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Chapter: 437

Title: Transmigrated into a Parvenu's Ex-wife in the ‘90s

Translator: Fringe Capybara

Editor: RuxyZzz

Chapter 437 - "Ruixue said she didn’t have a ring prepared. She left that for you." (3)

"When are we getting married?"

"Haven’t I already promised to marry you?" Shu Yan looked at her with her head cocked.

"I mean getting married officially," asked Feng Zeyu tentatively. "What do you think about May? There will be quite a bit of preparation for the wedding so we will need some time. Weather will be nice then. With the wedding gown, it will be too cold if we have it too soon and too hot if we have it too late. May will be perfect."

"That works." Shu Yan gave it some thoughts and nodded.

Feng Zeyu was ecstatic. "Let’s hurry home then."

After they had gone home, Shu Yan called the children over and asked them seriously, "Can Mommy marry Daddy Feng?"

Tianbao had a dubious look. "Hadn’t you talked about getting married a while back already? You still haven’t gotten married yet?"

Tianbao didn’t understand. Mom had accepted Daddy Feng’s proposal the other day already and godmother had also said that Mom would be marrying Daddy Fang. So why were they still talking about getting married?

Tianbao didn’t get it, but JingJing already knew what Shu Yan was trying to say. "Will you always be my mother, Mom?"

"Of course. I will always be your mother. That will never change."

"Then you should marry Daddy Feng," said JingJing, putting on a strong front.

Even non-superstitious Chinese would have a fortune teller look for a good day. Feng Zeyu had someone look it up and they were told that April 6 was the best date and they set to get married on that day.

Shu Yan was a bit troubled when it came to inviting guests. Her parents still had no idea that she was in City Nan and she didn’t really want them to find that out. They wouldn’t travel this far but nobody could say for certain about her brothers.

"Perhaps we can have two separate ceremonies. One at City Nan and another one in City Xi. What do you think?"

"It wouldn’t be nice to not invite your parents." It would be kind of odd not having parents from either side.

"Perhaps we can just have our wedding at a different location altogether." Shu Yan came up with another idea.

Many people chose to get married outside of the country in the future or somewhere scenic. They didn’t have to have their wedding at City Nan or City Xi.

"That works." Feng Zeyu would agree with whatever that Shu Yan came up with.

"I will have to check with Ruixue then. Maybe she will have some good recommendations."

"You guys are going fast for sure. You had just talked about it, and you are getting married already?" Hu Ruixue looked Shu Yan up and down and her look gave Shu Yan the creeps. After a long while, she finally asked, "You are not pregnant, are you?"

"What are you talking about?" Shu Yan rolled her eyes at her. "We went on a short trip again a while back and spent 5 days together. I truly feel that spending time with this man is very comfortable, so I said yes when he brought up the wedding. It is as simple as that. Oh right, you still haven’t told me what a good place will be to have a wedding. I don’t really want my family to find out where I am."

"May? Go to the beach then. I have a friend who has a mansion by the beach. You can use her mansion for your wedding. There will be blue sky, white clouds, boundaryless blue ocean and a beach with fine sand. I am sure you will like it."

"The beach? That does sound quite nice." Shu Yan gave it some thought and agreed that that would be nice.

Hu Ruixue cared about Shu Yan’s wedding more than Shu Yan did. She picked out the place on the same day, contacted her friend, and sent people over to start with the decoration.

"We don’t need to start so early. It’s still a whole month before my wedding," said Shu Yan, not knowing what to make of that.

"What do you mean early? It’s already pretty late." Hu Ruixue gave Shu Yan a stare. "Luckily I am prepared."

Ever since Shu Yan had told her that she had accepted Feng Zeyu’s proposal, Hu Ruixue had already had a world-renowned designer working on her one-of-a-kind wedding gown, including a tiara and jewelries.

"What am I going to do? I don’t want to marry Feng Zeyu anymore; I want to marry you instead." Shu Yan’s eyes reddened. She didn’t cry from being emotional with Feng Zeyu, but she did with Hu Ruixue.

Feng Zeyu was very jealous when he found out. "I planned to pick up a wedding gown for you too."

"I will need more than one set on the day of. There can be more." Shu Yan had already seen the design and it was gorgeous.

"What about jewelry? That should be purchased by the husband." Feng Zeyu still wasn’t happy.

Shu Yan busted out laughing. "Ruixue said she didn’t have a ring prepared. She left that for you."

Even so, Feng Zeyu still decided to go pick up a wedding gown, gowns, and jewelry.

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