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Chapter: 873

How Much is Young Master Ling s seriousness worth

The stairwell was very quiet. At this time, no one was outside.

Su Peizhen’s words were undoubtedly like a needle stabbing into Ling Jing’s chest. It was so uncomfortable, really uncomfortable.

"No."Ling Jing shook his head. His expression was full of bitterness. "I, I am serious this time. Believe me."

It was not a game, not a performance, not a game.

It was he who understood his sincerity and knew that he had been wrong. He just wanted her.

"Serious? I wonder how much young Master Ling’s seriousness is worth? Tell me, although I am not short of money. But I am really curious, how much can I, a prisoner of labor, be worth in Young Master Ling’s eyes? "This time, how much money does young master ling plan to use to support me?"

Words could sometimes turn into sharp blades. Every word Su Peizhen said now was like a knife, stabbing Ling Jing’s heart again and again.

He suddenly realized that he, who had always thought that he was omnipotent and had no fear, also had times when he was afraid and didn’t dare to face it.

"Don’t say such things. I feel uncomfortable. Peizhen, I didn’t want to keep you this time, and I didn’t want to play with you. I really just want to start over with you."

He spoke very slowly, very slowly. Every word he said made him feel pain.

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"Is that so?"Su Peizhen sneered, obviously not believing him.

Ling Jing was anxious, very anxious. He held her shoulders with both hands. Even if he couldn’t see clearly, he wanted her to see the sincerity and seriousness in his eyes.

"Peizhen, it was all my fault. I misunderstood you. I’m sorry. I just, I just –"

Too Proud. So proud that he couldn’t tolerate the woman he liked not liking him at all. So proud that he didn’t give her a chance to explain. That way, he could pretend that he was the one who won.

But in reality, he had lost completely.

"Wrong?"Su Peizhen felt his stiff body, she pushed him away forcefully. "You Are Young Master Ling, the young master of the Ling family. How could you be wrong? I was the one who was wrong. I was the one who failed to recognize Mount Tai. I treated you, the dignified young master ling, as a gigolo and kept you as my mistress. I was the one who didn’t know what was good for me. I didn’t discover your identity in time and didn’t respect you. "It’s all my fault. "What could you have done wrong? "You didn’t do anything wrong at all."

"Don’t say it. Don’t say it."Ling Jing couldn’t help but raise his voice. "I beg you, don’t say it."

Su Peizhen didn’t say anything else. The atmosphere was so quiet that it was strange.

Su Peizhen’s heart was still beating out of control. She took a step to the side. Standing in front of the door of the stairwell, she placed her hand on the doorknob.

Turning around, she did not look at Ling Jing’s plan. She raised her head. The scenes of their interactions seemed to appear in her mind once again.

A sharp pain came from her heart. She suppressed the pain expressionlessly.

She pulled the door open, her voice was calm. "Since Young Master Ling doesn’t want to hear it, I won’t say it. I’m just a prisoner in labor camp. I Won’t stand in Young Master Ling’s way. Young Master Ling can do whatever he wants. It’s better to find someone else. I Can’t afford to keep you company."

The door opened and closed, and her body disappeared outside. The bright light shone on her face, and she narrowed her eyes slightly. She raised her hand to block the light, and at the same time, she suppressed the sourness in her eyes.

Then, her footsteps were firm. She walked toward the elevator without looking back.

The moment the door opened, there was light in the stairwell. Ling Jing could see Su Peizhen walking out expressionlessly. He stood in the shadow. He only felt that the moment the light disappeared, his entire body also sank into the darkness.

His heart also sank.

… ..

Su Peizhen entered the elevator. Her feet were a little weak. She sighed and realized that she was still influenced by Ling Jing. However, she tried hard to reduce this influence.

After not seeing him for nearly half a year, she really didn’t expect that Ling Jing would give her such a big gift.

Did she regret it? Start over?

Hehe. Did he think that life was like a cell phone, turning it off and restarting it when it jammed? What wouldn’t happen again?

Moreover, she didn’t believe Ling Jing’s words at all.

Perhaps it was a whim, or perhaps she felt that she had lost face with Su Qingsang back then.

Adjusting her breathing, Su Peizhen smiled and pushed those thoughts to the back of her mind.

