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Chapter: 435

Title: Transmigrated into a Parvenu's Ex-wife in the ‘90s

Translator: Fringe Capybara

Chapter 435 - "Ruixue said she didn’t have a ring prepared. She left that for you." (1)

After they returned home, Feng Zeyu slept for a day and a night and Shu Yan stayed home the entire time taking care of him.

She didn’t ask him about it after he had woken up, but just asked him in her normal tone, "Are you hungry?"

"Yes. I want to have noodles that you make." Feng Zeyu sounded a little coquettish for a change.

Shu Yan smiled when she heard him. "Okay. Give me a little bit of time."

"He’s awake?" Aunty asked Shu Yan. "I will go and make some porridge."

"It’s fine." Shu Yan stopped Aunty. "He said he wants to have my noodles. I’ll make it for him."

Aunty nodded, removed her apron, and picked up the grocery basket and said, "There aren’t a lot of vegetables left in the refrigerator. I will go get some more."

Feng Zeyu got up and washed up a little bit before he leaned into the opening to the kitchen and watched Shu Yan busy herself for him. "I had a very long dream. I dreamt about my grandparents. They told me they are doing well where they are and told me to not worry about them. Then I dreamt about you. You were calling out to me, then I woke up."

He overthought things. Had his grandparents not liked him, they would not have kept him in City Nan and passed down the house and the family heirloom to him.

They truly thought of him as their first grandson. As such, it didn’t matter how his father or mother were. All he needed was his grandparents.

"I’m sure your grandparents wished to see you living a happy life. They would not feel assured otherwise." Shu Yan smiled at Feng Zeyu and said, "The noodles are ready."

After sleeping for a day and a night, Feng Zeyu was famished. He started devouring the noodles. He carried the dishes to the sink and started doing them when he was done eating, and Shu Yan did not stop him.

"Would you like some fruits?" asked Shu Yan, already bringing out the apples and bananas.

"Alright." Feng Zeyu told Shu Yan Feng Jianghua’s story in a nonchalantly tone while eating the fruits.

No wonder someone strong like Feng Zeyu went to cry in front of his grandparents’ grave and called himself a joke. That was so…… Shu Yan felt that even television shows would not dare to do something like this. They would be yelled at by the audiences.

"You sure he is telling you the truth? And not lying to you just for the house?" Shu Yan’s suspicious was reasonable.

"If he would make up a story like that for the house, oh well." If he could call himself a fool like that just for the house, Feng Zeyu would let him have it.

"Your grandparents wanted you to have the house. If you pay for it……" said Shu Yan hesitantly.

Feng Zeyu chuckled. "Nobody can deny what I have with my grandparents. They are my grandparents, and I am their grandson. Regardless…… Feng Jianghua is their real son and Feng Jianghua is their grandson. I’ll just think of it as helping my grandparents out."

The house that was left to him by his grandfather was around 30 square meters in size and, per the market rate in the area, would be worth around 120,000 yuan.

"I know my grandparents left behind a lot of things. I don’t want the family heirloom, but can you give me the rest? I will buy them off you."

By the time Feng Zeyu got out of jail, his grandparents’ house was already emptied out, leaving him with nothing.

He had inquired about them with Wang Ziju in the past, but she told him that they had burned everything. He didn’t even have anything left behind to remember them by.

Feng Jianghua brought a wooden box out from behind him. "I brought it here for you."

It was the wooden box that Feng Zeyu’s grandfather had made for him after he had arrived at City Nan. He had been using it since. Feng Zeyu’s eyes instantly reddened when he saw the box.

Stroking it gently, Feng Zeyu nodded and handed the black bag in his hand over to Feng Jianghua. "The house is worth 120,000 yuan. I didn’t calculate the rest. Here’s 150,000 yuan. We have nothing to do with each other from this point forward."

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