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Chapter: 588

Heavenly Dao Providence Board

Chapter 588 Heavenly Dao Providence Board

Han Jue thought about it and decided to arrange for Dao Sovereign to join the Famous Race. However, he had to wait until Dao Sovereign became a Pseudo-Sage.

Currently, the Famous Race did not have a Pseudo-Sage. If one was willing to help, they would definitely not reject him.

Pseudo-Sages were too rare. All those with a Pseudo-Sage were extraordinary forces. The power of the Famous Race was based on the number of clansmen and not the top cultivation.

Dao Sovereign was still very far from the Pseudo-Sage Realm. Han Jue put this matter aside and focused on cultivation.

Plotting was only convenient. His cultivation was the most important.

Time passed. In the blink of an eye, three thousand years passed.

Han Jue ended his seclusion and started to preach the Dao for the Hidden Sect. Just like before, he preached for a hundred years. Before the disciples could recover, Han Jue quietly left. Four years later, Han Jue heard a voice.

"Fellow Daoist Han, we have something to discuss. It involves the next Sage position. You can come to the Universal Hall."

It was Heavenly Venerate Xuan Du’s voice. Han Jue hesitated for a moment before asking in his mind, "Will my life be in danger if I go this time?"

After staying at home for so long, he also wanted to go out for a walk.

(4 billion years of lifespan will be deducted. Do you want to continue?]


It had been a long time since his lifespan was deducted. Han Jue was not used to it.


Without the word ‘temporary’, there was nothing threatening!

Han Jue immediately relaxed and headed towards the 33rd Heaven.

The door of the Universal Hall opened. Han Jue flew into the hall and saw that the South Extreme Heavenly Venerate and Sect Master Tian Jue had already arrived. The two Sages nodded at him.

Heavenly Venerate Xuan Du sat behind and looked at him calmly.

The South Extreme Heavenly Venerate took a step forward and smiled warmly. "Fellow Daoist Han, you’re finally willing to come out. I thought you wouldn’t come again."

Han Jue said, "I came out to take a breath of fresh air. I might be absent from the next few gatherings to cultivate."

"Oh? You’re already so strong. Why are you still cultivating so diligently?"

"To protect myself when the next calamity comes."

The South Extreme Heavenly Venerate shook his head and laughed.

To protect himself!

The South Extreme Heavenly Venerate couldn’t forget the scene of Han Jue forcefully killing the Dao Heavenly Devil. Was that the power to protect himself? Sect Master Tian Jue also came up to greet him. However, Heavenly Venerate Xuan Du didn’t say anything

Five minutes later, the other Sages arrived one after another.

Qiu Xilai and Heavenly Venerate Wufa only nodded slightly at Han Jue. It was difficult to imagine that these two Sages were already his slaves.

After the Sages gathered, Heavenly Venerate Xuan Du said, "I called you here today to discuss whether we should leave the Heavenly Dao Ranking." Fuxitian asked curiously, "What is the Heavenly Dao Ranking?"

"The ranking list set for all living beings can promote the fighting spirit of all living beings," Heavenly Venerate Xuan Du replied.

Han Jue had a strange expression. Fortunately, the divine light of the Sun and Moon Yin-Yang Protection covered his face.

Ranking? Are you playing an online game? The South Extreme Heavenly Venerate raised his eyebrows and asked, "What ranking? Could it be cultivation? Cultivation can’t directly determine strength." Emperor Xiao said, "Dao Discussion Ranking?"

"Let’s talk about Dharma treasures." "Heh, everyone knows that you gave the Divine Might Buddha a Heavenly Dao Numinous Treasure."

"What’s a Heavenly Dao Numinous Treasure? You can take out one."

Qiu Xilai and the South Extreme Heavenly Venerate began to bicker. These two Sages always targeted each other. The other Sages were already used to it.

Heavenly Venerate Xuan Du said, "How about ranking it according to the providence of the Heavenly Dao? We pursue the prosperity of the Heavenly Dao and not the order of the wilderness where the strong eat the weak."

The Sages felt that it made sense.

