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Chapter: 869

Do You Want to kill me

When Ling Jing left Su Peizhen’s body, he only felt that the gloominess of this period of time had dissipated.

He sat up in a rather refreshed manner. Just as he was about to leave, Su Peizhen, who had been lying motionless on the bed, suddenly sat up.

With a "PA"sound, he received a slap on the face.

"Su Peizhen –"

With another slap, he was also hit on the other side of his face. Ling Jing’s face turned green. He raised his hand instinctively. Su Peizhen also raised her head and looked at him fearlessly.

Ling Jing put down his hand hatefully and pinched her chin instead. "Do you want to Die?"

"Yes, I want to die. Do You Want to kill me?"Su Peizhen’s breathing was a little unstable. She really wanted to know whether Ling Jing would really take her life just because she was blind for a moment.

"Do you think I don’t Dare?"

"You Dare, of course you dare. What else is there that you, Young Master Ling, don’t dare to do?"

Su Peizhen was furious. The Shameless Ling Jing was simply detestable. He took advantage of the innate difference between men and women to do whatever he wanted to her, and —

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Thinking of the entanglement between the two before, her face turned red. It wasn’t embarrassment, it was anger.

She pushed Ling Jing away and got off the bed just like that.

But this time, even her underwear was ruined by him. There were no clothes for her in the room. She gritted her teeth, her heart almost bleeding with hatred.

She walked to the wardrobe and planned to pick two new clothes to wear and leave. Ling Jing walked behind her and turned her body around.

"You want to leave? Do you think I agree?"

"Ling Jing, have you played enough?"Su Peizhen’s eyes darkened, and anger flashed in them. "I have nothing to do with you now. Why Don’t you let me go?"

"Enough? Of course not."Ling Jing pinched her chin, appreciating the anger in her eyes.

A beauty was a beauty. Even anger had a different style. "Didn’t I say it? You Treat Me, Young Master Ling, as a gigolo, and you want me to take back the city, no matter what, right?"

"Ling Jing, is it fun to be like this?"Su Peizhen really hated that she didn’t have a knife in her hand. Otherwise, she would have stabbed into Ling Jing’s body without mercy.

"Why not? I think it’s very interesting."Ling Jing lifted her chin lightly. "The debt from before, plus these two slaps, do you think I should take back two cities?"

Su Peizhen was not angered by Ling Jing. After a short moment of anger, she immediately calmed down. If she was angry, it would be as he wanted, and she would not allow it.

"What if I refuse? Do you want to keep me locked up like this?"

"It’s fine."Ling Jing shrugged indifferently. "Do you think that if I don’t let go, you can leave?"

"Ling Jing, you are illegally imprisoning me."

"It’s fine if you say so. Do you want to call the police?"Ling Jing took out his phone and gave it to Su Peizhen. "Come. Make a call. Press 110 to see if the police can rescue you."


"Ling Jing, Do You Dare?"

"I said, you can try. Do I Dare?"

Ling Jing chuckled and looked at the slight anger on Su Peizhen’s face. He only thought it was interesting. Very interesting.

He really couldn’t wait to know how Su Peizhen planned to leave from here.


Su Peizhen didn’t expect that Ling Jing would actually keep his word. She didn’t know where her bag had been taken by him a long time ago. She didn’t have a phone or a way to contact the outside world.

Forget it, Ling Jing didn’t give her any clothes. She found a bathrobe to put on in the bathroom. But she couldn’t leave just like that.

Moreover, there were people guarding outside the room. If they didn’t let her go, she couldn’t leave at all.

Three days, a whole three days. No matter what Su Peizhen thought of, she couldn’t get the people guarding the door to let her go.

If Ling Jing came back, the people guarding the door would leave. But with Ling Jing around, she couldn’t leave at all.

The three meals were sent to the room, and some people even sent magazines and books for her to read.

The only thing was that she couldn’t leave. On the third day, Su Peizhen felt that all her patience was about to be lost.

She refused to eat. When she saw Ling Jing enter the door dressed in formal clothes, she finally couldn’t control her anger and rushed to Ling Jing.

"Ling Jing, What Do You Want?"

"Didn’t I say? I want to keep you."