Some things were in the past. They should be blown away by the wind and disappear forever.


What Su Peizhen didn’t expect was that the things that she thought were blown away by the wind were not in the past.

The next day, when she went downstairs to go to work, she saw Ling Jing again?

She parked her car at the company yesterday. It was not far from the company. She planned to walk to the company. It was a good exercise.

When she saw Ling Jing in front of her unexpectedly, her footsteps paused for a moment, but it was only for a moment. Soon, she continued walking as if nothing had happened.

Her footsteps were neither fast nor slow. She didn’t want Ling Jing to think that his appearance could affect her mood.

It was very cold in Rongcheng in December. It hadn’t snowed this year, but the wind made people feel cold.

Su Peizhen wore a light down jacket and a pair of Martin boots. She looked very casual. She didn’t look like she was going to work. Instead, she looked like she was going to the streets.

She was afraid of the cold, so she put on two sets of professional clothes in the office. She tightened her down jacket and walked past Ling Jing.

Ling Jing stood in front of her. If Su Peizhen had seen him clearly last night, she would have realized that Ling Jing was still wearing the same clothes as yesterday.

He sat in the car all night and smoked all night.

The smell of alcohol had dissipated, and his body was full of smoke. The smell made Su Peizhen frown and take a step back without thinking.

During the day, there was plenty of light. All of his expressions were exposed to the sunlight.

"What’s the matter?"

Cold, distant, and indifferent. Just like when they first met.

No, it made him feel worse than when they first met. At least when they first met, they had not reached this stage yet.

"Peizhen, I, I’ll send you to work."

Ling Jing’s words made Su Peizhen raise her eyebrows. Looking at the anxiety in Ling Jing’s eyes, she suddenly smiled.

"Young Master Ling wants to send me to work? Thank you, I can’t take it."

"Peizhen, don’t talk like that. I really feel bad."

"Feel Bad?"Su Peizhen looked at the pain in the other party’s eyes, the smile in her eyes became deeper. "Young Master Ling, I admit that your acting is good. Your acting is really good. So good that you played me like a fool. "I really thank you for making such a young master suffer. For Me, you put in so much effort. You pretended to be poor, you pretended to be a hooligan, and you pretended to be pitiful. You acted as if it was real. Thinking about it this way, I really didn’t lose out."

"No, I –"

"You acted so affectionately before, so affectionate that I believed it without a doubt. But Young Master Ling, this play is a play. There will always be a time when the curtain falls. You’ve acted enough and played enough. Can you be magnanimous and let me off?"

"No, it’s really not. This is not an act, I’m serious."

Perhaps it was an act at the beginning, but at the same time, he was also in the act. He had unknowingly put himself into it.

"Su Peizhen, I’m serious. I really want to start over with you."

"Do you really want to start over with me? Or do you feel that you haven’t played enough with a convict like me?"

"Don’t say those three words anymore. I beg you."

He couldn’t listen to those three words. The moment he heard them, his heart ached.

"What Three Words? A convict?"Su Peizhen spread her hands, she looked indifferent. "Did I say something wrong? That’s the truth. I was a convict to begin with. These words were said by Young Master Ling. I’m just repeating what you said."

"Su Peizhen, it’s all my fault. Everything, everything, it’s all my fault."

Ling Jing went forward to hold her hand. He closed his eyes. He really couldn’t stand Su Peizhen’s attitude.

"I didn’t do it on purpose. I was just too angry at that time."

"You know. That Huo Yifan sent me some photos. I, I was mad when I saw them. I thought those photos were real. Moreover, you guys had a good time before. I believed it."

Su Peizhen stood there and listened to him with a cold face. Her expression was calm and didn’t change at all.

Ling Jing really regretted it. He remembered Su Peizhen saying that he was brainless yesterday.

It wasn’t that he was brainless. It was just that at that moment, anger and anger had taken over his rationality. In addition, he was embarrassed when she found out about his identity.

He didn’t know how to explain his identity, yet he received such photos. The two things were mixed together, so he lost his rationality for a moment.

"I was wrong. I regret it. I shouldn’t have done that. I shouldn’t have not given you a chance to explain. I shouldn’t have come to a conclusion without asking. I’m sorry. Please forgive me."

The winter sun slowly rose and shone on her body, but there was no warmth at all.

