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Chapter: 870

so that s how it is

Su Peizhen didn’t know what Su Qingsang said to Ling Jing that day. After that day, she didn’t see Ling Jing again.

After comforting Xiang caiping and telling her that she had only gone to stay with a friend for a few days and had forgotten to contact her, although Xiang caiping didn’t believe it, it was enough to make Xiang caiping happy that she could come back safely.

Xiang caiping did not have high expectations for her. As long as she returned home frequently and as long as she was safe, everything else was easy to talk about.

However, she was always worried about her. Coincidentally, the duplex that Su Peizhen had just bought had been renovated. Xiang caiping thought about it and decided to move into the duplex with Su Peizhen.

In fact, she had previously thought that it was too big for her to live in a villa by herself. She had only bought the villa because she had earned some money and had nowhere to spend it.

There were many things to prepare for moving. Xiang caiping got busy, and her mental state was much better.

Su Peizhen saw that she was busy, and she also got busy.

She was just a little sorry for Lin Feixing. She had specially asked Lin feixing out to apologize to him. After all, if it weren’t for her, he wouldn’t have been fooled by Ling Jing.

But unexpectedly, Lin feixing seemed to have no idea why she was fooled that day. Before she could look for him. He came to her door first.

"I’m sorry."Lin feixing apologized to Su Peizhen the moment she saw her. Su Peizhen was confused.

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"I had dinner with you that day, but I got into a conflict with someone and was locked up for a few days."

Lin feixing also felt that she was really unlucky. "I don’t know who the other party is. They locked me up for a few days before they released me. I wanted to go to the police, but I didn’t even know who the other party was."

She scratched her head. This was the first time Lin Feixing had lost face in front of the woman she liked.

"I’m really sorry. Have you been worried sick these past few days?"

Su Peizhen couldn’t say anything that she wanted to apologize. She could only smile faintly. In the end, the corner of her mouth twitched. "It’s okay. I’m just a little worried about you."

"I’m sorry."Lin feixing smiled and brought up another matter. "We didn’t manage to eat the meal last time. To express our apology, let’s make another appointment and let me make it up to you. How about it?"

"No need."Su Peizhen couldn’t say that the other party was in trouble because of her. "If you want to treat me, I’ll treat you. I’m just trying to calm you down."

"Okay."Lin feixing smiled. "Then I’ll take advantage of you."

Lin feixing was just like that. She would never make you feel uncomfortable with him.

Su Peizhen smiled. She set a time with him and went back to her own business.

After that, she received two calls from Huo Yifan. She ignored them and hung up. In the end, Huo Yifan did not call again.

This time, Su Peizhen specially picked a revolving restaurant on the top floor of a five-star hotel to treat Lin feixing to a meal.

She had asked around and found out that this place belonged to Huo Jinyao and Tang Mohan’s family business and had nothing to do with Ling Jing.

She believed that Ling Jing would not come and disturb her again, but she still had to take precautions. In the future, she would avoid Ling Jing’s family business as much as she could.

The hotel was on the top floor and could almost overlook half of Rongcheng’s scenery.

Su Peizhen arrived earlier. When she arrived, a waiter came over and brought her to the seat that she had booked beforehand.

The seat was leaning against the window. She looked out the window. As night fell, the neon lights started to shine.

While admiring the beautiful scenery, Lin feixing arrived. He was dressed very formally today. He was dressed in a white suit, which made him look clean and neat. He looked like a prince on a white horse.

However, she could not help but think of another man who had also worn a white suit.

That scene caused her expression to change slightly for a moment. She withdrew her gaze and stood up.

"I’m late."Lin feixing was a little apologetic. "Have you been waiting for long?"

"No, I just arrived."

"Have a seat."

After ordering, Lin feixing looked at Su Peizhen.



"I actually wanted to ask, did you and that person break up?"

He didn’t say who, but Su Peizhen immediately understood what he meant. Looking down, she recalled the scene where Ling Jing arrogantly said he wanted to keep her.

Suddenly, she smiled. She raised her head to look at Lin feixing, her gaze Frank and natural.

"You want to ask, did I break up? Am I single now?"

Lin Feixing was relieved. He had many women pursuing him outside. But he didn’t know why, but he liked Su Peizhen.

Su Peizhen’s attitude made him relax a little. "Yes, I want to ask you if you’re single now, I might be able to woo you again."

"…"Su Peizhen was silent for a while, then she looked up at Lin Feixing.

"Sorry to disappoint you."

"It’s okay."Lin Feixing didn’t seem surprised at all. "I was rude."

"I’m single, but I don’t plan to start a new relationship for the time being."

The fight with Ling Jing had hurt her greatly. In a short time, she probably didn’t have the strength to love again.

She needed time to forget Ling Jing, and she needed time to let go.

"Understood."Lin feixing looked at the gloomy look on her face and said carefully, "Then, can I line up first? This way, I can fight for a chance for myself."