"Are you keeping me? You are imprisoning me."Su Peizhen raised her hand to slap Ling Jing, but he grabbed her hand. She wanted to pull her hand back, but she couldn’t. "Ling Jing, do you want to let me go or not?"

"More or less, the same thing."Ling Jing spread his hands. "I can let you go, but will you come back here obediently?"

"In Your Dreams."

Su Peizhen didn’t expect Ling Jing to be so Shameless. She thought that he had played enough in the previous farce.

"Since it’s like this, then there’s nothing to talk about."

Ling Jing raised his eyebrows shamelessly, as if he couldn’t stand her.

Su Peizhen nodded angrily. "Okay. I promise you. Can you let me go now?"

"No."Ling Jing seemed to know what she was thinking. "If you want to go, you can. Sign a contract with me first. As long as you sign it, I promise to let you go immediately."

"What contract?"

"What contract? Of course, it’s a maintenance agreement. You Won’t forget what you did to me back then, right?"

Su Peizhen clenched her fists. She finally understood that Ling Jing would seek revenge for the smallest grievance. He would do what she did to him previously.

"Okay. Sign the contract, right? Bring it over. I’ll sign it."

When Su Peizhen finished saying this, she felt as if something was pressing down on her heart. "However, I have to have a deadline, right? After all, when I kept you as my mistress, I didn’t say that I would keep you for a lifetime."

"Half a year."Ling Jing smiled. "Only half a year. I said, I’m just doing what you did to me to you again."

Half a year? Su Peizhen felt her heart tighten. In the end, she suddenly smiled. "Okay, half a year it is."

Having a deadline was better than having no deadline.

If she agreed, Ling Jing would be satisfied. He clapped his hands and called Gu Xiu to let him prepare the contract.

Su Peizhen watched Gu Xiu come and go, and then looked at the bathrobe on her body. "Now, can you return my clothes and bag to me?"

"Of course."Ling Jing nodded. "But forget about the clothes. You vomited all over that day, and it was an eyesore to me. I threw that set of clothes away."

He gave an order, and soon someone sent the clothes over. They were hung on the shelf. Everything was in place, from the inside to the outside. They were all new styles from several big brands.

Su Peizhen took a deep breath and casually put on a set of clothes. She didn’t care if Ling Jing was beside her.

If she wanted to see him, she would have seen everything. She didn’t need to be reserved at all.

Ling Jing liked Su Peizhen’s magnanimous attitude. But when he thought of the photos he had received before, his face darkened.

He had slept with countless men and trained himself to be magnanimous.

He suddenly gritted his teeth and pulled su peizhen into his arms without thinking. He lowered his head and gave her a very simple and rough kiss.

Su Peizhen didn’t know why he suddenly went crazy, so she couldn’t help but struggle.

Ling Jing still wanted to pull her clothes. Su Peizhen didn’t expect him to be like this. He could be in heat almost at any time.

She was extremely angry. She had already agreed to sign the contract, but she still didn’t want to be treated like a showgirl by Ling Jing.

He raised his foot and was about to kick Ling Jing’s lower body. Someone knocked on the door of the room, and Ling Jing’s movement stopped.

He heard Gu Xiu’s head at the door behind him, his head lowered so tightly that it almost buried into his chest.

"Young Master."

"What’s the matter?"

"There’s a guest."

"Guest? What guest? I’m not seeing you."

"The guest has already come in and said he wants to see you."

"Ah Ming and the others are just idlers? Stop Them."

"No, this guest has a special identity. I don’t dare to stop him."

Gu Xiu’s words made Ling Jing look in his direction. Gu Xiu looked at him and then at Su Peizhen.

Ling Jing roughly understood. He frowned slightly and let go of Su Peizhen and walked downstairs.

Downstairs, Su Qingsang brought at least twenty policemen to the door. She walked in front of the policemen with a cold expression.

When Ling Jing went downstairs, he saw Su Qingsang standing in front of the twenty policemen.

He narrowed his eyes slightly and didn’t pretend that he didn’t know Su Qingsang. Instead, he took a few steps forward.

"What is Madam Huo doing?"

Su Qingsang glanced at Ling Jing coldly. She had an impression of this ling jing. They had met once in the hospital. Later, when she heard that Su Peizhen had really broken up with her lover, she thought he was just an ordinary man.

