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Chapter: 586

Jing Tiangong s Despair Han Yu s Determination

Chapter 586 Jing Tiangong’s Despair, Han Yu’s Determination

While Ji Xianshen was worried, Fang Liang, who was on the ninth Heaven, was also shocked.

Fang Liang was still constantly absorbing the Heavenly Dao Origin, but with the appearance of the Buzhou Divine Mountain, his absorption speed slowed down.

What happened? Fang Liang was a little panicked. The sudden change might affect his fusion with the Dao Ancestor. Furthermore, the other party was also from the Hidden Sect.

"Grandmaster supported both the Heavenly Race and Li Daokong. What is he doing?"

Fang Liang frowned, feeling puzzled.

Wasn’t Han Jue not interfering?

If this continued, wouldn’t the Heavenly Dao in the future be completely controlled by him?

The more Fang Liang thought about it, the more shocked he became. Unknowingly, Han Jue had already planned so deeply.

He was very curious about where Han Jue obtained the Buzhou Divine Mountain!

Time passed quickly.

Another thousand years passed quickly.

Han Jue opened his eyes and looked at the Buzhou Divine Mountain first.

The current Buzhou Divine Mountain was nine trillion kilometers tall. It could connect to nine heavens. It was unknown how long it was, but it stretched for more than ten regions.

Countless living beings lived on the Buzhou Divine Mountain. Their providence was boundless. Li Daokong had also reached the late stage of the Pseudo-Sage Realm because of this.

Li Daokong had already accepted hundreds of thousands of disciples. Their potentials were all different. Even Han Yu had become his disciple.

In just a thousand years, the Buzhou Divine Mountain had already become a major force in the Immortal World that could not be underestimated. However, this colossus did not reveal its ambitions and was not a threat to the other factions for the time being.

The current Immortal World was becoming more and more interesting. The Heavenly Race, the Famous Race, the demons, the Loose Heaven Sect, the Sage Sect, the Human Race, the Buzhou Divine Mountain, the Divine Palace, the Dragon Palace, the Underworld, and so on were all complicated. Han Jue could finally experience the feeling of a Sage. He was high and mighty. Everything was in his control.

It was like playing chess, but when the game annoyed you, you could overturn it. However, relying on your own skills to win against your opponent was even more satisfying than overturning the game. Han Jue was playing chess now. After cultivating for so long, it was quite interesting to occasionally plot.

Now, the Sages did not dare to target him, including his forces, which made him very bored.

Han Jue wasn’t in a hurry. As the Hidden Sect’s size increased, the Sages would react sooner or later.

Han Jue looked at Han Yu.

This guy was cultivating in a small corner of the Buzhou Divine Mountain. His karma with Li Daokong was very shallow. The two of them should have never met.

With Li Daokong’s personality, he probably did not have the time to see all the living beings on the mountain.

Han Jue looked at Han Tuo now.

This fellow had already proved himself in the Divine Palace. Even Jing Tiangong no longer made things difficult for him because this kid’s cultivation level was quickly catching up to Yi Tian.

Han Tuo’s rise also stimulated Yi Tian. He no longer fought everywhere and was recently busy cultivating in seclusion.

"Peace is awesome."

Han Jue sighed.

He hoped that such a period of time would last for billions of years. At that time, his Great Dao would definitely be invincible.

When he was invincible, he wouldn’t cause trouble. He would travel around and enjoy the chaotic scenery. Han Jue read the emails for a while more and continued cultivating happily.

Divine Palace, in a dark palace.

Jing Tiangong sat on the throne with a lazy posture. He wore a blood-patterned black robe and a crown. He was extremely dignified.

A black shadow suddenly appeared in the hall. It swayed like a candle flame.

"Sect Master, it’s not good for the disciples of the Divine Palace to have internal discord," the black shadow said in a low voice with a helpless tone.

Jing Tiangong frowned. "Why? Aren’t there many disciples who are discouraged because their potential is inferior?"