Her fingertips were slightly cold. Ling Jing held her hand tightly as if this could give him some warmth.

"Are you done?"

Su Peizhen knew some things yesterday.

Indeed, the person who sent the photos was Huo Yifan, and it had nothing to do with Ling Jing. Seeing those photos made Ling Jing angry, but it wasn’t Huo Yifan who said the hurtful words in the end.

But so what?

Su Peizhen took a step forward and didn’t hurry to withdraw her hand. She just looked at Ling Jing.

"You said you were angry because you saw Huo Yifan’s photo?"

"Yes –"

"But before that?"Su Peizhen’s voice was very cold, and her expression was even colder. "Before that, who was your identity?"


"Ling Jing, wasn’t it? Before that, your identity was already the young master of the Ling family, wasn’t it?"

"I, I was –"

"You were injured at that time, and I brought you back. Then, by accident, I treated you as a hooligan, a gigolo. I said I wanted to keep you. You could be angry, you could leave, you could also refuse, right?"

"… right."Ling Jing couldn’t explain. It was true. He could refuse, or he could leave.

"You didn’t refuse, and you even agreed. On the surface, you signed an agreement with me to let me keep you for half a year. In fact, at that time, you felt uncomfortable and unwilling, right?"

"You had the chance to explain the situation. As long as you told me your identity, I promised to give up the idea, but you didn’t. Not only did you not, but you also followed my wishes and acted with me."

"You played a gigolo and a hooligan to perfection. In the end, you made me believe that you were a hooligan with nothing and that you relied on me to raise a gigolo, right?"

"And then? The anger in your heart didn’t disappear. Your unwillingness was still there. You just hid it. You decided to deal with it and hide your identity to stay by my side. At that time, you should have started to plan, right?"

A series of rhetorical questions made Ling Jing’s voice choke in his throat. He couldn’t say a lot of words. He could only look at her in a daze. "Peizhen, I –"

"Let me finish. In fact, at that time, you began to think of taking revenge on me, didn’t you?"

Ling Jing couldn’t refute. What Su Peizhen said was the truth.

"I sensed the slight difference in my heart towards you. Plus, Lin Feixing appeared and he was pursuing me. "My mother wanted me to get married, so I decided to end our relationship. "And at this moment, I completely infuriated you. "On the surface, you seemed to agree. "But in reality, you were thinking of how to lure me into falling in love with you so that you could announce your victory in front of me so that you could dump me

"Peizhen, I didn’t. I only thought that way at the beginning, but later —

"Later, when you appeared in front of me, not only did you act shamelessly and pitifully, you even deliberately injured yourself. You even bought that bungalow to make me believe. Everything was just a trap. And you were the one who set it up. I was the one who was set up by you, the one who was in the trap."

"No, it wasn’t exactly like that. I was just –"she was mad.

"You were just unwilling, you were just angry. You just wanted my submission. And you got it later. I believed you, I chose you, you succeeded, and you won.

And after you won, you felt that you were tired of playing this game and wanted to end it. So after receiving those photos, your eldest young master Ling just happened to have an excuse and a reason. "Those photos successfully made you make up your mind to get rid of me and complete your original idea of taking revenge on me, didn’t They?"

The series of words were sharp and direct.

Who Was Su Peizhen? She had followed Su Chenghui in the business field since she was young. She had her own vision and pattern.

That’s right, Ling Jing said it seriously and said it in a misunderstanding. It sounded like they just didn’t trust each other enough.

But in reality?

"Ling Jing, from the beginning to the end, whether you’re sincere or pretending to be me, it’s all based on deception. A chance encounter that started with deception, a relationship that was determined from the beginning to be based on revenge. What does it have to do with not misunderstanding?"

Her aura was too fierce, and her words were too sharp and direct. Everything she said was on point.

Ling Jing was speechless. He stood there for a long time and couldn’t think of anything to refute.

"I –"

Su Peizhen finally pulled her hand back. Looking at the green dregs coming out of Ling Jing’s jaw, she took a step back.

"Ling Jing, you’ve played and taken revenge. Whether you say it’s a misunderstanding or something else… All in all, you’ve achieved your goal. Then the Gatha is what you said, and the game can end. After all, I can’t afford to play your game, and I don’t want to."

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