She didn’t expect him to be the young master of the Ling family.

"Young Master Ling is too polite. I heard that my sister is here with you. I’m here to take her away today."

She used the word "Heard", but her attitude was extremely certain. Both of them knew that Su Qingsang had done her homework.

"Your Sister?"Ling Jing raised his eyebrows. "But your sister is willing to stay here. It doesn’t seem appropriate for madam Huo to make such a big fuss, right?"

"I can’t care about whether it’s appropriate or not for the time being. As long as young master Ling hands over my sister, I Won’t disturb you. I can take them away immediately."

"Madam Huo’s words are interesting. I’ve already said that your sister is willing to stay. How did it become me forcing her to stay in your mouth?"

"Yes or no, let my sister come down and find out."

Ling Jing’s expression was a little ugly. The Ling family was powerful, but they really didn’t want to have a conflict with the people of the white road.

Su Qingsang came with such a big lineup. He had already discussed it with Su Peizhen. If that happened, wouldn’t there be more variables?

"What? Young Master Ling wants to send people up to search?"

"Mrs. Huo, even if it’s the wife of the CEO of Your Sky Territory Group, you don’t have the right to search my house, right?"

"I don’t have the right."Su Peizhen took a step to the side. "But, they do."

As soon as she stepped back, the policeman standing next to her took out a search warrant. Su Qingsang stood there, the corners of her lips slightly raised.

"My sister has been missing for more than twenty-four hours. Since I suspect that she is with you, I will naturally do my homework. So, please let her go, Young Master Ling."

Ling Jing’s expression was very ugly. Gu Xiu looked at him. Although they were not afraid of the police, it was not wise to clash with these people like this.

If Gu Xiu could figure it out, Ling Jing could also figure it out.

He turned to look at Gu Xiu. Gu Xiu understood and went upstairs to call for Su Peizhen.

Su Peizhen was waiting for Ling Jing to bring the contract over, so she could sign it and leave. To her, it was only half a year. What was the Big Deal?

She would spend half a year with Ling Jing. In half a year, she could see Ling Jing clearly and give up on him completely.

When the time was up, she could return to the proud and free Su Peizhen.

However, she couldn’t wait for Ling Jing to come up, but Gu Xiu came. She had seen this person many times in the past few days. It was not an exaggeration to say that he was Ling Jing’s right-hand man.

"Miss Su, please come downstairs for a moment."

Gu Xiu looked at Su Peizhen. He really didn’t expect his young master to make such a big scene when he was in a relationship.

Go Downstairs? Su Peizhen thought about it and agreed. She could leave after going downstairs to sign the contract.

She felt it was extremely ironic when she thought about signing the contract with Ling Jing for half a year. Speaking of which, she was once the young miss of the Su family. In the future, she would be reduced to a mistress who could not be seen in the light.

What was this? Retribution?

However, Su Peizhen did not expect that when she went downstairs, she would see a bunch of police officers and Su Qingsang?

"You –"

Her lips moved and she wanted to say something, but Su Qingsang gave her a look. She walked up to her and squeezed her hand.

"Mom is worried about you. It’s good that you’re okay."

Su Qingsang did not say anything else and brought her to her side. "You go with these police officers first. I have a few more words to say to Mr. Ling."

"I –"

Su Qingsang’s appearance surprised Su Peizhen. She didn’t expect Su Qingsang to come.

She wanted to say something, but when she received su Qingsang’s gaze, she left with the police officers without looking back.

Ling Jing had been staring at Su Peizhen’s face. He didn’t expect that woman to be so heartless. She was so heartless that she didn’t even look at him.

It was as if there was a fire burning in his heart that made him want to kill again.

However, before the fire was lit, Su Qingsang had already walked in front of him.

The police had already taken Su Peizhen out. Su Qingsang had no scruples. She raised her hand and slapped Ling Jing in the face.

Ling Jing was stunned for a moment. He immediately glared at Su Qingsang. "You –"

"Young Master Ling, right?"Su Qingsang looked at Ling Jing, not afraid of his cold and stern gaze.

"I have other things to do today, but I want to say something to young master ling. Not everyone can bully the girls of our Su family."