The black shadow smiled bitterly. "It’s not about potential, but the legend of the Dark Forbidden Lord is too distant. Many disciples don’t believe it."

Hearing this, Jing Tiangong frowned even more and cursed in a low voiceç "A bunch of ignorant worms!"

The black shadow said, "The other disciples of the Darkness Sect have already infiltrated the various sects. The situation is roughly the same. The legends of the Dark Forbidden Lord are really too few. It’s very difficult to believe."

Jing Tiangong couldn’t help but sigh.

The black shadow was silent.

After a long while…

Jing Tiangong waved his sleeve and said, "Go down. I will ask the Dark Forbidden Lord. Soon, the terror of the Dark Forbidden Lord will be displayed to all living beings."


The black shadow dissipated. Jing Tiangong looked up at the top of the hall. It was a scene of a galaxy, bright and beautiful. "Dark Forbidden Lord, when can you visit my dreams… I can’t do it anymore."

Jing Tiangong felt a little despair.

Why did the Dark Forbidden Lord disappear after the calamity ended?

At the Buzhou Divine Mountain.

Han Tuo strolled through the mountains. Along the way, he could see many living beings cultivating. Fighting and killing were forbidden here, so it was very quiet.

The living beings here didn’t even dare to roar, afraid that they would alarm Li Daokong.

"Senior Li is truly powerful. He actually created such a divine mountain."

Han Tuo sighed. Along the way, the Buzhou Divine Mountain’s magnificence shocked him.

Even as a Deity Realm existence, he felt tiny when facing the Buzhou Divine Mountain.

The Connate Qi on the mountain was extremely dense. It was not something that the Divine Palace Dao Field could compare to.

Several days later, Han Tuo came to a cave.

The goal of this trip was to find Han Yu. However, after coming here, he was immersed and delayed for a few days.

Han Tuo had already captured the aura in the cave abode. It was Han Yu.

"It’s indeed my bloodline," Han Tuo muttered to himself as the corners of his mouth curled up slightly. He didn’t expect his descendant to be so outstanding. He suddenly felt that he was not alone.

"Young friend inside, come out."

As Han Tuo spoke, he subconsciously placed his hands behind his waist and assumed the posture of a senior.

Han Yu carefully walked out of the cave abode. He was stunned when the sunlight shone on him.

Han Tuo couldn’t help but mutter, "Father…"

Han Yu frowned and asked warily, "Who are you? Why…"

‘…are you calling me your father?!’

He didn’t dare to say anything else, afraid that he would offend this person.

He could sense that Han Tuo was stronger than him.

Han Tuo came back to his senses. His gaze softened as he smiled and said, "My name is Han Tuo."

Han Tuo!

Han Yu’s eyes widened. He had not forgotten this name.


Han Yu drew his sword and charged at him.

Han Tuo frowned and flicked his finger. Han Yu was sent flying and crashed into the mountain wall.

He gritted his teeth and stood up. He wanted to continue attacking, but he was suppressed by a powerful Dharmic power. He wasn’t the only one. Han Tuo couldn’t move, either.

Han Tuo turned to look at the top of the mountain and said, "Senior Li, I’m sorry. We won’t fight anymore. He’s my descendant. I’m here to find him."

Li Daokong did not reply, but the Dharmic powers that bound the two dissipated.

Han Yu gritted his teeth. "Why are you looking for me?"

Han Tuo understood why he was so angry. After all, the Han family had been wiped out.

"Now that I’m one of the Divine Palace’s leaders, I have some authority. Follow me and suffer less in the future," Han Tuo said patiently.

Han Yu snorted. "No!"


"Back then, I begged you, but you didn’t reply. Now, I won’t beg you anymore."

"Do you think it’s my fault that the Han family was destroyed?"

Han Yu was silent. This matter was indeed not related to Han Tuo. It could only be said that the Han family was too weak and couldn’t protect itself.

He took a deep breath and said, "It’s indeed not your fault, but I won’t go with you. Han Tuo, just you wait. I’ll surpass you sooner or later. I’ll wait for the day you ask me for help!"

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