Rongyuan. Instead, the fire burned brighter and brighter.

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