"I don’t think so."Su Peizhen shook her head. "Using you to forget another man is unfair to you."

"What if I don’t Mind?"

"I do mind."She didn’t like to owe others. She had always been proud, so she wouldn’t allow herself to do such a thing.

"Then, don’t I Have No Hope?"Lin feixing joked. She didn’t seem to take it to heart, but in fact, she was still a little disappointed.

"I can only promise you that if there’s a chance, I’ll let you cut the queue first. How about it?"

Lin feixing smiled and raised the cup in front of her.

"In that case, I’ll make a reservation."

A person like Lin Feixing really didn’t have a burden to get along with him. Su Peizhen looked at him and thought more than once that if she fell in love with Lin feixing, it might be easier to be happy.

However, there were no ifs in this world.

After this date, she and Lin Feixing had returned to the boundaries of friends. Su Chenghui’s company was still cooperating with Lin Feixing’s company.

As Su Chenghui’s representative, she had to meet Lin feixing.

The next few meetings were all at the company. However, after a case was completed and a case was sued, Lin Feixing offered to treat her and her company to a meal. She agreed.

After all, they were not alone.

However, this company referred to the team SU Chenghui left in Rongcheng. They invited core members. There were not many people, only a dozen or so people.

Lin Feixing booked a large private room in the hotel and asked Su Peizhen to bring them over when it was time. Su Peizhen agreed and brought the group of people to the place Lin Feixing said.

They were all here, but Lin Feixing was not. He was stuck in a traffic jam on the road and was quite far away, so he arrived a little late.

Su Peizhen’s cell phone just happened to ring. She got up and went outside to answer the call.

She just happened to meet Lin feixing who had rushed over. She walked very quickly and bumped into Lin Feixing’s arms.

"I’m sorry."

She stepped away from Lin Feixing’s arms. She smiled at him awkwardly and gestured for Lin Feixing to enter the private room first.

"Aren’t you going in?"

"No, I need to take a call first."

Su Peizhen’s phone was still ringing. Lin feixing nodded in understanding and entered the private room first.

After he left, Su Peizhen was about to answer the phone when she saw Huo Yifan coming towards her. Seeing him, Su Peizhen took her phone and walked to the other side of the corridor without thinking. Little did she know that Huo Yifan would follow soon.

Huo Yifan blocked SU Peizhen at the end of the corridor. His actions made Su Peizhen hang up the phone.

She crossed her arms across her chest and looked at Huo Yifan coldly.

"What’s the matter?"

"Why do I have to find you if I have something to do? Can’t it be an old lover catching up?"

"I have nothing to catch up with you."Su Peizhen looked at him coldly. "Please get out of my way."

"You’re quite capable."Huo Yifan thought about what he saw just now. Su Peizhen was hugging another man. "You dumped one after another."

"I don’t know what you’re talking about."

Su Peizhen was speechless that she had thought of working with Huo Yifan. If she had known that Huo Yifan was such a sore loser, she would never have worked with such a person.

"You don’t know what I’m talking about? Where’s that Ling Jing from before? Didn’t you guys move in together? Why aren’t you together anymore?"

Su Peizhen narrowed her eyes and stared at Huo Yifan. "What Ling Jing? What do you know?"

"I know a lot."Huo Yifan smiled. "Not only do I know that Ling Jing is the young master of the Ling family, I also know that he dumped you, right?"

"Huo Yifan."She didn’t know that Ling Jing was the young master of the Ling family before, so how would Huo Yifan know?

"I was wondering why you didn’t get back together with me. It turns out that you hooked up with the young master of the Ling family. But it’s a pity. So what if you hooked up with him? Didn’t he dump you the same way?"

"Does it have anything to do with you? Or does your young master Huo think that I’m dumped by someone and want to switch to your embrace?"

"Of course it has something to do with me. Although I know it’s impossible for you to switch to my embrace, I can’t Let You Be Too Proud, right?"

Su Peizhen could tell that something was wrong from Huo Yifan’s words. "What did you do?"

"What did I do?"Huo Yifan smiled. "Actually, I didn’t do anything. I just changed a few of the pictures we took together and photoshopped a few of them to send to Ling Jing."

Seeing the slight change in Su Peizhen’s expression, the smile on his face became even more smug.

"I thought you had good taste. How good a man could you find after you kicked me, but in the end? It’s just a few photoshopped photos, just a few provocative words, just two videos, and he dumped you. Thinking about it, that young master Ling is just SO-SO."

Su Peizhen was very smart. Huo Yifan’s words made her immediately think of the scene when Ling Jing and his mother appeared in her apartment that day.

At that time, Ling Jing’s first reaction was obviously guilt, embarrassment, and hesitation, but later, his expression changed.

She was too sad at that time, so she didn’t notice the change in Ling Jing’s attitude.

So that’s how it was..

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