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Chapter: 589

Transforming Into a Fiendcelestial

Chapter 589 Transforming Into a Fiendcelestial

After the Heavenly Dao Providence Board was established, the Immortal World surged. From time to time, the voice of a mighty figure resounded in the heavens. This era was even more prosperous than the Immortal World before the calamity.

Han Jue felt that this was his contribution. If not for him, the Heavenly Dao would have been destroyed by the Dao Heavenly Devil after it restarted. If not for him, the Sages would have fought openly and secretly. The Immortal World would still be barren now.


Han Jue felt that he was so noble.

Just like that, another thousand years passed.

Han Jue was getting closer and closer to the perfected Primordial Chaos Zenith Heaven Golden Immortal Realm.

Breaking through before reaching 100,000 years should not be a problem. After reaching perfection, he could look forward to the Freedom Sage Realm. One step at a time.

He walked very steadily!

Han Jue opened his eyes and looked at the figure kneeling outside the Daoist temple.

Murong Qi.

It had been tens of thousands of years since this child came to visit him alone. Four years ago, when he came, Han Jue didn’t let him in immediately because of his OCD, so he knelt for four years. The door to the Daoist temple suddenly opened.

Murong Qi was pleasantly surprised. He hurriedly stood up and quickly walked into the Daoist temple.

After entering the temple, Murong Qi knelt down and bowed. "What is it?"

"Grandmaster, I want to… I want to be like Uncle-Master Su Qi!"


Han Jue sized him up.

In the past, he trusted and looked forward to Murong Qi’s development. However, this fellow’s potential was not good. Now, Han Jue usually didn’t think of him.

Murong Qi was already at the Six Mystic Divine Origin Realm. He could be considered fast among the personal disciples, but he couldn’t break through to the Zenith Heaven Realm.

"Grandmaster, this matter isn’t Uncle-Master Su Qi’s fault. I went to ask him, but he didn’t answer. I guessed it. I guessed that you have the ability to change the potential of a disciple. No matter what you need me to do, I can do it!" Murong Qi said seriously. He yearned to become stronger too much.

He was once the War God of the Divine Palace, but in the Hidden Sect, his potential was mediocre. Not to mention the other personal disciples, even some in-name disciples had better potential than him.

Han Jue said, "You might die. I’m not absolutely certain it’ll work."

"I’m willing. I won’t regret it even if I die. I believe you definitely have such a plan. I’m willing to use it as an experiment and sacrifice for the future of the other disciples. If I can succeed, I will definitely repay the Hidden Sect and you," Murong Qi replied very firmly. If it was any other disciple, Han Jue would definitely not agree. This would waste his energy. However, facing Murong Qi, he was still soft-hearted.

If Murong Qi’s potential increased, he would be more suitable to be the Eldest Disciple of the Hidden Sect than Dao Sovereign.

"Are you ready?"


Excited, Murong Qi’s body trembled.

Han Jue’s eyes narrowed. Murong Qi’s body turned into dust, leaving only his soul. Murong Qi was stunned. Before he could react, Han Jue directly took him into the Primordial World.

In a corner of the Primordial World, 173 Fiendcelestial Qi floated together. Su Qi was already carrying a ball of Fiendcelestial Qi.

Han Jue had already decided which Chaotic Fiendcelestial to choose.

Combat Fiendcelestial!

The Fiendcelestial who lived to fight was a perfect match for Murong Qi’s War God title!

It could be seen that Han Jue favored Murong Qi.

He wrapped Murong Qi’s soul with his Dharmic powers and pushed it towards the Fiendcelestial Qi of the Combat Fiendcelestial.

Han Jue could produce Fiendcelestial Qi not only because of the Grand Unity Aspect, but also because the Primordial World had the nebulous Primordial Qi, the Chaotic Origin Stone, and other Supreme Treasures. With many conditions combined, there was a possibility of producing a Chaotic Fiendcelestial. It was only a possibility. When Murong Qi’s soul fused with the Combat Fiendcelestial, an unprecedented pain caused him to roar. Han Jue didn’t seem to hear it and continued to fuse.