Han Jue also looked at Heavenly Venerate Xuan Du in a new light.

If it was really ranked according to strength, Han Jue would have to look down on him.

It was difficult to say about providence. Some living beings might not have a strong cultivation level, but they had contributed to all living beings in the Heavenly Dao. If it was ranked according to the providence of the Heavenly Dao, a Pseudo-Sage might not be ranked at the top.

After the Sages agreed, Heavenly Venerate Xuan Du began to cast his spell.

It had to be said that Heavenly Venerate Xuan Du was very capable. He could have done it directly, but he had to ask the Sages and give them face.

Li Muyi’s EQ was not so high. He was even petty and suspicious.

From the beginning to the end, Heavenly Venerate Xuan Du did not develop any favorable impression or hatred towards Han Jue. It was as if Li Muyi was not killed by Han Jue. No Sage mentioned this matter again as if it had never happened.

An hour later.

"We Sages have decided together to create the Heavenly Dao Providence Board. All living beings in the various worlds can see the top million providence beings in the various worlds in their meditation. The providence of the Immortal World is in the top five. You can obtain the Sage position before the Heavenly Dao is ripe!"

Heavenly Venerate Xuan Du’s voice resounded throughout the myriad worlds. The Sages also left.

Han Jue returned to the Daoist temple. The living beings in the Hundred Peak Immortal River were discussing the Heavenly Dao Providence Board.

Han Jue closed his eyes and checked the board. A golden scroll appeared in his mind. He pulled it down, listing a million names.

First place was Li Daokong.

The merit providence of the Buzhou Divine Mountain was too huge. Han Jue wasn’t familiar with the following names.

As the leader of the Heavenly Race, Ji Xianshen was actually ranked outside the top ten.


Next, all living beings would definitely fight for providence. There would definitely be battles, but overall, it would promote the development of the Heavenly Dao.

The providence of the Heavenly Dao was not just obtained from killing. If one killed too many, negative karma that went against providence would also appear. Most importantly, it was to contribute to the Heavenly Dao, such as creating a race, providence sect, preaching the Dao, teaching the Dao, creating a world, and so on.

Great Loose Heaven, who created the first mortal world, was ranked 18th.

The Sages were not on the list, but for this list, they would definitely help their disciples. Han Jue watched for a while and then started cultivating

The Heavenly Dao Providence Board would last for a long time. He didn’t have to do anything for now.

It depended on the other Sages’ plans.

In an absolutely dark space, a beam of light alternated between illusion and reality.

When he got closer, he saw that the light was emitted by a floating island. The island was filled with countless purple crystals, causing the environment on the island to be extremely dense.

There were mountains and rivers on the island, forming a world of its own. However, many purple crystals were also growing on the mountains and trees.

In a crystal bamboo forest, the Evil Heavenly Emperor was meditating and cultivating. Black Qi coiled around his body and occasionally transformed into the shadows of fiendcelestials, fighting each other.

The Evil Heavenly Emperor wore a dragon-patterned black robe and had domineering makeup. He was terrifying and oppressive. The murderous aura between his brows was extremely heavy. From his appearance, it made others feel that he was a terrifying demon.

The once dignified Heavenly Emperor was already like a completely different person.

The Evil Heavenly Emperor suddenly opened his eyes and saw a figure appear in front of him. His true appearance could not be seen. "What is it?" Evil Heavenly Emperor asked.

The figure in the purple crystal let out a hoarse voice. "I’ve already swallowed five Little Heavenly Dao. You can choose one."

Hearing this, the Evil Heavenly Emperor was moved. "So fast? Where are those Sages?" "Either dead or escaped."

"Alright, give me your greatest Little Heavenly Dao."

"Yes, Evil Heavenly Emperor. Don’t disappoint me. In at most ten billion years, I will sweep through the Immortal World sooner or later. At that time, you will face all the living beings in the Immortal World."

"Don’t worry, I won’t disappoint you," the Evil Heavenly Emperor replied confidently with anticipation in his eyes.

He was looking forward to that day!

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