"Madam Huo, what do you mean by this?"

"Nothing."Su Qingsang withdrew her hand, she patted it lightly. "The internal conflicts of the family are our own private matters, but young master ling bullying our children like this, isn’t he looking down on our Su family too much?"

She stared at Ling Jing, her eyes filled with coldness.

"That’s right, our Su family may not have much power in Rong City, and our main development is also in Lin City. But our su family’s child definitely can not be bullied by others. Young Master Ling, we’ll see."

"Madam Huo is using her power to oppress others?"

"I don’t dare."Su Qingsang smiled, that smile did not reach her eyes. "I don’t have power. But although I’m not talented, my husband has some ability. Your Ling family may be powerful, but our Huo family is not afraid of trouble."

"Mrs. Huo wants the Huo family to go against the Ling Family?"

"Whether they go against each other or not depends on young master ling. I’m a medical student and I like to be direct. I just want to ask Young Master Ling to stay away from our Pei Zhen next time. She’s not someone you can touch."

Ling Jing gritted his teeth and nodded. "What if I insist?"

"Then young master Ling can try. What would be the result of going against the Huo family and the Su Family? Young Master Ling, please believe me. Based on my husband’s feelings for me, I can still do such a small thing."

She had always kept a low profile and did not like to bully others with her power. But the feeling of occasionally bullying others with her power was not bad.

Ling Jing’s expression was very ugly. Su Qingsang did not want to pay attention to him at all. She turned around and left.

The moment she went out, Ling Jing got angry and immediately swept all the things on the coffee table to the ground. Gu Xiu and more than a dozen subordinates standing beside her did not even dare to breathe loudly.

Su Qingsang didn’t care how Ling Jing went crazy. When she went out, Su Peizhen sat in her car.

She didn’t bother with her and thanked the police first. If it wasn’t because of the Huo family and because the Ling family was really powerful, she didn’t want to trouble these people.

However, the Huo family usually had a good relationship with these people. Although those people were ordered by the higher-ups to run errands, there was really no big problem.

It was really easy to carry out such a task. After greeting the police and sending them off, Su Qingsang got into the car.

Looking at Su Peizhen, she took a thermos cup from the front of the car.

"Drink some flower tea."

Su Peizhen glanced at her and took the cup from her hand.

It was still afternoon. She looked at the glaring sunlight outside and then looked at Su Qingsang.

"How did you know I Was Here?"

"You didn’t contact your family for three days. Aunt Xiang was worried that something might have happened to you and wanted to call the police. However, she was afraid that there would be a misunderstanding, so she came to me. "I asked Huo Jinyao’s people to look into it. I asked the Secretary of Your Company and also checked the surveillance cameras of the clubhouse that day. "But the surveillance cameras were broken. I couldn’t see what happened three days ago at all. "So I could only guess from the owner of the club. "Later, I checked several surveillance cameras outside and found out that it was Ling Jing who took you away."

Su Peizhen didn’t look good. She held the Thermos Cup tightly. She felt much better when the flower tea entered her throat.

"Let’s go. I’ll send you home."

"Okay."Su Peizhen didn’t know what to say. She never thought that she would have to trouble Su Qingsang to save her one day.

Su Qingsang started the car and heard Su Peizhen say softly beside her.

"Actually, I asked him to let me go just now."

"Are you saying that I’m meddling in other people’s business?"

Su Qingsang only focused on driving and didn’t look unhappy at all.

"Thank you."Su Peizhen didn’t mean that.

Su Qingsang glanced at her. "Where are we going? To Aunt Xiang’s Place?"


Su Qingsang focused on driving and didn’t say anything else. She sent Su Peizhen to the door. She only remembered when she saw her get out of the car.

"Don’t feel burdened. Mom asked me to take care of you. After all, I’m your older sister now."

Su Peizhen looked at her. Su Qingsang smiled, turned around, and started the car to leave.

Su Peizhen was left behind to look at the distant car. Her expression was a little subtle.


It didn’t feel too bad to have a sister.

Su Peizhen’s gloomy mood these few days had been swept away. As for Ling Jing, she wouldn’t give him another chance. She believed that he wouldn’t come again.

He shouldn’t come again, right?

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