Murong Qi was also very firm. He only roared instinctively and did not complain.

After three hundred years, Murong Qi and the Combat Fiendcelestial finally condensed together. To completely fuse them still required a long time.

In front of the Fiendcelestial Qi, Murong Qi’s soul was so weak. If not for Han Jue’s protection, he might have died already.

Next was to let Murong Qi adapt to the Fiendcelestial Qi.

During this process, Murong Qi endured extreme pain.

On the other side.

Murong Qi’s disappearance attracted the attention of the other personal disciples. Li Xuan’ao took the opportunity to find Han Jue. After knowing that Murong Qi was sent by Han Jue for a secret mission, he didn’t ask anymore.

"Sect Master, what do you think about the Famous Race?" Li Xuan’ao asked very humbly.

Han Jue saw through his thoughts. This fellow wanted to take the opportunity to get closer to him.

"Just speak your mind."

Li Xuan’ao trembled in fear and hurriedly said, "I discovered that Sages are supporting the Famous Race, but there are no famous Zenith Heavens or Pseudo-Sages among them. I guess that the Sages supporting the Famous Race are lone Sages like Emperor Xiao and Fuxitian. The Famous Race take in famous living beings in the heavens. This intention is very wide and is very recognized by the Heavenly Dao. Their future is limitless. The Hidden Sect can arrange it in advance."

His thoughts were the same as his.

Han Jue suddenly thought of Murong Qi.

If Murong Qi succeeded, it would be more suitable.

"I know what to do. The next batch of disciples with limitless potential can go to the Famous Race."

"Sect Master is wise! I have connections in the Famous Race. You can tell the leader in advance and let him be prepared."


Li Xuan’ao did not say anything else. He bowed and left.

It was impossible for the Famous Race to reject the Hidden Sect’s support. After all, the Hidden Sect was a Sage force.

Just like in the ancient times in Han Jue’s previous life, the Sage Sect was an aristocratic family. With the coming of chaos, the aristocratic families would invest everywhere. No matter which ambitious person won, the aristocratic families would benefit and survive.

The opponents of the Famous Race, demons, and other races would never be the Sage Sect because it was impossible to defeat them. On the contrary, if they accepted the support of the Sages, they could climb higher. Han Jue continued to stare at Murong Qi.

Although he could multi-task, his cultivation was still affected.

This was also an important reason why Han Jue was unwilling to let every disciple transform into a Chaotic Fiendcelestial.

No matter how strong the disciples were, they couldn’t catch up to him. He nurtured disciples only to make it more convenient for himself and the future.

While Murong Qi transformed into a Chaotic Fiendcelestial, the Immortal World was also changing violently. More and more mighty figures appeared and shocked the Immortal World.

Li Daokong had always occupied the top of the Heavenly Dao Providence Board. The rankings behind him kept changing. Ji Xianshen also forcefully entered the top ten. The Heavenly Race immortals preached everywhere to protect the weak living beings. The statues of the immortals stood everywhere in the Immortal World, and the power of faith transformed into providence.

Days passed and the world changed.

Three thousand years passed. Murong Qi finally adapted to the Fiendcelestial Qi. Without Han Jue’s protection, he would have long been devoured by it.

Han Jue could finally cultivate in peace.

Before this, he looked at Han Tuo.

This fellow was preaching to his disciples. The current Han Tuo had already accepted hundreds of disciples, and there were more than a thousand grand-disciples. All of them were not mortals.

Not bad!

He became more and more used to his identity as a Divine Palace elder.

Han Jue looked at Han Yu next.

His expression became strange.


Why was Han Yu cultivating beside Li Daokong? Han Jue counted with his fingers. Han Yu had become Li Daokong’s disciple.

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