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Chapter: 867

This is the attitude you have when you beg someone

The atmosphere in the private room was really a little gloomy. The two rows of bodyguards behind her and the way Lin Feixing was beaten on the big screen could make Su Peizhen feel that the Ling Jing in front of her was no longer the hooligan she picked up.

He was clearly a person, but the feeling he gave people was completely different.

This was not ling jing, this was a stranger. She stood there and looked at Ling Jing coldly, waiting for him to open his mouth to humiliate or make things difficult for her.

This was Ling Jing’s goal. But what was the point of stabbing her a few times like that?

"Didn’t I just say it? Beg Me."Ling Jing spread his hands and said indifferently, "If you beg me, I’ll let him go."

Su Peizhen clenched her fists. "I beg you."

Wasn’t that what he wanted? She gave it to him. She looked at him coldly. Even though she was begging him, her eyes still carried some arrogance.

Ling Jing suddenly smiled. That smile was full of mockery. "Is this the attitude you have when you beg someone?"

"Okay."Su Peizhen clenched her fists and nodded heavily. "Then I wonder how Young Master Ling Wants Me To Beg You?"

Ling Jing looked at her. He saw that she came to beg him for another man. She stood in front of him with a cold face, as if she was not affected at all.

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The malice in his eyes became deeper. He looked up at Su Peizhen and swept his gaze across the coffee table in front of him.

"Simple. See this bottle of wine on the table? Drink it all. Let’s forget about today’s matter."

Su Peizhen glanced at the coffee table. Ling Jing was talking about vodka. Drink the entire bottle of vodka? He could really think about it.

"If I finish this bottle of wine, let’s forget about today’s matter, right?"She took a step forward. Her eyes were clear and proud. She looked at Ling Jing coldly to make a final confirmation.

"Yes."Ling Jing seemed to be annotating his words. "As long as you drink this bottle of wine, I will let bygones be bygones for what that gigolo did. How about it?"

"Okay."Su Peizhen didn’t even frown. She responded to show that she understood. She went forward and picked up the bottle of wine. She didn’t even need a cup. She directly drank from the mouth of the bottle.

When the strong wine entered the throat, it actually gave people an uncomfortable feeling.

Su Peizhen drank a few mouthfuls and almost choked. She gritted her teeth and endured it. Soon, not only was her throat uncomfortable, even her stomach began to feel uncomfortable.

Half of the wine in the bottle had already gone, but she was still continuing.

Ling Jing sat there and watched coldly. His hands on his knees were tightly clenched into fists. The woman beside him fed him wine. He opened his mouth mechanically and drank it. He felt that the wine had a bitter taste.

Two-thirds of the vodka had gone, but Su Peizhen was still drinking it. Some of the wine flowed out from the corner of her mouth.

It slid down her beautiful neck and into her clothes. She was wearing a white silk shirt today. The thin texture was easily wet by the liquor.

On the white clothes, the wetness looked more and more obvious.

Ling Jing’s face couldn’t be any gloomier. He watched Su Peizhen finish the last of the liquor. Finally, he put the bottle down.

The bottle was placed on the table, making a banging sound.

"Young Master Ling, is this okay?"

Su Peizhen, who had drunk a bottle of white wine in one go, had a very ugly expression. Not only was she swollen until she was red, but her eyes were also bloodshot,

she stared straight at Ling Jing’s face, her eyes firm and revealing a dark look.

Ling Jing didn’t say anything. He just looked at Su Peizhen. She also looked at him stubbornly.

There seemed to be countless sparks in the air. Ling Jing suddenly flared up. "Get out of here."

Su Peizhen stood still. The others didn’t understand. Only Gu Xiu, who was standing at the side, understood.

With a glance, the two women stood up unwillingly and went outside.

The bodyguards on both sides retreated and left. Only Su Peizhen stood there motionlessly.

She looked at Ling Jing. When the door closed behind her, she asked again very calmly, "Young Master Ling, Is It Okay Now? Can you let her go now?"

The alcohol began to erode Su Peizhen’s willpower. She had a good tolerance for alcohol, but she had never finished a bottle of vodka in one go like this.

She even felt that her feet were a little weak. It was her strong willpower that allowed her to stand up straight.

Ling Jing stood up, walked around the coffee table, and walked to Su Peizhen step by step. Finally, he stood in front of her.

He stared at Su Peizhen’s face. His usually wicked Phoenix eyes now had a hint of malice.

"Yes, of course. I, Young Master Ling, have always kept my word. If you want me to let her go, I’ll let her go."

Before Su Peizhen could breathe a sigh of relief, Ling Jing’s next words made her stand still. "I just said that we should forget about that gigolo. I didn’t say that we should forget about what happened to you before."

What happened before? Su Peizhen was drunk at this moment, and her consciousness began to become a little dizzy. "What did Young Master Ling Mean?"

