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Chapter: 35

Ch35 - The first fruit milk drink in primitive wilderness

Qin Fei woke up early in the morning again, and with a few males who were in charge of the night watch, cut a lot of fresh grass near the camp. Seeing that Qin Fei had no intention of slaughtering them, the captive bleating beasts obediently nibbled on the huge pile of fresh and tender grass. 

A few more males, led by Qin Fei, milked the baa beasts while their defences were weakened. Luckily, after yesterday’s incident, the beasts were much more docile. Qin Fei and the others were prepared and well protected as they moved lightly, so no one was hurt. The milk was so large that it filled a dozen large bottle gourds. Qin Fei had to admire the milk production of the baa beasts which was more than the cows he knew. Because there was a lot of milk, not only were some of the little bleating beasts full, but even the little brown fur beast that they had caught was burping with milk.

Qin Fei looked at the milk inside the gourds on the ground, frowned and rubbed his chin. The adult males in the tribe all looked healthy and fit but there was a clear nutritional imbalance. The children, the elderly and the females were even less fit. Not all of them were as thin as a refugee like Xiao Bu, but they were not far off. Goat’s milk was highly nutritious and if he could get everyone in the tribe to drink it, then their health would surely improve significantly. 

Qin Fei heaved a sigh, ordinary goat’s milk would have a fishy taste. And this wild baa beast, although it produced a very large amount of milk, the stinky smell of the milk was also particularly strong. The few males who helped Qin Fei with the milking all looked like they were about to vomit, and Qin Fei himself was also suffocated by it, barely able to hold it. No wonder the people in the tribe would be so repulsed by the consumption of baa beasts. To be honest, Qin Fei would not take a sip of such horrible milk, not to mention nutritious, even if it was said to be good wine, Qin Fei would also not take a sip. Because with this one mouthful, it would cause him to vomit to half to death.

To get rid of the stinky taste of the milk, Qin Fei rummaged through the herbs he had asked the group to collect these days. He remembered that there were two newly discovered herbs that had a strong deodorizing effect and could also effectively remove parasites from the intestines, especially for these primitive people who did not pay attention to dietary hygiene and often drank raw water, there were bound to be some parasites in their stomachs. Taking this opportunity to help them get rid of the bad parasites was also a good way to do so.

Qin Fei boiled several large pots full of goat’s milk in the large pot used for tribal dinners. After adding the kind of herb that removes the stink, Qin Fei added some sour or sweet fruits separately. The unpleasant stench was removed and the fresh rich milk aroma wafted throughout the camp.

The sleeping tribe members were all seduced by the aroma and their stomachs growled, so they all crawled out of their tents early and wandered around the milk pot. Qin Fei smiled and told everyone to line up with gourd bowls, with those who liked sweet and sour flavours lined up in front of separate pots. A few females were instructed to use bone spoons to serve the goat’s milk and share it with everyone. As there was a lot of goat’s milk, there was no fear that someone would not be able to drink it if they got up late. 

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Qin Fei smiled and gave him a small spoonful of the sour taste of goat’s milk, "Here, taste it and see if you are used to it."

Sa Lei took a small sip from the bowl and was surprised, "It smells good, with a slight fruity and sour flavour. It’s quite tasty." 

Qin Fei let him finish and then took a small spoonful of sweet goat’s milk, "Try this one too."

Sa Lei took another sip, surprised as he said, "Sweet!" 

Qin Fei was amused by his expression and laughed. Sa Lei took a bowl each of sweet and sour goat’s milk as well as some food. He pulled Qin Fei to sit by the tent, a little distressed as he handed Qin Fei some meat, "You’ve been busy all morning, eat something first."

Qin Fei had been busy working on it for hours so he was already hungry when he smelled the tasty meat. He ate in big bites. From time to time, he also tore a piece of meat and sent it into Sa Lei’s mouth as well. Sa Lei also shoved the stewed meat he was holding into Qin Fei’s mouth from time to time. 

Not far away, Xiao Bu sat with Ruma, also drinking goat’s milk and eating the meat. When he saw Qin Fei looking at himself in the middle of taking a break from work after a busy day, he waved at him with his little hand cupping the meat. Qin Fei was just about to shove a piece of meat into Sa Lei’s mouth when he saw Xiao Bu waving at him so he also waved at Xiao Bu too.

As a result, Sa Lei opened his mouth twice to bite the meat that Qin Fei had handed him, but he didn’t even get a bite of meat. Unhappy, he grabbed Qin Fei’s hand and took it into his mouth, both his finger and the meat, biting it lightly before releasing Qin Fei’s hand. He glared at Xiao Bu who was not far away and bit hard at the meat in his mouth. Unexpectedly Xiao Bu who had always been a coward, made a big funny face at Sa Lei who was instantly dumbfounded, widened his eyes in disbelief as he stared at him. 

Qin Fei laughed so hard because he found Sa Lei’s expressions were too funny but Sa Lei’s ears turned red as he glared at Qin Fei, "You must have taught him that, if not how could that kid dare to do so?"

Qin Fei covered his stomach, "Your expressions just now were too funny…I can’t, it was really too funny." 

The people around saw it too and were amused by Sa Lei’s expression, but because they took into consideration of his face as the head of the tribe, they didn’t laugh as obviously as Qin Fei did. Only Mocha, this guy who was laughing so hard that he didn’t give Sa Lei any face. He was glared at by Sa Lei even several times before he showed some restraint.

Sa Lei came close to Qin Fei and gave him a pinch on the buttocks, threatened him as he moved close to his ear and whispered, "I’ll deal with you tonight when I get back and see if you can still get up tomorrow." 

Qin Fei was so shocked by his sudden moves that half of the bowl of goat’s milk snapped to the floor, then after he heard the threat in his ear, he made a big red face.

Mocha couldn’t hold back once again and led a group of males in howling and rowdy jeering. He met both Qin Fei and Sa Lei who flew an eye roll at the same time to him. Everyone laughed and ate their breakfast, but Benert was seen frowning, not knowing what he was thinking about. 

Qin Fei gestured with his eyes to Sa Lei, who turned his head to look at Benert and then turned his head back to Qin Fei. Sa Lei said, "He must be thinking about that trap net of yours. He was very impressed with it yesterday and said it was a shame it wasn’t strong enough, that if it was made stronger it could be used for hunting large herbivores. That way, we can get our ranch up and running quickly."

Because Qin Fei was too skinny compared to the brute force males, he had little say in hunting outings. But since inventing the spear, changing the heavy stone weapon, hunting the baa beasts and creating an effective trap net, Qin Fei has convinced all the males with his strength in hunting. 

Sa Lei had also spent half the night mulling over different methods of hunting and was keen to hear Qin Fei’s opinion. So he told them all his ideas and Qin Fei couldn’t stop nodding and giving some of his advice. But the hunting methods of the Sa Lei tribe were too old and although they relied on brute strength and the new spears to hunt large beasts, the dangers were still high. It would be nice to make something that could attack from a distance, preferably something that would not do much damage to the prey and could effectively restrict their movements.

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