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Chapter: 33

Ch33 - The Risky Situation and Warning

Qin Fei led them to dig for food and as they saw more and more food they had gathered, the animal skin bags definitely would not fit anymore. Qin Fei decided to make some extra-large baskets this time. He chose some thick branches and vines, pondered for a while, and then began to make some extra-large backpack baskets.

Under Qin Fei’s request, the four of them also started to make the baskets. These backpack baskets were very simple and much easier to make than the straw sandals. Suwulu was a quick learner, by the time Qin Fei had finished one, the one he was holding was almost finished and the quality was quite good. Tanbel was a bit slower and the quality was not quite good, but it was considered good enough compared to the ‘abstract artwork’ that was not even visible in the hands of Sa Lei and Xumijja.

Qin Fei and Suwulu had no choice but to get some more vines and branches to weave for Sa Lei and Xumijja’s baskets. Those five oversized backpack baskets couldn’t fit all, so Qin Fei had no choice but to weave some more string bags out of vines to fill the rest of the basket. Sa Lei and the others were interested in the soft net pockets made of vines and found it amazing that they could hold so much with so few vines squeezed together and held open.

Seeing they took interest in it, Qin Fei made another trap net out of some rattan. The four of them were amazed by the demonstration at the site of how to use the trap net. However, such a net could only catch small herbivores. If the beast were strong like the brown fur beasts, the net would not do much, since it would break free from it in a few strokes. However, for the much smaller beasts, it worked, although it would break free after a while, still it gave enough time for male who were good at hunting to kill.

Qin Fei’s mouth was dry from talking and his stomach was hungry. They sat back down under the tree, ready to eat something and then head back to the camp.

Suwulu really liked the net traps Qin Fei had made. He hastily ate some of the meat. After that, he immediately cut some rattan and sat under the tree to fiddle with it. He made two of them which were even more packed and finer than Qin Fei’s. Because Qin Fei complimented him on them, therefore he couldn’t stop grinning from ear to ear. The sun had already moved towards the west when they had eaten and drunk to their fill and packed up their things.

Sa Lei urged everyone to hurry on the journey, but he was also worried about the six bleating beasts on the ground. He, Xumijja and Tanbeite would have no problem carrying one each. Suwulu could barely carry one, but what about the three people’s backpacks and the rest of the bleating beast?

We’re sorry for MTLers or people who like using reading mode, but our translations keep getting stolen by aggregators so we’re going to bring back the copy protection. If you need to MTL please retype the gibberish parts.

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Sa Lei and the others were half-believing, half-doubting but they did as they were told. To their amazement, all Qin Fei had to do was to pull the leather rope in his hand and the leader of the bleating beasts would obediently follow him, as well as with the remaining five.

The loaded backpack basket was considered light for Sa Lei and the others who often had to hunt large beasts and carry them back to camp. Suwulu had just come of age and was not as strong as the other three, however a fully loaded backpack basket was nothing to him. Qin Fei was a different story though, if the journey was short he could manage it but this would be really hard for him since it would take them several hours to walk back to the tribe’s camp under difficult conditions. Luckily, Sa Lei had seen his reluctance and picked up Qin Fei’s basket after a short walk. Looking at how relaxed and easily the four of them carried the basket, Qin Fei was furious. He then walked ahead all the way, leading the bleating beast.

After walking a little further, Qin Fei noticed that the four of them were always consciously or unconsciously looking back at the place they were walking behind and exchanging secret glances from time to time. The spears they held in their hands were not carried relaxedly on their shoulders, but were held tightly in their right hands as if they were ready to fight at any time.

Qin Fei frowned and asked Sa Lei, "What you guys have found? What’s with all the passing glance and keep turning back, what’s actually back there?"

Sa Lei walked closer to Qin Fei, "There are many bleating beasts following behind, nearly fifty of them."

"What?!" Qin Fei sucked the cold breath in.

If this was an ordinary flock of sheep it would be nothing. He was holding the head sheep in his hand, that was why it was normal for the flock to follow. However, this bleating beast’s physique was much bigger than a sheep and not much smaller than the yak that he knew. The horns on their heads were much sharper than those of sheep. Moreover, they live in herds that feed in the wild all year round. If they did go mad and rush up to them, it would be too much for the five of them to handle dozens of them. It may not be that all of them would attack them, but it would be enough to make them lie sleeping like a corpse. Even if they were lucky enough to return, they would still be seriously injured and disabled, not far from death.

Qin Fei thought about it and called Suwulu. He told him to go back to the tribe, teach everyone to make more rattan nets for trapping animals, then make sure to protect themselves with animal skins and bring more males over to meet them.

The four of them were a little relieved to see that Suwulu had disappeared. But the further they got away from the gathering place of the bleating beasts, the more agitated the animals behind them became, and even those Qin Fei was holding became not obedient. Qin Fei used his stick twice more to intimidate the beasts, until they calmed down. Qin Fei didn’t dare to really hit the beast as he was afraid of provoking the beasts that were trailing behind them. If they went berserk, they would be finished. But this kind of deadlock state was not an option either, the beasts would attack sooner or later.

There were still two hills away from their camp and some of the beasts behind them were already pawing at their hooves. Qin Fei chose a place with the tall thick trees and told them to stop, take off their backpack baskets and be ready anytime for welcoming the attack from the beasts.

If the attackers were few, they would kill them with their spears; if they were many, they would climb up the tall trees. There were many thick trees here anyway, some of them even have the same thickness as if to be surrounded by several people. The baa beasts couldn’t climb up the trees and they couldn’t break through the thick trees, as long as they waited for reinforcements to arrive, they would be safe.

Sure enough, a few moments later the bleating beasts began to attack. The first four strong ones charged, all of which Sa Lei and the others speared to death. The baa beasts looked at the brave and powerful humans, dared not make another move for a while but they were not happy to have their leader captured and furiously surrounded them from afar.

Just as they were about to give up their resistance and climb up the tree to wait for help, the reinforcements from the tribe arrived. The herd became agitated and restless but a web of vines flew towards them and immediately enveloped them. The beasts wailed and struggled in the nets, but those who resisted were speared to death by the males and those who were more docile were tied up tightly.

Qin Fei was relieved that the capture of the bleating beasts’s operation had been a threatening but not dangerous one since they managed to get through a daunting experience without mishap. At the same time, he was alerted; here, in the barbaric, primitive mountain range and jungle, the beasts were far more ferocious than he knew. If he didn’t make a thorough preparation, someone could have died because of his arrogance. It would not always be this lucky to have a tribe member rescue them in time. In case, this time if it was the beast that was even bigger than the baa beast, then the tribe members who came to their rescue would be pulled into dangerous situations by them too.

The author has something to say:

Baozi: "Qin little Shou, come and dance an erotic dance for this master!"

Qin Fei: "F*uck, I’ll destroy you…"

Baozi: "I, I’m your biological mother…It’s just a small request"

Sa Lei: "Do you think you can watch Qin Fei’s erotic dance? Qin Fei, you go wash up and wait for me in bed. I’ll throw this person in the herd of bleating beasts…and smoke her to death…"

Qin Fei: "Both of you get the hell out of here…"

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