"Naturally, it’s between you and me."Ling Jing reached out and lifted Su Peizhen’s chin, he stared straight at her face. "Think about it. I’m the young master of the Ling family, and you treat me like a gigolo. I’ve been with you for so long. Why? Do you really think you can just let it go?"

Su Peizhen took a deep breath and looked at Ling Jing. "Then what does Young Master Ling want?"

"What do you want? You did something wrong, so of course you have to learn a lesson, don’t you?"

Su Peizhen stood still and looked at Ling Jing coldly, suddenly, she smiled. "Yes. As the young master of the Ling family, it is my fault that you have to be my gigolo. Speaking of which, it is indeed my fault. I wonder how Young Master Ling plans to teach me a lesson?"

Another piercing pain came from her heart. But it was only for a moment. At this moment, Su Peizhen was very calm. She was so calm that even the alcohol had no effect on her.

Ling Jing pinched her chin and looked at this exquisite face. Finally, he opened his thin lips. "It’s simple. You can stay with me as long as I stay with you. But this time, we have to do it the other way around. You are the one I keep, how about it?"

Su Peizhen’s expression changed. She turned pale at Ling Jing’s direct and brutal humiliation.

She kept adjusting her breathing and tried her best to suppress her heartbeat. In the end, she stopped smiling and looked at Ling Jing sarcastically.

"Young Master Ling wants to keep me?"


"Yes, of course I can."Su Peizhen smiled faintly and looked extremely sarcastic. "Didn’t young master Ling say that I’m a re-education through labor? Doesn’t young master Ling think it’s beneath him to keep me as a re-education through labor?"

The air-conditioning in the private room was very low, but it was lower than the temperature in Su Peizhen’s heart at this moment. She was very angry. She was so angry that if there was a knife in front of her, she would definitely stab Ling Jing’s body without hesitation.

But it was very strange. Perhaps it was because of the alcohol, but she actually restrained herself. She only used such an extremely self-deprecating method to deepen the already deep wound.

Ling Jing seemed to have not felt her gaze at all. He moved his face closer to hers. The distance between them was less than ten centimeters.

He was close to her face, and there was a faint smell of alcohol in the air. He didn’t know if it was on her or on him.

"It is indeed beneath my dignity, but what should I do? I haven’t had enough of you, a convict. Thinking about it, I have played with so many women, but I don’t have someone like you. At first, you were the daughter of a rich family, but later, you were a convict. "TSK, thinking about it, it’s quite exciting. "So, I want to continue playing, Can’t I?"

The tone of the abuse, the light expression, and the evil eyes were obviously provocative.

Su Peizhen waved his hand away and took a big step back. "Ling Jing, don’t Go Too Far."

"I like going too far, can’t I?"He came closer to Su Peizhen again and pinched her chin. "Do you want it?"

Su Peizhen gritted her teeth. Her little face, which had turned red from drinking just now, was frighteningly pale. She had never drunk alcohol like this before, so she felt uncomfortable all over.

But she couldn’t walk away. She could think rationally, but the alcohol made her consciousness unable to keep up. Her reaction was so slow.

"Ling Jing."She waved her hand away forcefully. She raised her face and looked at Ling Jing stubbornly. "I refuse."

"Refuse?"Ling Jing suddenly smiled. "Do you think you can refuse?"

He raised his hand and pointed in the direction of the big screen.

"Do you believe that even if I beat him to death today, I will be fine tomorrow?"

Yes. Of course she believed it. Su Peizhen had long seen that Ling Jing had this ability.

Su Peizhen clenched her fist, and the hand began to pinch her heart again. She stood there motionlessly, letting the hand pinch her heart until it was deformed, broken, and unable to put it back together again.

Ling Jing’s face was magnified in front of her, and he seemed to have become a monster that could devour him. She didn’t know if it was the effect of alcohol or something else, but she felt that her consciousness was getting more and more dizzy.

She took a step back, but her feet went soft and her body couldn’t stand.

"What? You Don’t believe me?"Ling Jing went forward and pulled her body up. "Do you want to try?"

Su Peizhen was pulled by her, and her body crashed into his arms. The discomfort that she had been suppressing finally couldn’t be controlled anymore.

She tilted her head and her body tilted, directly throwing up on Ling Jing’s body.

The pungent and unpleasant smell mixed with the very choking smell of alcohol made Ling Jing’s face turn green.

Su Peizhen was really uncomfortable. Drinking strong alcohol was harmful to the body, and drinking fast alcohol was even more so.

Not counting the first time she threw up, she continued to throw up a second time. Her feet were unsteady. She did not want to fall down, so she reached out to grab Ling Jing’s arm and threw up again.

Ling Jing’s clothes were already out of shape. There was an unpleasant smell and dirty vomit.

His face changed. He was sure that this woman did it on purpose.

"Su Peizhen –"

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